Q: What is the purpose/goal/aim of “Slenderbloggins?”
A: This site’s goal is to compile information about the Slender Man.  This includes both old (and possibly outdated) information, and new information as it comes out.  It will serve, hopefully, as a single stop blog for all your Slender Man needs.

Q: Didn’t this site used to be called “The Slenderblog?”
A: Yes, it did. But I decided that 1. It was too horribly unimaginative of a name, and 2. Slenderbloggins would show up better in a search. After all, that’s the URL, and that’s what most people are searching anyway. So I changed the name.

Q: What exactly does “Slenderbloggins” mean?
A: “bloggins” is actually just “bloggings,” only with a dropped “g.” So in other words, the entries are all bloggings about the Slender Man.

Q: Why are your names so inconsistent? Your blog is Slenderbloggins, your YouTube is Slendervloggins, your Twitter is Slendertweets, your e-mail is da_ladybug_man, and you sign off as Andy. Why so many names?
A: Andy is my real name, and DaLadybugMan is a webhandle of mine (as well as the e-mail I used to set up the account) that stems from an awesome ladybug hat that I have. As for the other names, they’re all really self-explanatory. Slenderbloggins is the blog, but I can’t call my vlog or Twitter that. I just used the obvious variations that would match up with the site I was using.

Q: How is this different from Encyclopedia Slenderia or Golom Tulpa Anima?
A: We’ve all got similar concepts, really, and have covered (or will eventually cover) much of the same material. Golom Tulpa Anima has a much more essay-like style of writing and covers primarily the original Something Awful material (and thus remains as close as possible to “canon”), while Encyclopedia Slenderia has a looser style similar to mine and contains a larger pool of research. I have the most content, postwise. Really, it all comes down to personal preference.

Q: How did you find out about the Slender Man?
A: Well, I’m a huge Legend of Zelda fan. Hear me out; you’ll see where this is going. Anyway, I visit a fansite called Zelda Dungeon that features Legend of Zelda news and articles. One was about this story about a haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge. I decided to check the story/game out, and found it chilling. Sadly, the game ended because he couldn’t keep up funds for his website (although he got a ton of donations in response and consequently re-opened the game). He mentioned offhandedly in his retirement post that he could see why Marble Hornets was done by a small group of dedicated people and not just by a single person. I checked it out on TV Tropes to see if it had a page, and found out about the Slender Man that way.

Q: How did Marble Hornets start, and how did so many people find out about it?
A: I don’t know how they promoted it, so you’d have to ask Troy Wagner (the actor who plays Jay and the co-creator of the series), not me.

Q: What’s the deal with that whole “seeker” thing?
A: Well, here’s what I can tell. seeker was a gamejacker who sent me an e-mail with a video. He’s working with someone else called SeekerX. As far as I can tell, seeker is on the run from Slendy and is going insane, and SeekerX is working with Slendy and is going after seeker. It’s confusing. Anyway, they started by gamejacking me, and I just decided to run with it. Now they’ve got their own blog. You should maybe check it out, as it’s kind of interesting (although very confusing).

Q: So how much of your blog is real?
A: I actually went in-depth about it here. Here’s the cliff notes version, though: I had originally planned out a fictional arc or two that were abandoned, as they were poorly planned and paced (I started thinking it up when I was near the end of ideas for blog posts and rushed it to try to finish by the solstice). A lot of what I used in the videos I put up was taken from actual real-life experiences I had, though. As I say in the blog post, most of it is real, but greatly exaggerated (although there’s some that’s completely fake, too). And then the whole seeker arc happened. My official stance is that seeker is a gamejacker that I was playing along with, but I also know just a little bit more than I’m letting on. That’s all I’m going to say about that at this time. However, seeker and SeekerX are both working entirely independently of me.

Q: Does the Slender Man’s skin sparkle in the sunlight?
A: Only in H(a)unting.

Q: There’s a major draw to the Slender Man, but why him? Why not another creepypasta, like the Rake or the Holders?
A: I’d have to say that it’s probably because of Something Awful. The Slender Man wasn’t intended to be a real creepypasta at first. He was just part of a “Make Paranormal Pictures” thread. There was something about him, though, that was much more chilling than the other “look, there’s a ghost’s face hidden in this picture!” posts. It sort of took off from there. The appeal probably comes from him looking so humanoid (unlike the rake, he walks on two legs) but yet, so alien. It’s also largely due to the fact that there are both stories and pictures surrounding him, instead of just one or the other.

Q: What order should I read the blogs in?
A: That’s a hard one, because a lot of them were going on simultaneously. A better questions would be “which blogs should I read, and what order should I read them in?”

