The Operator Symbol

This is the part where I whine about Omega beating me to this post.  You’d think someone called “Omega” would be the last to cover something.  All you Slenderbloggers and your pretentious names.  Since my name is Andy, maybe I should start calling myself “Alpha” now.  */stupid ramblings*

Buuuuuuuuuut moving on…If you know about the Slender Man, chances are you’ve come across the Operator Symbol.  It’s a circle with an “X” through it.  It’s often written “(X)” or “⊗” (and don’t ask me how I made that symbol; I just copied and pasted).  It originated in Marble Hornets (where the Slender Man is actually referred to by the creators as “The Operator”, and it is now a large part of the mythos.  Unfortunately, as with many other aspects of the mythos, nobody can quite agree on what it does.

So what is the symbol, exactly?  Well, it’s called the Operator symbol.  The closest thing that I’ve found to information on what that means (thanks, TV Tropes’ Slender Man It Just Bugs Me page!) is that it’s the tensor product symbol, used in bilinear operation.  If someone reading is more mathematically savvy, I’d love to hear this in layman’s terms, because I cannot make heads or tails of what that means, or how it might be related to the Slender Man.

Part of the disagreement on what it does is due to incongruence within Marble Hornets itself.  It’s first used by Alex, who seems to be trying to escape the Slender Man.  However, it’s also used by the Masked Man/totheark, who seems to be a Slenderproxy of some sort.

The two commonly accepted theories of what it does are complete opposites.  One of the theories is that it repels Slendy.  The other is that it draws him to you.  You can see what we’re dealing with when trying to figure out what it does.

The “repellant” theory is ramped up a bit in M’s “The Tutorial.”  You know how, in horror movies, the villain seems to have some sort of Offscreen Teleportation (have fun at TV Tropes!)?  As in, the heroes will running from him, and he’s suddenly right in front of them?  Well, M theorizes that the Slender Man exists on another plane, and that that’s literally how he moves.  His theory is that, if he’s not offscreen (or, in the case of real life, being observed), he can’t teleport.  The symbol functions as a sort of eye that keeps him locked into reality when he’s being observed by it.  Just something worth mentioning.

Anyway, there are other theories that the symbol is an eye…theories from the other side of things.  Some believe that they’re an interdimensional eye that allows the Slender Man to see through them.  So even if people agree that it’s an eye, they may disagree on whether it’s a good idea or a bad one.

Another theory on it’s meaning is that it’s a face.  More specifically, the “X” through the circle represents the lack of a face.  If this is true, then it’s quite possible that it has no significance at all.  The people drawing it are drawing it just to draw it (redundancy ho!).  All it means is that it’s his symbol.

Something that Omega brought up on his blog (possibly cited from somewhere else.  I dunno.  I’m too lazy to look it up), is that it’s just his symbol, but that’s what makes it so powerful.  One common theory about Slendy is that he doesn’t exist unless you’re thinking about him.  What happens when you see the Operator symbol, once you’ve been exposed to the mythos?  Exactly.  This would fit under the “drawing” theory, only it’s the thoughts that draw him and not the symbol itself.

I’m personally a believer in the “repellant” theory, largely because I don’t think that Masky is necessarily working for Slendy.  It’s quite possible, in my opinion, for him to be trying to escape his influence.  In the end though, as with the rest of the mythos, it’ll probably come down to “whichever more people believe in.”

And now that I’ve gone over all that, a bit of personal stuff.  I think that I’ve introduced about five people now (people I know personally, at least) to Marble Hornets.  It’d be…two of my online friends, two of my real life friends, and my little sister.  I’m actually watching them with my sister (we just finished Entry #19.5 today, and we’ll work on the rest in the next few days), and I’m a bit disappointed.  She’s only really freaked out once: in Entry #11, when “Alex missed something.”  As Alex lies back down, she asks “Okay, so what did he miss exactly?”  I respond with “I’m not sure.  I didn’t catch it either,” trying to hold back a grin.  Of course, a second later, the shadow passes by, and she starts hitting me.  I had myself a good chuckle.

