We’re up

Well, mostly, at least.  It’s not the cleanest site yet, and there’s little to no content, but we’re working on it.  We’ve got all the old staff added, and there’s a few good applications that I’m looking over now.  Either way, I’m proud to announce the launch of http://slenderbloggins.net, and a bit sad to be telling you that I won’t be updating this blog anymore.  So farewell, slenderbloggins.wordpress.com.  Thanks for all the good times and the memories.  You’ll always retain a special little place in my heart.  We’ve had some good times and we’ve learned a lot.

And to everyone else, well…see you on another site, brotha.


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Final Preparations

Hey, sorry, I know that you’re all getting sick of this and whatnot.  When’s the site gonna be up, Andy?  When’s it gonna be up?  Why aren’t you updating anymore?

Well, it’s gonna be just a little bit.  There’s been some sort of problem with hosting.  And while I’ve bought the domain and everything, we can’t launch it until we get that hosting problem figured out.  After that, I think it’s mostly just getting WordPress installed and posts transferred, and then it’ll be ready to launch.

The reason I haven’t updated lately is because I’ve been focusing on this.  My other writers have all been working on posts of some sort or another, and while they’ll be ready soon (a few of them already are), I’m holding off on launching them because I’d like to update with one post per day the week that I launch.

One thing I’d like to do with the site is make it less of a blog and more of a fansite.  I’m still keeping the name “Slenderbloggins” (mostly because I’ve already bought the URL), but I’m going to be rewriting older stuff in a way that’s less bloggy and more fansitey.  As it is, it’s still kind of linear, particularly at the beginning.

And remember that index that I was planning on making?  Well, now that I can mess around with the CSS a little more (hopefully), I’ll be doing something better.  I’ll be categorizing things more…similarly to the “categories” on the sidebar, only like the tabs at the top instead.  I’m going to have a menu for the Slender Man, the Slenderverse, a Glossary, a Blog List, menu for fan works, and one for site info (and maybe one or two more that I’ve forgotten).  I may get a new header so that I’m not shamelessly using someone else’s artwork.  And that’s what I predict the site looking like, I suppose.

Well, sorry again for the wait.  I hope it’s worth it.  I’ll keep you all posted on Twitter.


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The Plan

Well, it’s been a bit since we’ve updated, hasn’t it?  Let me just tell you what’s going on.

I’m currently talking to a friend (who I owe so much to—not just for this, but for everything he’s done to me over the years…er, months, actually…that I’ve known him), who’s going to be helping me get my own domain and was generous enough to host me for free.  He’s just trying to talk to a few people to get things figured out before the transfer process begins.  The process will take…probably a week, give or take a few days.  I don’t know if the site will be down during that time, so I apologize in advance if it will be.  I’ll keep you updated on Twitter about that, I suppose.

As for content, there are a few things coming up.  Broeckchen’s going to be posting something about MyDarkJournal and his “game(jack?)” soon.  Jamie’s working on a summary, analysis, and/or review of Hiking Fiend.  Dragon’s got another post that just needs some touching up.  And I’m going to be posting a bit of fanart that someone has drawn for some of the blogs.

In addition, I may be adding another person or two to the blog once the site launches.  I have a few people in mind, and I’ve gotten in contact with them, but I’ve only heard back from one.

Finally, I’m sure you’re wondering what the new site’s going to be like.  Well, it’ll be mostly like the old site.  However, I want to make things a bit nicer (drop-down menus and post-sorting and all that).  In addition, I’m thinking of adding a list of works in the Slenderverse (which may or may not just be stolen directly from Chase) and a “submissions” option so that I can steal work from you and claim it as me own in order to update more regularly!  I’m just kidding, by the way.  I’ll definitely be giving credit to anyone whose article I publish.

And finally, I’m going to be going back and reworking some earlier articles when this site was still much more bloggy in nature and had story elements.  Because you guys aren’t here to hear about my personal life.  I can put that up on another blog.  Finally, I’m gonna see if I can do some work with CSS (or find someone who can much more easily do some work with CSS) to redesign the site a bit.  Because I like how it looks now and everything, but I just think it could maybe be a touch better.

Well, that’s what we’ve got on the plate for now.  Hope to see you on the new site in about a week!


