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Site Expansion

Okay, so, I’ve got big news.  I’m thinking of expanding Slenderbloggins some.  Adding a few more contributors, maybe redesigning the site some…hopefully even getting my own URL if it grows big enough or adding some affiliates.  Of course, I can’t … Continue reading

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Entry #32 and #33

Yeah, yeah, it’s late.  Entry #33 has already come out, and I’m merging posts.  I know.  I’ve been busy, mmkay? So, anyway, here’s the analysis.  Or at least the rundown.  These two are finally the payoff after the long, dragging … Continue reading

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Intermission: Theory

Alternate titles: FFFUUUUUUUU or Well snap, it seems someone did their homework better than me. Well, through CompileTRUTH I stumbled upon MyDarkJournal, another Youtube series probably being about Slender Man. What with videos like “A faceless King” and the like. … Continue reading

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Upcoming Projects/My Current Situation

So, yeah, this is going here because not everyone checks out the YouTube.  I’m here to let you know what exactly is going on with me and with the blog, and why exactly the posts are going to be a … Continue reading

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Terms for Humans in the Slenderverse

Preparing my first compilation blogpost for Slenderbloggins, I noticed that I would have to make some footnotes for readers who are new or unfamiliar with certain blogs, because I use certain terms for humans. So I thought I could as … Continue reading

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Well – hi there!

Well – hiya! Yes, it’s me, Broeckchen. Most of you probably know me from comments like “The Santa Theory”, “A Chat with the Proxy” and most recently “Slendy is an Immigrant”. And this is my witty written first post in … Continue reading

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I’m sure you’re all hanging heavily on my every word and whatnot, constantly remaining on my blog and hitting “refresh” every hour or so.  Or at least, that’s what I like to tell myself.  But in all honesty, I know … Continue reading

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