But anyway, I’m home for Thanksgiving break.  I don’t live too far from my school; I’m a bit under an hour away, so I don’t have much travel time.  Ironically, though, I feel less comfortable at home.  Up at school, I’m in the middle of a small city, and there’s enough light outside for me to be able to see what’s going on in the room.  I live in the country, however.  There’s not much light at night, and while my dorm is a really sturdy building (it has to be in order to house a bunch of young college males, a good portion of which are football players), my house is less so.  The area around it is more open, so the wind is louder, and it can be heard more easily through the thinner windows.  I like keeping my door closed, but while the heater in my dorm room keeps the room toasty, it keeps my home room frigid.  And of course, there’s all the trees back home, which are now all leaf-less and branchy.  I said earlier that I don’t think the Slender Man is a tree, but he definitely is associated with trees, and he tends to hang around them a lot.  Kind of ironic, huh?  Being at home creeps me out more than when I’m away.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Spend it with friends and family, and think happy thoughts.  And just remember, the Slender Man isn’t exactly real, so there’s nothing to worry about in the first place.



About Li'l Andy K

Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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22 Responses to The Operator Symbol

  1. ¦11¦ says:

    sees me

  2. Jasmine says:

    Alex missed something else in Entry #11 besides the shadow.
    I just watched it again and spotted it. When Alex goes to look out the window at 1:06, look at the window beside the one he looks out of.
    Yeaaah, wrong window, Alex. Lol!
    Show that one to your sis xD!

    • Li'l Andy K says:

      I’ve heard about that, yes. Either way, it doesn’t really matter. It was the shadow that scared her more, mostly because I lulled her into a false sense of security. She didn’t even get violent when Masky started jumping around the room….

  3. ethyreal says:

    All that I can say is that after recently having gotten immersed in Slender Man mythos and blogs… I’m kind of relieved we live in the desert. It makes it a little easier to resist the urge to twitch with every passing breeze.

    …and to think I used to miss the forest.

  4. not a proxy says:

    the forest has nutn to do with slendy appearin and i think the operator symbol is just his mark but that he can use it to draw you into beleiving in him so that he can stalk you or follow you or whatever u wanna say. he supposedly only appears or “exists” if u think about him or beleive he exists…which is weird. but it does kinda make a lot of sense to me. i luvz marble hornets and especially the mythos. yesterday i watched it for the first time and am already on entry 21! anyway slendy is only out to get ur attention. soon after u know about him u could like me become slightly or maybe even insanely obsessed. i always carry the operator symbol on a paper in a bottle and chain on my neck as a necklace. idk why its just cool lookin to me. anywho, once ur “obsessed” he can start to affect u and ur personality. soon after he may or may not “kidnap” you or stalk you or whatever he does. the symbol to me means nothing except that either he was there (where ever it was found if not drawn) or that (if drawn) you know about him.

  5. not a proxy says:

    its all so confusing!! i cant make sense of it even if i tried!!!!! i wanna know! where is he hiding im waiting for him but he wont answer my plea!!! what can i do to get him to come to me!?! i think i know how to stop him…and the only way to know is to see for real if it is true. hes in my moms baby pic. im not kidding and ive been scared of him since ive known(for 2 years). and im ready to find him myself…if i only knew how…i beleive i was once a poxy…but now i must kill the operator…

  6. Raven says:

    I’ve recently become very, veerryy paranoid. Thankd to Sleder Man/The Operator. As for the symbol, I never noticed it. I just had to be doing something, [its night time]. Nevertheless I am quite terrified to go camping. Don’t forget, cuz I sure can’t,he is EVERYWHERE!

  7. weegee says:

    is it bad that im having coughing fits and headaches?

  8. mI know this is an old thing, but I have been researching the Slender man. I feel a bit paranoid as well. Now I’m even looking over my shoulder, not drinking too many liquids at night, I don’t sleep as it is so forget sleep, and I have found myself seeing things that appear to be this ‘Operator Symbol’ but I cannot relate that directly to Slendy because those things have always been around me, and I’m just starting to acknowledge them now. anyways I need to stop. there are plenty of reasons why people like those in marble hornets, and other films, have been targeted. because they try to look for answers. but just stopping seems to be the best idea out of them all.

  9. SlenderProtection says:

    Yes. Very bad. That is one of the first signs that he is close to getting you.

