Entry #35


Where to begin?  Where to even begin?  I suppose we should begin at the beginning.

Jay enters the house from Entry #34.  He’s calling out in frustration, saying that there’s nothing there.  It’s unclear whether he’s talking to himself or to Alex, as Alex appears behind him in the doorway shortly after, calling out Jay’s name.

Alex quiets Jay and points him towards a small room.  As Jay approaches, there’s a bit of static before Masky jumps out of the room with a knife.  He rushes past Jay (causing some visual distortion as he does) and attacks Alex offscreen, who cries out.

Jay drops the camera, and he and Alex throw Masky to the ground.  Alex tells Jay to “get the cord,” which they throw on top of him like a net.  Jay grabs the camera, and there’s some more audio distortion, lag, and video distortion.  The screen goes black for a second, and as soon as it returns, there’s an image tear.  Jay pulls the mask off of the man to reveal that it is, in fact, Tim.

Alex tells Jay to give him the knife, which is, at this point, bloody.  As he picks it up, there’s some video distortion.  Jay refuses, and then Alex demands that he turn off the camera instead.  Alex grabs a rock as Jay protests, asking “what are you doing?”  Alex replies “he’s not gonna follow us,” throwing the rock down at Tim.  The camera moves away from them, and we hear Tim scream in pain.  The scene cuts to Jay in his car, driving.  According to Jay, that’s how it was on the footage.

Okay, so there’s the recap.  Now for the analysis.

This entry raises as many questions as it answers.  First of all, Jay and Alex meet.  So evidently, he found him at some point.  However, Jay doesn’t seem too surprised.  Perhaps he just reacted quickly to Alex quieting him (we don’t get to see his reaction, since we can’t see him), but it’s possible that they met up before.  I personally think that he just reacted quickly, but it’s possible that they’ve been in contact for a while.  Them not suddenly talking to each other kind of makes sense, as they’re kind of preoccupied with other things.

However, while he wouldn’t be to surprised to see Jay (it’s quite probable that Alex gave him this return address for the sole purpose of meeting him) Alex seems to know that Tim’s there.  He’s got a rope ready, and he knows where he’s hiding.  Alex, at the very least, is prepared.  And yet he still gets stabbed (I haven’t quite caught it, but people say his arm is bleeding, so that’s probably where Tim stabbed him).

Alex also seems to be quite angry.  I mean, he’s naturally pissed about being stabbed, but he’s wanting to go as far as killing Tim.  I mean, he asks for a knife, and then resorts to using a rock.  Something to note—when he’s flipping out on Tim near the end, his voice distorts.  Not Jay’s, just his.  Curious, no?

The last thing I want to bring up about Alex is that he’s not with Jay when he leaves.  It just cuts to Jay in his car—quite probably alone.  Had they left together, they probably would have been talking (or arguing) about something.  I find this odd—Jay set out to find Alex, so why didn’t they leave together?

Now, on to Tim.  It’s been revealed that he is the masked man, but two questions remain.  The first: what exactly did Alex do to him?  In Entry #33, a screenshot quite clearly proves that that Masky is also Tim.

I could be wrong, but that looks a lot like the side of Tim’s face to me.  So Tim is still quite clearly alive, even though he has a limp.  One theory that I’ve heard is that the Slender Man brought him back from the dead.  I personally think that’s a retarded theory, and tend more towards “Alex broke his leg with the rock,” which explains the limp in Entry #33.  Some people say that it also explains Tim’s “weight gain,” which I personally think is just him wearing other bulky clothes under the jacket.

Now, the other question is this: we know that Tim is Masky, but is Masky/Tim also totheark?  Most would say yes.  However, given the latest totheark entry, I’m finally starting to believe the theory that Alex is totheark.  If it were Alex, then “Fragments” could be viewed as a message to Tim instead of Jay (you are broken/you cannot be fixed), and the ripped up photo is just to emphasize the point.  It almost sounds mocking in that tone.  But that’s just a theory.  I mean, I came up with it, and I don’t even fully support it.

One more question I have: is Jay going through his tapes in chronological order?  Because if so, this is almost definitely the first time he met Alex.  I think he would have filmed that otherwise.

Anyway, this was a big entry, so I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of discussion (knock on wood).  Have at it.



