Slender Science

[Andy Note: I’d like to take this time to introduce you to DragonSovereign, our newest theorist.  I’m sure you’ll find his theories a nice contrast to Broeckchen’s.  Like I said on my Twitter, though, I still need another contributor or two (I’m looking for someone to do summaries and analysis), and I’d really love someone with some experience in site design to help out.  I’m still taking applications, and I haven’t said “no” to any applicants yet.

Anyway, I could have held off on launching this article until I got “Looking Ahead” done, but I decided to launch it anyway, as it’ll be a bit before I can get that post finished.  Here’s something thinky to tide you over while you wait.

Also, keep in mind that, while I’m not as knowledgeable as Dragon in this discipline, I believe that most of the science contained within this article is largely theoretical (correct me if I’m wrong, Dragon).  Just something to keep in mind.]

Hey everyone, your newest collaborator here! The (pen) name’s DragonSovereign, but you can call me Dragon. Other acceptable names include but are not limited to: Mr. Sovereign, DS, or God. (I’m a narcissist little prick)

Now then, on to business, I’ll mainly be a theorist on Slenderbloggins, mainly pertaining to looking at our faceless friend in a way that, rather surprisingly, few have yet to. As you can tell from the title, I am speaking of science, namely theoretical physics. Despite my juvenile age I consider myself rather knowledgeable about this domain. I’m also fairly new to the mythos but I’ve run through most of the main blogs/vlogs so if I miss anything then please be sure to tell me. Now then, on to matters at hand, this little chestnut will cover looking at the Slender Man with parallel universes, multiverses, Noetic Science, Slenderorigins, and, of course, time. The entire thing is fairly cumulative, about everything I say links to at least another thing, so be ready to connect some dots.

Before I go into any Slender Man stuff I feel the need to give everyone a briefing on our universe, since this will be infinitely more confusing if you don’t know this. Now here’s where we get into our universe‘s end, first let‘s discuss what‘s in it. At the moment there are three basic components: Matter, dark matter, and dark energy. (Antimatter doesn’t apply here) Matter’s the “stuff’ that we’re all made of, makes up around 4% of our universe. Now, dark matter is a special (incredibly dense) kind of matter, that can’t interact with regular matter in any way, besides gravity. There are billions of tiny bits of them everywhere but they only have power in bigger chunks. For example, in galaxy clusters there’s usually a chunk of dark matter in the center, its incredible density keeps the galaxies in check. Dark matter makes up about 23% of our universe. And lastly, dark energy, a huge-ass 73% of our universe. It’s basically embodied as ‘outer space’, it’s the power that makes our universe grow, more specifically, the empty space between any and every particle grow, such as the empty space between protons and neutrons in a nucleus, or even between individual quarks. Dark matter’s incredible density used to hold dark energy in check (through processes I won’t explain here) and kept the universe‘s growth constant, kind of like a cage.

Well a few billion years ago, because empty space started growing and there’s always a set amount of dark matter, there started to be more dark energy than dark matter, dark energy ‘broke the cage’, and now the universe’s growth rate is accelerating. Scientists estimate that in 5 billion years or so dark energy will overpower dark matter so much that every second the universe will practically double in size. And since it‘s the empty space that‘s growing eventually the space between each part of an atom’s nucleus will be so far apart it will split on its own, every single atom in the universe becoming an atomic bomb. Everything will cease to exist and our universe will become a piece of the void that fills up most of everything.

Now prepare yourself for an utter mindfuck: Noetic Science. CERN, a theoretical physics organization in Geneva, has managed to prove the existence of it in lab conditions. Basically it’s the metaphysical ideal that humans can alter energy and matter, shift it and morph it to their will.

Sound familiar?

Yes, this is the scientific backing on the Tulpa Effect. Basically the ideal of it, humans creating beings with their mind, is perfectly plausible. You see, on our own, a single human has the power to do minimal things, change how ice crystals freeze, the direction a goldfish might swim, the trajectory of an object thrown, little things. We do this by observation, subconsciously altering energy and matter (which is basically trapped energy). If enough people are thinking about something they can alter the energy and matter to their will, shift it to such an extent that their dreams become reality. Now there’s an obvious fallacy with this: what if people’s ideas cancel each other out? Well CERN tested this too, with fairly surprising results. For reasons that we still don’t quite get, when two conflicting thoughts exist, one to create something and the other to destroy it, the “creator thought” will almost always be expressed. This could be due to the idea that the “creator thought” is active and trying to change whereas the “destroyer thought” is more passive, trying to keep everything the same but not exerting any particular force. Whatever the reason, if enough people think it, it can become so. So then, how did we create Slender Man? Do we have the power to change our own matter into such a twisted being from our own reality? My idea is: not quite. We created Slender Man, but he did indeed come from another universe.