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Entry #35


Where to begin?  Where to even begin?  I suppose we should begin at the beginning.

Jay enters the house from Entry #34.  He’s calling out in frustration, saying that there’s nothing there.  It’s unclear whether he’s talking to himself or to Alex, as Alex appears behind him in the doorway shortly after, calling out Jay’s name.

Alex quiets Jay and points him towards a small room.  As Jay approaches, there’s a bit of static before Masky jumps out of the room with a knife.  He rushes past Jay (causing some visual distortion as he does) and attacks Alex offscreen, who cries out.

Jay drops the camera, and he and Alex throw Masky to the ground.  Alex tells Jay to “get the cord,” which they throw on top of him like a net.  Jay grabs the camera, and there’s some more audio distortion, lag, and video distortion.  The screen goes black for a second, and as soon as it returns, there’s an image tear.  Jay pulls the mask off of the man to reveal that it is, in fact, Tim.

Alex tells Jay to give him the knife, which is, at this point, bloody.  As he picks it up, there’s some video distortion.  Jay refuses, and then Alex demands that he turn off the camera instead.  Alex grabs a rock as Jay protests, asking “what are you doing?”  Alex replies “he’s not gonna follow us,” throwing the rock down at Tim.  The camera moves away from them, and we hear Tim scream in pain.  The scene cuts to Jay in his car, driving.  According to Jay, that’s how it was on the footage.

Okay, so there’s the recap.  Now for the analysis.

This entry raises as many questions as it answers.  First of all, Jay and Alex meet.  So evidently, he found him at some point.  However, Jay doesn’t seem too surprised.  Perhaps he just reacted quickly to Alex quieting him (we don’t get to see his reaction, since we can’t see him), but it’s possible that they met up before.  I personally think that he just reacted quickly, but it’s possible that they’ve been in contact for a while.  Them not suddenly talking to each other kind of makes sense, as they’re kind of preoccupied with other things.

However, while he wouldn’t be to surprised to see Jay (it’s quite probable that Alex gave him this return address for the sole purpose of meeting him) Alex seems to know that Tim’s there.  He’s got a rope ready, and he knows where he’s hiding.  Alex, at the very least, is prepared.  And yet he still gets stabbed (I haven’t quite caught it, but people say his arm is bleeding, so that’s probably where Tim stabbed him).

Alex also seems to be quite angry.  I mean, he’s naturally pissed about being stabbed, but he’s wanting to go as far as killing Tim.  I mean, he asks for a knife, and then resorts to using a rock.  Something to note—when he’s flipping out on Tim near the end, his voice distorts.  Not Jay’s, just his.  Curious, no?

The last thing I want to bring up about Alex is that he’s not with Jay when he leaves.  It just cuts to Jay in his car—quite probably alone.  Had they left together, they probably would have been talking (or arguing) about something.  I find this odd—Jay set out to find Alex, so why didn’t they leave together?

Now, on to Tim.  It’s been revealed that he is the masked man, but two questions remain.  The first: what exactly did Alex do to him?  In Entry #33, a screenshot quite clearly proves that that Masky is also Tim.

I could be wrong, but that looks a lot like the side of Tim’s face to me.  So Tim is still quite clearly alive, even though he has a limp.  One theory that I’ve heard is that the Slender Man brought him back from the dead.  I personally think that’s a retarded theory, and tend more towards “Alex broke his leg with the rock,” which explains the limp in Entry #33.  Some people say that it also explains Tim’s “weight gain,” which I personally think is just him wearing other bulky clothes under the jacket.

Now, the other question is this: we know that Tim is Masky, but is Masky/Tim also totheark?  Most would say yes.  However, given the latest totheark entry, I’m finally starting to believe the theory that Alex is totheark.  If it were Alex, then “Fragments” could be viewed as a message to Tim instead of Jay (you are broken/you cannot be fixed), and the ripped up photo is just to emphasize the point.  It almost sounds mocking in that tone.  But that’s just a theory.  I mean, I came up with it, and I don’t even fully support it.

One more question I have: is Jay going through his tapes in chronological order?  Because if so, this is almost definitely the first time he met Alex.  I think he would have filmed that otherwise.

Anyway, this was a big entry, so I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of discussion (knock on wood).  Have at it.


