We’re up

Well, mostly, at least.  It’s not the cleanest site yet, and there’s little to no content, but we’re working on it.  We’ve got all the old staff added, and there’s a few good applications that I’m looking over now.  Either way, I’m proud to announce the launch of http://slenderbloggins.net, and a bit sad to be telling you that I won’t be updating this blog anymore.  So farewell, slenderbloggins.wordpress.com.  Thanks for all the good times and the memories.  You’ll always retain a special little place in my heart.  We’ve had some good times and we’ve learned a lot.

And to everyone else, well…see you on another site, brotha.



About Li'l Andy K

Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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5 Responses to We’re up

  1. Arazekiel says:

    I have a theory on him/they, and it is simple and elegant. He has always been around, we did not give him life, or function by spreading a few stories and rumors. What we did give him, (this time around) is a look at our fears. We fear most what we do not understand, and a thing without a face, quite simply cannot ever be understood in our human terms. This creature whatever it is, has looked into humanities heart over and over again and has chosen forms that, cause the most fear. I think that these creatures are very much like Tulpas, but different, instead of being manifested by our thoughts these things take their shape from our minds. This would explain why he stalks everyone differently, and why he appears slightly different to some people.

    Now that that has been said, he watches me, never does he show himself, but is there none the less. I have always had a close tie with the world of the unknown, and he is not the only entity I have encountered. He is but one face of evil, albeit and extremely powerful one. That is why “doors must be opened”, and “truth must be sought”. Humans have always lived in a world that is dangerous and unexplainable, and full of things that fill us with unknown dread. But, perhaps that crawling feeling on the nape of your neck is the answer, and mankind long ago learned to shut out our hearts, and minds to the truth. Time to wake up…I want to help people open their eyes…..

    Wake UP!

  2. Matt says:


    So apparently the new site has been “suspended”? What happened Andy?

  3. Gabriella says:

    Yeah…I can’t view the webpage…

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