About Li'l Andy K

Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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9 Responses to Entry #35

  1. Smoking says:

    I’m with you in the totheark = Alex. I always though that way for different reasons (originally not noting the side burns, but as I kept my original impression I never actually got a reason to reject that). The limp coming from a broken leg (enough for him not following) could be, but if he just wanted to hurt him that way why ask for a knife?
    It still is nicer than “Slendy is Jesus and Masky is Lazarus”

    A second though: “He’s not going to follow us”. Could the be going somewhere after that? Maybe the silence in the car was just discomfort from Jay after watching that.

    And it’s not probable that he is following a chronological order. If he has tapes those are from Alex’s camera, and in the past Alex didn’t bother cataloging them. He just luckily came first with the empty place and then with the place having people, at least that’s what I believe.

  2. MadameMiz says:

    hmm… but if alex is totheark, that would mean he’s probably been in cahoots with tim at some point. tim/masky has been in a few of tothearks vids himself, and it always seemed rather willing to me. i’m not saying it makes the theory wrong (tho i dont personally believe it), but it’s just something to consider

    going on that tho, it might explain y alex and tim seemed to intent on hurting/killing/incapacitating each other. if they were working together at some point, something could have gone south between them and they decided they were mortal enemies *shrug* this isnt even taking slendy into consideration, tho

  3. Slice says:

    I just watched it. Mother of God…

    Alex is definitely looking more suspicious. I have no idea whats happening though.

  4. Ryan Hand says:

    Here is my theory on the fragments video
    If im correct its a picture of alex. What did Jay set off to do in the 7 months he cant remember? He went to look for Alex. He wakes up in a hotel with no memory. Totheark I think is trying to say that he wont remember what happened. He wont remember anything about meeting Alex.
    You are broken
    Jay has a serious amnesia problem, thus saying his mind is broken. Which leads back to the picture of Alex.

  5. Lon Sarver says:

    I think you may be right about Tim’s limp being the result of this attack. That doesn’t mean that totheark is out of action.

    In “Warning,” doesn’t it seem to imply that there is more than one masked individual? The vid shows four distinct masks. I suspect that totheark is the group of them. And Jay is one of them.

    WMG: Everyone on the MH crew was “broken” by the Operator. They have split memories, if not split personalities. One persona is a Masky, the other is a version of the original who is ignorant of any of the bizarre things that happened while shooting MH. Remember where Alex was listing off the names of those who were “gone?” and Jay was among them?

    Jay and Alex got away. totheark keeps exhorting Jay to “wake up.” Could totheark be speaking not to the Jay we know as our narrator, but the persona within Jay which is aware of what happened? That Jay/Masky is “asleep” when Jay/Narrator is awake and posting vids?

    totheark is after Alex, for reasons unknown. They are using Jay to find him.

    Question: is there any relation between the posting of totheark vids and periods of missing time for Jay? Are the totheark vids triggers to activate his other persona?

    OK, I’ll go be crazy on my own time, now.

  6. Ron says:

    I’ve always been of the mind that totheark was Alex was well. Like it was his way of warning Jay gone wrong. Horribly wrong. I’m starting to think that Alex is Indoctrinated, but is still resisting, which is why he wanted to rid him and Jay of the proxy/agent Tim.

    • Lon Sarver says:

      I’m leery of applying 3rd gen terminology to MH. I don’t think that Tim/Masky/totheark necessarily fit into the more finely developed ideas. MH may be going in an entirely different direction than the later crew of proxies went.

  7. Chris says:

    I don’t know. After watching the video after a stretch of time I noticed that Tim didn’t go after Jay at all, he went right for Alex. Alex is getting more and more suspicious all the time and I’m still wondering what happend to his girlfriend and the other camera. My current theory is that Totheark might be Jay or Tim. Alex seems to be much more sinister and I can’t picture him watching Jay sleeping. If it is Tim, I think he may be protecting Jay somehow, but then I don’t understand Fragments which makes me think it’s Jay. I hate waiting.

  8. Pewdiepie and 11 guys play fan says:

    I took a picture and put it on google images its graffiti that says slendy will get you in the hospital I’m so scared if you want to see it its in color just type in slendy will get you

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