Now, the thing about the Tulpa Effect is that it’s essentially linked to the ideals of quantum physics and Noetic Science. Human observation and thought can manipulate matter and energy, control it, shape it. Now think back a bit to dark energy, which is just another kind of energy. So, if dark energy were somehow captured and controlled, shaped by thought, it could do tantamount to anything. Namely, it would naturally seek out a large orb of dark matter, and move to it, quite probably in a separate universe. Maybe that’s how we created Him. Maybe when we thought of Him we were unknowingly altering dark energy, and forcing it to move to another universe. From there, the dark energy would become trapped according to the laws of whatever universe it was in, and what is trapped energy? Exactly. We created some kind of dark-energy-based-matter, some sort of new form that He became, and grew in another multiverse before joining us.

Next subject, multiverses. Please, don’t ask me about fractalverses, that doesn’t apply here. Now, to our knowledge, there are four different kinds of multiverses.

Level One Multiverse: Universes that simply exist outside our universe, about 60-120 billion light years away.

Level Two: Picture a bunch of Level Ones in a bubble, the whole bubble’s a Level Two. For example, when the universe began, the expanding energy “cooled” down in the form of matter, little bubbles of matter that were these multiverses.

Level Three: Here’s where it gets confusing. Every time you make a choice, the idea is that a different universe is made where you made a different choice, exactly alike to yours except for that one little change. They work as “layers” in which the infinite amounts of Level Twos that can exist come into being.

Level Four: This is a little easier to click. It’s a multiverse where there’s groups of Level Twos, each group is a Level Four. However, each Level Four has different multiversal laws than the others. For example, ours has three dimensions, another’s might have seven. They’re the even larger bubbles, in which the layers of Level Threes are contained.

So then, if we created Slender Man in the above way, He might be able to go through multiverses, possibly even Level Fours. If that’s the case He has the abilities and follows the laws of His Level Four, which, thanks to us, is more complex than our own. That goes into how He Slenderwalks, transports, and such. Also, if He really is made of dark energy, a force which is the antithesis of not just matter, but physicality itself, then that could explain why it hurts when He touches us, because matter instinctively tries to reject dark energy.

Next matter, time. Even in our universe, there are places, such as singularities, where it becomes meaningless. However, to the Slender Man, He obviously has a different perception of it, and if He was formed in a separate multiverse, He could have entered our domain anywhen.

Yep, that’s how I think He might have existed in olden times. And if, by the laws of His multiverse, He can use time in ways we are currently unable to comprehend, then that might explain the paranoia we get when we see Him.

What do I mean? Okay, let’s use the ever-useful Grandfather Paradox, regarding the man who travels back in time to murder his own Grandfather, yet finds he is incapable of doing so because to carry out said act would negate his own existence. Should the time traveler in this case indeed be able to kill his own grandfather, he himself would never have existed in the first place, an event which would have necessitated the death of his own grandfather in the second place, because he would, in effect, merely be fulfilling his role in history, and not changing anything. Does this seem contradictory? It isn’t, and this is the theory posited by the Novikov self consistency principle, which claims that “random” or “contradictory” casual/time loops cannot form, but repetitive, consistent ones can.

Let’s look at it thusly: Appearances of the Slender Man often come with a foreboding that goes beyond the pedestrian fight or flight response. His presence awakens a horror in us so deeply rooted as to be nearly pathological. The concept of re-living the same even over and over, throughout time, regardless of the apparent “circumstance” in which it appears, was even said by Nietzsche to be: “Horrifying and paralyzing, the heaviest burden imaginable.” Suppose, then, that He entered our universe a long while ago, and He has been capitalizing on the self consistency principles inherent in time itself to appear again and again, like some sort of demonic whack-a-mole? And what if, warned by some type of “sense memory”, we are aware, if even on a cellular level, of the horror He represents? What is that same feeling, the fear, paranoia, foreboding, pain, everything we feel when He is near us is that same feeling we’d get if we tried to kill our grandfather? What if His appearances in time, His constant destruction of us, creates that “temporal fear” in us, that he will destroy our timelines? That, perhaps, is why we fear Him and don’t know why, why we find Him so off-putting. Because He’s always been with us, weaved within our past, we’re just remembering Him again, within our entire Layer of our little Level Three Multiverse. Again and again and again, this would happen, trillions upon quadrillions upon googols of times throughout our Level Three Layer, making Him all the more powerful.

