A quick glossary of Slender Man terms for those who are a bit lost.

The Slender Man – A mythical creature and the subject of this blog.  While he is covered more in-depth in the posts, he can be quickly described as a tall, slender, faceless man dressed in a business suit.  He is often depicted with multiple branchlike arms or tentacles. Often spelled “The Slenderman,” but this is incorrect.
Common nicknames for the Slenderman include:
-SlenderX (where X is some form of suffix, usually derogatory)
-TPF (Tall, Pale, and Faceless)
-Jack Skellington (referring to his similar appearance to the protagonist of The Nightmare Before Christmas)
-Slim Jim
-The Operator (his official name in “Marble Hornets”)

Proxy/Hallowed/Agent – The three most common terms used for the Slender Man’s human minions. Note: Hallowed is a dumb term. Don’t use it.

Runner – One who attempts to evade the Slender Man by moving around. Originates from “The Tutorial.”

Operator Symbol – A circle with an X drawn through it. It is somehow related to the Slender Man, but nobody can quite agree whether it repels or draws him. Originates from “Marble Hornets.”

Core Theory – Theory proposed by Robert Sagel of “White Elephants.” It originally was a very structured story, with particular roles that needed filling. The theory has become much less structured, and can be summed up as “the theory that the Slender Man can be defeated (or at least weakened) through the Tulpa Effect. The term “Core Theory blogs” refer to the interconnected blogs written by the followers of Robert.

Tulpa Effect – The belief that the Slender Man was born when we thought him into existence, and that, consequently, any beliefs that the community at large holds about him are true.

Solstice – The Winter Solstice was believed to be the time when the Slender Man was weakest.

Wifin’ – Trolling and/or gamejacking. Wifin’ includes blatantly advertising your work as a blog you “just happened to find,” begging for help from popular slenderbloggers in hopes that someone will read your blog, hitting every cliché on Slenderbingo, ripping off popular series, making your character a Mary Sue, and trying to insert yourself into another series’ story.

Slender- – Prefix meaning “related to the Slender Man.” For example, a “slenderblog” would be a blog about the Slender Man.

This list is in no way complete. Any suggestions for terms that need defining, or any mistakes in the definitions are greatly encouraged.



10 Responses to Glossary

  1. jakob says:

    does that mean the the summer solstice is when he is stongest?

  2. k says:

    what does the summer solstice do to him

  3. topmaster98 says:

    I still want to cause terror and confusion with slendy.


  4. hgn103 says:

    So. Slender is weakest in the Winter solstice. Thank. GOD. Because I really feel like I’m being haunted by something and that something feels like Mr. Slenderman.

  5. TurtleShroom says:

    Ah, so THAT’S what Slender Man is. I’ve been wondering about this for DAYS.

  6. slender man is following me says:

    so all i have to do to defeat slender man is no believe in him or ignore him and play COD or some thing thank you

  7. krazelittle slendy says:

    I think this was good I’m really obsesed with slender man not in a sexual way though o_0

  8. bd says:

    – so no battery attached here, right.

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