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Entry #34/Fragments

In this entry, Jay starts going through the tapes again.  In this one, he appears to be recording a video log instead of just recording footage.  Perhaps he expected to have to explain this to himself.  After all, he has dealt with memory loss in the past.

Anyway, he’s heading to the return address he got on the tape from Entry #26.  Finally.  He gets there, and the house appears to be a building that’s been abandoned for a long time.  There’s trash everywhere, and what might possibly be some fire damage (though it seems sort of unlikely).  However, it seems to be a popular spot for graffiti.

Not much happens in this entry.  There’s a bang, but it turns out to be a board falling off of a window.  No distortion, no Slendy, no Masky…nothing.  He assumes that he went back later, since Jay has a habit of returning to houses that he shouldn’t return to.

The really intriguing thing, though, is that totheark has returned.  I know Masky returned in Entry #33, but not everyone thinks that Masky is totheark.  Anyway, he uploads “Fragments.”  The description is “hello again” and the tags read “always see you.”  The video has the audio buzz that it frequently does, and then an image of a torn-up and rearranged photograph appears.  Because of the glasses, it’s presumably Alex, though it’s hard to be certain.  Blurred text appears, saying “you are broken.”  The photo again, torn further and jumbled even more.  More text: “you cannot be fixed.”  And once more, the photo, even more torn and jumbled.

I find it interesting that totheark waited until Masky made his return to the series to appear.  It implies that they are, in fact, the same person.  Of course, it might be that they’re different people, so that’s just speculation.

Anyway, there’s a question now: who is “you are broken/you cannot be fixed” referring to?  It could be directed at Jay, since that’s who all the videos seem to have been aimed at so far.  If so, there’s an implication that he’s inevitably going to go crazy.  Is it aimed at Alex, the person whose face presumably appears in the video?  If so, it could be hinting that Jay can’t do anything for Alex.  And now, there’s a chance that it’s aimed at Masky himself.  He seems to be limping in the latest entry.  I’ll elaborate on this theory in the next post, since it’s really quite relevant to Entry #35.  Expect that later today.


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Tribe Twelve part 2 (review and analysis)


A common criticism of Tribe Twelve is that it steals rather heavily from Marble Hornets, and that’s not an invalid point of view. The visual style choice of white text on a black background providing narration and the characters (the missing/dead friend, the cameraman, the mysterious person who posts odd videos and may or may not be an aggressor) are very similar, and even some of the individual scenes are similar (I’m looking at you, playground scene). While Tribe Twelve does seem to be moving away from this resemblance, it takes a lot away from the series, especially in the early episodes.

The strongest part of Tribe Twelve is undoubtedly the effects. Of the three most famous vlogs, it is the only one to contain actual moving tentacles when the Slender Man shows up, and the effect is incredibly unsettling. The suspense in certain moments can be handled extremely well- the Observer videos being a great example of this, especially the one in XXXX, where the rising note in the background set an ominous and frantic mood matched by the last distorted shot of someone running up a flight of stairs. HELLOTHERE is one of the elegantly done single videos I’ve seen so far.

Unfortunately, the acting in the series is…subpar. So far none of the actors in the series have been very believable, and their delivery often comes off as very flat or very over-the-top. It’s especially noticeable in the stilted dialogue of the most recent Thanksgiving episodes. No one sounds like a real human being. Noah’s conversations with Sarah, her friend, and her father are just bizarre, running the gamut from obvious line reading to over-written dialogue, to completely unbelievable social interaction.

This is extremely jarring in scenes that are supposed to be frightening- for example, in the aforementioned Thanksgiving episodes, Noah covered in blood and laughing was obviously supposed to be unnerving at least, but his overacting made the whole thing somewhat laughable. Similarly, Night Recordings goes from pure creepiness (the footage of the pool and the lightning) to ridiculous as soon as Noah wakes up and starts stabbing bushes.

The series also seems rather disjointed, as if Noah is just throwing in whatever he thinks is scary. So far there’s been little follow-up on Karl, the items in the box, Noah’s nosebleeds, and although the thanksgiving footage was posted recently, in linear continuity nothing’s been said about it since (that means it’s been almost 3 months without any kind of backlash from Noah’s bloody midnight shenanigans). The only thing Noah’s followed up on is the disappearance of Milo’s mom. This is getting a little better, and I know it’s dangerous to say “they’re not resolving anything” with a continuing series like this, I do think it’s important to follow up on the various plot threads, if only to make sure viewers remember they exist.