This suggests another, theory, known as “The Theory of Eternal Return,” it is a concept familiar to most of us, if not intimately. Known to the ancient Egyptians, the Stoics, and a host of other, The Theory of Eternal Return states that time is cyclical and not linear. This philosophy fell into unpopularity as Christianity gained prominence, but it holds that every condition, no matter how seemingly random, is bound to repeat itself eventually. That a finite number of states must repeat themselves within an infinite amount of time is perhaps the key to the Slender Man’s power. What if, by being with us since the beginning, the Slender Man knows every possible outcome, everywhere, in all our possible histories, throughout time? And what does this mean for us?

So let’s run over the basic theories I’ve stated.

Theory 1: When we thought about Slender Man, conjuring up ideas of another world and the entity from that world, we altered dark energy in a multiversal way, creating the Slender Man. Slender Man therefore follows the laws of a different multiverse and may be formed of a physical embodiment of dark energy. That’s why it hurts when He touches us.

Theory 2: Slender Man has been with us since the beginning, and since He has existed so long, in all of our timelines as far back as to the dawn of humanity, His very presence makes us fear, the same fear of our time being destroyed, as it so easily could be.

Theory 3: The Slender Man, being with us since the beginning, has seen and can see everything that can and will happen, and can use that for His benefit. This means that, in order to defeat Him, one cannot use something from our universe or even multiverse, they’d need something with as complex a multiverse as Slendy’s. Either that or something whose timeline He hasn’t crossed.

That’s all for this post, if I come up with any ideas you’ll be the second to know. If you have any questions, comments, confusion, corrections, etc, then feel free to leave ‘em below.




About DragonSovereign

Hey guys, I'm a freshman at *miscellaneous high school*, just made this account for the sole purpose of collaborating with our friend Andy from Slenderbloggins.
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7 Responses to Slender Science

  1. DragonSovereign says:

    Oh, Andy, you were right on the theoretical bit. Most of it scientists are 99% sure of, but because we can’t observe it, only observe what it does, they just can’t get that last 1%. Some stuff, like the Theory of Eternal Return and such, are just ideals based off of inferences and logic. Hence the name “theoretical physics”.

  2. Paraskeptic says:

    Interesting ideas, but……

    I’m a science geek (I’m studying biology in University) and we are of course talking about a hypothetical origin story for an internet-created supernatural being, but I feel it’s important to try to be accurate about science. There are a lot of misconceptions about science out there, and many people unknowingly repeat them, insuring their spread. With that in mind:

    1) You’re presenting several ideas here- multi-verses, the nature of dark matter and energy, the Copenhagen (“many-worlds”) interpretation of quantum mechanics- as basically being theories, when in fact many of these ideas aren’t even hypotheses. Scientists are far, far from 99% sure about most of this. Rather, the ideas you discuss are all possible interpretations, where other alternate interpretations have an equal chance of being true.

    2) CERN proving noetic science. That’s not true. Whoever told you this is co-opting legitimate discoveries in particle physics to prop up pseudo-science. I would advise you to find the original journal publications these ideas are based on to get the facts free of wild speculation.

    3) Now, the idea of matter as “trapped energy”. This is very commonly encountered (even among people writing popular science books) because it’s a simplified way of explaining the ramifications of relativity, but it’s not actually accurate. In fact, E=mc^2
    implies that energy adds to matter dependant on velocity, so our potential Slenderman would have to be going quite fast to coalesce out of nothing (which is itself impossible, but this is science fiction after all). Probably faster than the speed of light, although the value of “c” might differ in another universe.

  3. DragonSovereign says:

    First, might I just say I am incredibly happy someone decided to challenge me, that being said let me move on.

    1) Well I believe I phrased that incorrectly. Rather, with the 99% thing, I was pertaining to plausibility. Obviously there are several different theories that conflict with each and every aspect I mentioned, but it would be impossible to go with all of these, so I simply stuck to a few theories that could link together adequately in the Slenderverse.

    2) Well, I’m sorry to sound rude about this but my uncle currently works at CERN, and has done so for over a decade. That being said, I’ll concede that some parts might have been exaggerated, it’s human nature to do so after all, but the basis is true unless he was outright lying to me.

    3) Well, as you mentioned, the laws could be seen as different depending on what multiverse we’re talking about. And even then, we’re talking about a multiversal, child kidnapping, faceless Tulpa. Sounds fairly difficult to gauge the limits it would possess. And, despite it being fairly theoretical, dark energy (due to the nature of it) would function at a decent velocity when activated. And again, I couldn’t exactly discuss everything pertaining to his subject as much as I’d like, so I had to simplify everything a good deal.

    But yeah, I’m mainly going to be limited in this by the fact that, just for everyone else’s sake, it’s fairly essential that I simplify everything, so there are going to be some obvious fallacies. But thanks for pointing these out, it’s good to actually have a discussion about this.

    • Jack T says:

      To contribute to the science/fiction discussion, I’ll keep up the numbering system you two have already organized points into.

