Tribe Twelve part 1 (summary)

[Andy Note: I’d like to welcome Jamie/Elevator Child to the blog.  As you’ve no doubt deduced from the post’s title, she’s written a summary of Tribe Twelve, from its beginning to the present (Feb 13, 2011).  Anyway, I’ve chosen blue as her color.  Jamie, if you’d prefer something else, go ahead and let me know.  So, with no further ado, here’s Jamie’s summary of Tribe Twelve.]

Hello all, my name is Jamie but I often go by Elevator Child. Before I start I’d like to thank Andy for adding me as a contributor- it’s an honor. Hopefully I’ll entertain.

So, Tribe Twelve. It’s one of the “big three” vlogs, along with Marble Hornets and EverymanHYBRID.  In this first part I’ll do a somewhat detailed summary, and the second part will be a review and analysis.

Note that this summary is in chronological order, which is not necessarily the order that the videos are posted. As of this writing, Thanksgiving Footage Day 2 is the most recent video, although chronologically the events it depicts happened before Token Letter and A Phone Call with John Fletcher. And, of course, this summary contains massive spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the series yet, take heed.

Tribe Twelve begins when college student Noah Maxwell’s cousin Milo Asher commits suicide. The first video, In Memory of Milo Asher, is Noah explaining the basic premise of the channel- he will post several videos that he recorded the last time he saw Milo, two years ago, when Milo visited him in Florida.

The next six videos (all entitled “Submission” and numbered) are clips from Milo’s visit edited together. In them, we see Slender Man appearing a few times, terrifying Milo, who has apparently been stalked for some time. Noah grows more and more worried about his cousin, but Milo refuses to tell him anything. At the end of the last submission tape, in which Milo heads home, Slender Man appears again.

Noah posts another entry shortly afterwards of him analyzing the tapes. He then tapes himself going to New York for Milo’s funeral, and mentions that Milo’s mother is avoiding him. While he’s in New York, Noah decides to visit his grandfather Karl, with whom he was never close. Karl had apparently sent Noah an email asking to speak with him about the videos. Noah notes that it’s very strange that Karl knew about the videos in the first place, as he only speaks German and doesn’t talk with Noah’s parents.

Noah films Karl telling him, in German, of the Groβmann, a monster who stole children. He also tells Noah that during World War II, when he was in the OSS, he witnessed the Groβmann kill a Nazi soldier. At the end of the interview, Karl becomes aggressive and kicks Noah out of the house.

A month later, Noah begins hearing strange noises around his house. He records himself sleeping, and wakes up coughing at 3:33 am to hear noises around his house. He runs outside and finds a box outside that contains a broken cell phone, tape from a video camera, a key (which turns out to open Noah’s garage door), bits of various electronic devices, and a note to Noah. The phone contained several pictures and three audio files. The tape contains a short clip of someone (probably Milo) meeting Slender Man in a playground at night, a person wearing glasses, and Slender Man standing next to someone, possibly a young boy, with tentacles out. During Noah’s video of unboxing, several hidden messages appear on the screen, and the video and sound become distorted several times.

Noah then receives a mysterious phone call on the (supposedly broken) phone, in which a voice shouts, whispers, sobs, and/or laughs at him before he throws the phone across the room, breaking it for good. A transcript of the phone call can be found here.

Noah also receives a visit from Slender Man, who appears from his closet one night, tentacles waving.

Soon after, a heavily edited video entitled “HELLOTHERE” is posted to his youtube account without his knowledge. He credits this to a myserious figure known as “the Observer”, who appears to be a man wearing glasses. The Observer has also apparently hijacked Noah’s twitter a few times, and is thought to be the person in glasses from the tape mentioned above.

There’s a long period of no videos, in which Noah posts on his twitter about having frequent nosebleeds and insomnia.

Noah spends Thanksgiving at the home of a viewer named Sarah. His visit is uneventful until he goes to sleep on her couch- he disappears from the couch and then returns several minutes later, seemingly unaware of anything that happened. The next day, he spends the night at her father’s house and sleeps in her room. At some point in the night he is dragged off of his bed. Several hours later, Sarah is awakened by a loud thump. She goes out to find Noah and discovers him covered in blood, holding a knife. He attacks her, laughing, and then blacks out and wakes up with no memory of what he’d done. Sarah’s father kicks him out and he returns to his home. Noah blames this incident on the Observer, and mentions on his formspring that he’s apologized to Sarah and they’re on decent terms now.

When he gets home, he discovers a letter on his door. The front reads “TOKEN” and the back reads “OBEY” with an arrow pointing upwards. Inside of the envelope, there is a tissue with “I THOUGHT YOU COULD USE THIS” written in pencil (probably referring to Noah’s frequent nosebleeds), a letter with a drawing of Slender Man on the boardwalk from the “Submission” videos, a baggie of pills, a fortune from a fortune cookie, a broken key, leaves, and the skeleton of a flash drive, which contained another Observer video. Noah also revisits the box, and after examining it further finds the Observer’s symbol.
He also discovers another fortune and a picture of himself and Milo, with Milo’s face burnt away.

Noah then calls Milo’s step-dad, who acts mildly suspicious, and asks about Milo’s mother. As it turns out, she also has seen the Slender Man, and has dropped out of sight several months ago. A transcript of the phone call can be found here.

Currently, it seems as if Noah is planning on going back to the park from the “Submission” videos.

This is up to date so far, and I’ll keep doing small summaries every time Noah posts a new video.

Useful links:
TribeTwelve youtube channel
Noah’s Twitter

Noah’s Formspring
TribeTwelve Wiki (woefully empty, needs a lot of information if anyone has some spare time.)
TribeTwelve Unfiction thread (contains some really good screen-grabs and theories, I’d highly recommend it even if it is long)

The next half of this (review and analysis) should be coming in a few days, as soon as I get all my links in order.


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