  10. Mason says:

    As a young child I had dreams about a tall man in a suit who could stretch his body and limbs to strangle me. I used to call him the rubber man. It was a reacuring nightmare… I had forgotten about it because I havent had a nightmare in a while but recenently I have been experimenting with lucid dreaming. After practicing the techniques I finally had my first lucid dream. It started well and I had full controll over my dream scape and had acheived full consiousness in my dream. I then begun creating mountains and various landscapes to show my full controll. Eventually I created a house. It was an exact replica of the house I currently live in except there was an extra door. I realized it was a door to my subconscious. I walked through the door only to find a void. I could, however still controll what I wanted and could do what I pleased. I began to call forth memory from my subconscious, things I hadn’t thought of in years( my first bike, old babysitters, ect…). Then a symbol appeared from my subconscious. The symbol was that of the operator and then the observer. I hadn’t seen these symbols before and I’m sure if they were locked within my subconscious then I would remember them once I recalled them like my other memory’s. I then heard a voice. At first I thought it was god because it fit the booming stereotypical god voice in the movies. I had a gut feeling that that wasn’t it so I concluded that it was my subconscious. I then realized however, that it it were my subconscious then I should be able to recognize it. It then spoke out in a voice like a snakes that couldn’t be blocked out or forgotten. It said that it has returned for me and that I wouldn’t be able to escape. I quickly lost controll of my ability to manipulate my dreamscape but I retained consciousness. I couldnt move. I could only watch. I watched as the demon from my childhood returned in more detail then ever. I watched as he stepped closest from the void with that terrible face. That face of nightmares. The face that follows me through the safety of sleep. When I awoke I convinced myself it was just a nightmare and that I had lost my lucidity but regained consciousness somehow. Unfortunately he refused to be forgotten and that next morning I got the terrible advice from my friend mike that I should watch the marble hornets videos. I’m still here and I refuse robe taken easily but that figure…. That face…. Will never be forgotten.

  11. slendy says:

    i also had dreams about the slender man when i was younger. even when i wasn’t dreaming about HIM i had dreams with him in them. my friend had dreams like this also. we haven’t spoken in at least 3 years but i bet he still sees him as i do. (X)
    he still haunts my dreams today and i am 13 and in Australia.
    i had a dream i was at uluru and he was there watching me
    i had a dream i was at school then reality started to bend and go all gooey and then he appeared

  12. Speaker says:

    From what I’ve read the more you know the more likely it is he comes after you, along with your age group. I personally do believe that Slendy is a being that exists because we believe in him. There is all kinds of lore on beings that find off of human imagination, so while I find this stuff interesting I personally don’t believe he exists (maybe that is he only thing keeping me from being stalked now). If he does exist no one really knows what hurts him, but good fallbacks are iron, salt, and fire. There is nothing malevolent beings fear more than the bite of cold iron, or burn of clean fire. Anyway just putting in my 2 cents on widely known topic

  13. James says:

    I’d just like to state another theory of mine, you said one theory is that slendy only exists when you think about him… Maybe the operator symbol is there to make you think about him…
    And along with the repellent thing, that would explain why Alex draws all the notes with the symbol
    And puts them by his bed

    • Li'l Andy K says:

      I actually favor a theory somewhere along those lines.

      • Mystery120 says:

        hey andy, i think theres a problem with this page. i‘ve been on it three times and everytime there was an identical page under it. for example, underneath the comments is the page repeated, comments and all. probably just a glich.

  14. The operator symbol is all of the above. It repelles Slendy for a short time but also draws his attention to the one who uses it and can make him more powerful by channeling your fear which is the reason he uses it as his symbol. Thus you should only use it if you have no other way of preventng Slendy from killing you anymore.
    The symbol itselve is a crossed out face. A face like Slendy’s. And Slendy always watches someone. So it can be like a watching eye, too. Since all faces have two eyes.

  15. crazy theorist says:

    the creator of slenderman could have altered the entire dimension with slender man, for it was so widely believed that we created an alternate dimension where slenderman had been co–existing with man for millenia.

  16. Taylor Byars says:

    He is real I’ve seen proof

  17. A Mysterious Racecar Driver says:

    You say he’s not real. I’ve seen him. So did a friend when he got hit by a car. I saw him when i had a car accident as well. The second before impact(for both of us) is when he appeared, in VERY close proximity. How no-one else saw him, is beyond the two of us.

    Be warned, he is real.

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