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The Plan

Well, it’s been a bit since we’ve updated, hasn’t it?  Let me just tell you what’s going on. I’m currently talking to a friend (who I owe so much to—not just for this, but for everything he’s done to me … Continue reading

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Entry #35

… …So. Where to begin?  Where to even begin?  I suppose we should begin at the beginning. Jay enters the house from Entry #34.  He’s calling out in frustration, saying that there’s nothing there.  It’s unclear whether he’s talking to … Continue reading

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Entry #34/Fragments

In this entry, Jay starts going through the tapes again.  In this one, he appears to be recording a video log instead of just recording footage.  Perhaps he expected to have to explain this to himself.  After all, he has … Continue reading

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Tribe Twelve part 2 (review and analysis)

Review A common criticism of Tribe Twelve is that it steals rather heavily from Marble Hornets, and that’s not an invalid point of view. The visual style choice of white text on a black background providing narration and the characters … Continue reading

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Tribe Twelve part 1 (summary)

[Andy Note: I’d like to welcome Jamie/Elevator Child to the blog.  As you’ve no doubt deduced from the post’s title, she’s written a summary of Tribe Twelve, from its beginning to the present (Feb 13, 2011).  Anyway, I’ve chosen blue … Continue reading

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Quick Update

I’ve made my selections for now, and I’m not taking any more applications.  I’ve got Broeckchen and DragonSovereign on theories, and elevator_child on summary, analysis, and review.  I’ll probably add a few more people in the near future, but I … Continue reading

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Thank You

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to get in contact with some of the more prominent Slender Man creators/contributors/bloggers/vloggers.  And it’s a flooring experience.  The fact that anyone would even consider me notable enough to invite to an experience like that … Continue reading

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