      1) Actually, I’ve got nothing on this part. It’s pretty obvious why you’d just be grabbing relevant ideas and mashing them together to make a plausible setup for Tulpa Theory. No point in discussing ideas that don’t support Tulpa, as it just distracts from the attempt to form a solid explanation.

      2) Now it’s my turn to hope I don’t sound rude. It’s cool that your uncle works at CERN, but this is the internet and I take my science pretty seriously. You can be as rude as you want (well, I think it would be okay, but I’m a bit of a jerk, so I don’t know that I’d listen to me) if you provide a link to a reputable article or published experiment results.

      3) The laws will always be consistent in this universe, so regardless of Slender’s “limits,” he can’t make things in this universe move faster than c. In fact, as far as him being all-powerful and all-knowing, there are two major concerns I have with Tulpa theory (well, a lot more than two, and I have my own theory on Slender-origins, but I’m going to stick to the relevant two issues here) as you’re describing it.

      Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that human thought can have some sort of impact on ice crystallization. It doesn’t seem to follow that a small collection of thoughts could perform so specific an action as forcing matter/energy/anything outside of our universe to create a super being. Few people know about Slender compared to say, the Christian God, Odin, or Brahma, to name a few popular super beings. If a tiny cluster of people on the internet is enough to create a creature as powerful as Slenderman, why isn’t the Greek pantheon popping around and messing up everyone’s fun all the time? Certainly the Greek gods are better known, more powerful, and potentially less thought of as fictional than Slenderman. Tulpa theory would seem to necessitate that they be interacting with us as well. (To sum it up, issue 1 is – where are all the other fictional creatures?)

      Problem two is a little more specific – namely, Tulpa isn’t adequate to explain Slenderman prior to his Something Awful birth. Time is too often thought of as a line with a stable past that can be revisited. As far as physics is concerned, time is just a rate of change that can be altered by the presence of gravitational fields. The universe that we live in cannot be interacted with prior to now. Regardless of the laws in other universes/multiverses, something that we create now cannot interact with the past. If we create it now, it can only interact with now on. If we were pushing matter out of this universe to create Slenderman, it doesn’t matter where he goes from there, this universe will not regress to an earlier state regardless of his actions/travels.

      The running idea is that a Time Machine is possible, but time travel could only happen back to when it was first turned on. Think of Slender as a time machine. The universe before his imagining is immutable. Time isn’t a line, just a measure.

      I will allow that Slender could potentially alter memories, objects, and anything else to create the illusion of his existence prior to the SA thread (which is just as good as existing in the past, but not the same). Ultimately, if we want a Slender friend prior to SA, we need a different explanation. (To sum up issue 2 – if you want to claim Slender prior to SA, Tulpa doesn’t cut it)

      Ultimately, everything I said is biased by my dislike for Tulpa, so, sorry for that. I do like the post, though. Definitely got me thinking. Good job, I look forward to your future entries/ideas.

      • DragonSovereign says:

        2) Good point. If I happen to talk to him soon I’ll be sure to ask him if he can give me that information.

        3) Well I wouldn’t say that laws of a universe always have to be consistent. Look at a singularity, gravity alters time to the point where things like time are meaningless and have no impact there. And even then, there’s always the possibility of his state being in some sort of flux between universes I suppose.

        In regards to your first issue that’s a very good point, and something I’ve considered a lot as well. Something like that is honestly hard to say, and the only legitimate answer I can think of is that “they might be”. If you look at the ideals behind each of the beings you listed they don’t normally interact with humanity in as wide a range as Slendy, who constantly attacks us, so I guess it would only make sense that He seems to ‘appear’ more.

        Then your second issue. I can honestly say I didn’t consider that, but due to my narcissism I feel the need to defend myself so here goes. It’s definitely interesting to think about, but we have no way of knowing that multiverses are linked to one another in such a way that a being from one could not enter another at a different time, granted that defense is rather “iffy” at best. The best way for it to function would be, as you mentioned, for Him to have instead created the illusion of himself having existed beforehand. And then of course, Tulpa may have only played a part in His creation, I’ve got some lesser ideas but Tulpa seemed like the best one to discuss since everyone would be more familiar with it. I honestly can’t think of anything better at the moment, I’ll say if I do though.

        But thanks for the discussion, it’s always much more entertaining when you’re able to talk it over with another.

  4. Sauron says:

    I think I’ll ask him the next time I see him.

  5. Checkers Deliora says:

    i’m looking forward for more of your theories. Amazing and complex but yet understanding. the only thing I don’t understand is the fear we feel when we see him. If its the fear of a destroyed future why does kids let themselves be friends with him?
    (sorry for my bad english (-,-;) )

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