Overall, the series is…well, let’s say a solid C. There are some who absolutely love the series, and some who hate it. I personally am somewhere between the two camps, although I have to admit some of my enjoyment of the series is in making fun of the dialogue. The effects don’t quite make up for the acting and writing, but it’s still a genuinely frightening series, and the suspense is handled reasonably well within individual episodes. It’s about even with most slender-fare: Not much better, but you could certainly do a lot worse.


So far, Tribe Twelve hasn’t advanced any startlingly new ideas about the Slender Man mythos. They seem to be sticking close to established canon (or whatever we can call canon in a mythos like this) and their resident proxy, the Observer, doesn’t really deviate from standard behavior either.

The fan theories, however, are where things get good. TvTropes’ Wild Mass Guessing page for the series produces one interesting theory- that Milo is in fact still alive, and is the Observer. I’m not sure it’s entirely feasible, especially since the glimpses of the Observer that we get in the Thanksgiving footage don’t look anything like Milo, but it’s interesting to think about, isn’t it? It would certainly explain where the Observer got that picture of Milo and Noah from Token Letter.

Another idea that I’ve heard bandied about (I believe it was on Unfiction, but I can’t find the specific post so if you know who to credit, let me know) is that Tribe Twelve is the first vlog from the point of view of a proxy who is unaware of what he is. I love this theory. It’s a great idea, one that’s only been done a few times before (as in Walking the Hallowed Halls or What You Are In The Dark) and, even better, if used correctly it could excuse all of the problems with the series. Bad acting? Unrealistic dialogue? Noah doesn’t know how to interact with people like a normal human being anymore. It’s bad acting within the context of the series. His silly performance in “Night Recordings” is because deep down, he knows there’s nothing to be scared of. Complete inability to notice your friend going crazy? Again, Noah’s forgotten how to recognize human emotions. Clues not leading anywhere? Noah doesn’t want them to lead anywhere. He’s screwing with the audience, he never intended to give us any answers. Whatever part of him is Slender Man’s servant, it’s preventing him – and us – from getting any real answers. And with Noah’s blackouts, memory lapses, and midnight wanderings, it’s obvious that he’s not completely in his right mind. Where are Noah’s parents? He killed them, or they don’t exist. Hell, even the long time between updates could be explained in-series: He’s been too busy working for Slendy to post videos.

Any more theories?

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Tribe Twelve part 1 (summary)

[Andy Note: I’d like to welcome Jamie/Elevator Child to the blog.  As you’ve no doubt deduced from the post’s title, she’s written a summary of Tribe Twelve, from its beginning to the present (Feb 13, 2011).  Anyway, I’ve chosen blue as her color.  Jamie, if you’d prefer something else, go ahead and let me know.  So, with no further ado, here’s Jamie’s summary of Tribe Twelve.]

Hello all, my name is Jamie but I often go by Elevator Child. Before I start I’d like to thank Andy for adding me as a contributor- it’s an honor. Hopefully I’ll entertain.

So, Tribe Twelve. It’s one of the “big three” vlogs, along with Marble Hornets and EverymanHYBRID.  In this first part I’ll do a somewhat detailed summary, and the second part will be a review and analysis.

Note that this summary is in chronological order, which is not necessarily the order that the videos are posted. As of this writing, Thanksgiving Footage Day 2 is the most recent video, although chronologically the events it depicts happened before Token Letter and A Phone Call with John Fletcher. And, of course, this summary contains massive spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the series yet, take heed.

Tribe Twelve begins when college student Noah Maxwell’s cousin Milo Asher commits suicide. The first video, In Memory of Milo Asher, is Noah explaining the basic premise of the channel- he will post several videos that he recorded the last time he saw Milo, two years ago, when Milo visited him in Florida.

The next six videos (all entitled “Submission” and numbered) are clips from Milo’s visit edited together. In them, we see Slender Man appearing a few times, terrifying Milo, who has apparently been stalked for some time. Noah grows more and more worried about his cousin, but Milo refuses to tell him anything. At the end of the last submission tape, in which Milo heads home, Slender Man appears again.

