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Looking Ahead (Gen 3 and the future)

Warning: prepare for a beast of a post. Last post, we took a look at the origin of the Slender Man through the 2nd Generation of Slenderstories.  Today, we’re looking at the more recent stuff.  We’re tackling the 3rd Gen … Continue reading

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Slender Science

[Andy Note: I’d like to take this time to introduce you to DragonSovereign, our newest theorist.  I’m sure you’ll find his theories a nice contrast to Broeckchen’s.  Like I said on my Twitter, though, I still need another contributor or … Continue reading

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Looking Back (Generations 0-2)

This post will come in two parts: Looking Back and Looking Ahead.  The former will cover the earlier Slenderstories, and the latter will cover the more recent ones. Well, I think it’s safe to say that the 3rd gen is … Continue reading

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Terms for Humans in the Slenderverse

Preparing my first compilation blogpost for Slenderbloggins, I noticed that I would have to make some footnotes for readers who are new or unfamiliar with certain blogs, because I use certain terms for humans. So I thought I could as … Continue reading

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A New Generation of Slenderblogs

Well, it appears that what’s been dubbed the “3rd Generation” of Slenderstories has come to an end.  First, a brief explanation of the first two, at least how I’d sort them. First gen was pretty much just Marble Hornets and … Continue reading

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So this whole “seeker” thing is kind of weirding me out.  Evidently, I now have a seeker, a Seeker, and a SeekerX trolling me.  Except it’s really only the first two since Seeker and SeekerX have the same IP.  Let’s … Continue reading

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Just Another Fool/Yggdrasil

So now, after all this Marble Hornets Entry #27 and White Elephants and Core Theory Community (go ahead and complain about the name, Zero, but unless you give me a better name for the community, I’m sticking with it) stuff, … Continue reading

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