Q: Okay…which blogs should I read, and what order should I read them in?
A: For vlogs, you’re going to watch the big three: Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID, and TribeTwelve, probably in that order. For blogs, it’s a bit more tricky. You definitely want to start with Just Another Fool, and then either Seeking Truth or The Tutorial. After you read those, read White Elephants, as it’s pretty vital to understanding a lot of the blogs. After that, reading Testing 1, 2, 3 and Anomalous Data is probably a good idea. After that, read A hint of serendipity, A Really Bad Joke, and Road to the Heavens. And then, The Mystic. Other blogs that are worth reading but you could read at any time are Dreams in Darkness, A New Blog That’s Not Mine, and Walking the Hallowed Halls. And if you want information, go to Encyclopedia Slenderia, Golom Tulpa Anima, and of course, Slenderbloggins. But anyway, if you want the fewest things spoiled for you, go through stuff in that order.

Q: You recommended White Elephants, but there’s almost nothing there! Is there still a place that I can read the old entries?
A: There are some cached pages at the Slender Nation forums. You can read them there. There are a few entries missing, but they’re mostly all there.

Q: Where can I find some other missing blogs, like Cut!?
A: I’m really sorry…I can’t help you there. I’d love to read Cut! myself, but I haven’t come across it.

Q: Is there a term for these missing blogs?
A: Not that I know of.

Q: What’s up between you and that sexy, brilliant, fabulous girl with the Santa theory?
A: Oh, y’know…stuff. There might possibly maybe something going on between us maybe. Possibly ;). If you’re looking for a more serious answer, though, she liked my blog and I liked her theories. We started talking, then started flirting, and we just sort of hit it off.

Q: Are the two of you ever going to meet up in real life?
A: Probably not, sadly. Neither of us really has the time or money to fly halfway around the world. If there’s ever an opportunity, though, maybe.

Q: What’s the secret of your good looks?
A: Good looks? Why I do declare! Oh, how you flatter me! But if you seriously find me attractive, it’s probably a combination of cross country running and luck. And mild insanity on your part.

Q: What are your favorite blogs/vlogs?
A: Marble Hornets, TribeTwelve, Seeking Truth, Dreams in Darkness, Just Another Fool, and White Elephants, in no particular order. For lesser known blogs, I enjoy Musical Occurrences for its use of a believable character (even though I have a few problems with his version of the Slender Man), Walking the Hallowed Halls for being a well-written proxy-based story that’s actually kind of chilling, and A New Blog That’s Not Mine for the fact that it’s a parody and its protagonist’s over-the-top comedic arrogance. And of course, I follow Encyclopedia Slenderia and Golom Tulpa Anima.

Q: Least favorite blogs?
A: There are a lot of bad blogs out there, so I’ll just give the popular blogs that I don’t particularly like: The Tutorial (for making up a new view of the Slender Man, presenting it as fact, and then giving advice about it), H(a)unting (for it’s almost Mary Sue-like protagonist and turning the Slender Man into a complete farce), and EverymanHYBRID (I don’t care enough to catch up on the ARG aspect and it’s just not scary).

Q: Wait, you don’t like EverymanHYBRID? ARE YOU INSANE?
A: I know that it’s one of the most popular stories out there, and I do respect it. In their defense, the guys are doing a lot of planning and doing very well with it, and they’ve got some really good characters. And it’s not that I hate it, it’s just that I don’t particularly care for it. A few reasons why:
1. I enjoy the Slender Man mythos because it’s fun to be scared. EverymanHYBRID just doesn’t quite do it for me.
2. Again, the ARG is the most appealing aspect of it. The HYBRIDs aren’t really anywhere near me, though, so I feel like I can’t participate as much as I’d like. Without that incentive, it just doesn’t feel like it’s worth catching up.
3. They’ve largely moved away from the series being about the Slender Man. It’s still kind of about him, yes, but now it’s largely about the Rake and HABIT.
That said, I do still follow it, and I do enjoy it. I’m also not going to bash anyone who does like it or try to force my opinions on anyone else. In fact, I’d even recommend it. But like I said, it’s just not one of my favorites, and for me personally, it just sort of evokes a “meh” reaction.

Q: “Slender Man” or “Slenderman?”
A: Slender Man. That’s the proper way to spell it, and anyone who spells it otherwise is (no offense) a complete idiot.

Q: Are you a Troper?
A: Yes, very much so. And I’d love to hear how many of you are Tropers as well.

Feel free to ask any additional questions down below, but expect the comments to get deleted once the questions have been answered, just because I want to keep the page fairly clean and free of clutter.



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  1. Maduin says:

    Are there any common, typical or at least often enough recurring traits of Slender Man’s victims?

    How many people do you know of that have faced the Slender Man to attack him and lived? Do they have anything in common?

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