Noah posts another entry shortly afterwards of him analyzing the tapes. He then tapes himself going to New York for Milo’s funeral, and mentions that Milo’s mother is avoiding him. While he’s in New York, Noah decides to visit his grandfather Karl, with whom he was never close. Karl had apparently sent Noah an email asking to speak with him about the videos. Noah notes that it’s very strange that Karl knew about the videos in the first place, as he only speaks German and doesn’t talk with Noah’s parents.

Noah films Karl telling him, in German, of the Groβmann, a monster who stole children. He also tells Noah that during World War II, when he was in the OSS, he witnessed the Groβmann kill a Nazi soldier. At the end of the interview, Karl becomes aggressive and kicks Noah out of the house.

A month later, Noah begins hearing strange noises around his house. He records himself sleeping, and wakes up coughing at 3:33 am to hear noises around his house. He runs outside and finds a box outside that contains a broken cell phone, tape from a video camera, a key (which turns out to open Noah’s garage door), bits of various electronic devices, and a note to Noah. The phone contained several pictures and three audio files. The tape contains a short clip of someone (probably Milo) meeting Slender Man in a playground at night, a person wearing glasses, and Slender Man standing next to someone, possibly a young boy, with tentacles out. During Noah’s video of unboxing, several hidden messages appear on the screen, and the video and sound become distorted several times.

Noah then receives a mysterious phone call on the (supposedly broken) phone, in which a voice shouts, whispers, sobs, and/or laughs at him before he throws the phone across the room, breaking it for good. A transcript of the phone call can be found here.

Noah also receives a visit from Slender Man, who appears from his closet one night, tentacles waving.

Soon after, a heavily edited video entitled “HELLOTHERE” is posted to his youtube account without his knowledge. He credits this to a myserious figure known as “the Observer”, who appears to be a man wearing glasses. The Observer has also apparently hijacked Noah’s twitter a few times, and is thought to be the person in glasses from the tape mentioned above.

There’s a long period of no videos, in which Noah posts on his twitter about having frequent nosebleeds and insomnia.

Noah spends Thanksgiving at the home of a viewer named Sarah. His visit is uneventful until he goes to sleep on her couch- he disappears from the couch and then returns several minutes later, seemingly unaware of anything that happened. The next day, he spends the night at her father’s house and sleeps in her room. At some point in the night he is dragged off of his bed. Several hours later, Sarah is awakened by a loud thump. She goes out to find Noah and discovers him covered in blood, holding a knife. He attacks her, laughing, and then blacks out and wakes up with no memory of what he’d done. Sarah’s father kicks him out and he returns to his home. Noah blames this incident on the Observer, and mentions on his formspring that he’s apologized to Sarah and they’re on decent terms now.

When he gets home, he discovers a letter on his door. The front reads “TOKEN” and the back reads “OBEY” with an arrow pointing upwards. Inside of the envelope, there is a tissue with “I THOUGHT YOU COULD USE THIS” written in pencil (probably referring to Noah’s frequent nosebleeds), a letter with a drawing of Slender Man on the boardwalk from the “Submission” videos, a baggie of pills, a fortune from a fortune cookie, a broken key, leaves, and the skeleton of a flash drive, which contained another Observer video. Noah also revisits the box, and after examining it further finds the Observer’s symbol.
He also discovers another fortune and a picture of himself and Milo, with Milo’s face burnt away.

Noah then calls Milo’s step-dad, who acts mildly suspicious, and asks about Milo’s mother. As it turns out, she also has seen the Slender Man, and has dropped out of sight several months ago. A transcript of the phone call can be found here.

Currently, it seems as if Noah is planning on going back to the park from the “Submission” videos.

This is up to date so far, and I’ll keep doing small summaries every time Noah posts a new video.

Useful links:
TribeTwelve youtube channel
Noah’s Twitter

Noah’s Formspring
TribeTwelve Wiki (woefully empty, needs a lot of information if anyone has some spare time.)
TribeTwelve Unfiction thread (contains some really good screen-grabs and theories, I’d highly recommend it even if it is long)

The next half of this (review and analysis) should be coming in a few days, as soon as I get all my links in order.

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