Intermission: Theory

Alternate titles: FFFUUUUUUUU or Well snap, it seems someone did their homework better than me.

Well, through CompileTRUTH I stumbled upon MyDarkJournal, another Youtube series probably being about Slender Man. What with videos like “A faceless King” and the like. I don’t tell you about that because I want to advertise it (but honestly I do :< ), I tell you about it because I realised that I effing overlooked something in all my theories that might be really important to the Mythos. Fasching. Even though Andy and I talked about it several times and even brought up the date it starts, I overlooked Fasching! D: I feel so worthless right now!

But back to the story to make things a little bit more clear. I commented a video of MyDarkJournal – and surprisingly, the answer I got was German. As are quite some replies by them. I won’t go into too much detail, but the consensus of a lot of those replies is that something is to come soon. One of the latest ones was simply “Fastnacht”. And this is when I realised how stupid and blind I was.

“Fastnacht”, along with “Aschermittwoch” and “Rosenmontag” is one of the special days of the German celebration Fasching. It’s a little bit complicated to explain, because that celebration ist kind of the unholy lovechild of New Years Eve and Halloween, but only several months long with few truly celebrated highlights. But it goes something like this: In November, it officially starts. Back in the days before the medieval era, people celebrated the solstice then. I don’t know if New Years Eve was even celebrated by them, maybe some other culture brought it along while trespassing. One should always have in mind that Germany is not “Ye Olde Country of the Germans”, but more like a pot in which almost every culture and heritage on this planet was mixed and stirred. But anyway, there is a third celebration that always seemed to be very important to this particular time: The Grande Finale, the Fastnacht. This night, taking place in February, could be described as the German Halloween: People disguise and make a lot of noise to keep the malevolent spirits away. There is no trick and treat, but often great buffetts and feasts go with it or parades or programs on stage with people throwing “Kamellen” at other people, Kamellen being bonbons (derived from “caramel”, which is nearly the same word in German). So it’s very similar.

Over time Fastnacht developed from the Samhain-like celebration it once was to a much lighter, funnier celebration. It became the Night of the Fools and a symbol of lifted spirits and fun. Organisations were founded which ensured this fun by organising parades and stage programs for young and old. Fasching became serious business in a funny way, being celebrated everywhere from Kindergarten to Bank Office and a day for young and old. Well, not anymore. With Halloween being much more advertised by TV, radio, comics and everything else – because at least 50%-80% of the media consumed by the German population come from the USA – and increasingly celebrated here as well, people gradually stop caring about Fasching. Children don’t like to pay attention to strange guys with sparkling rooster heads, but prefer going around and collecting their sweets instead. So Fastnacht finds less people who celebrate it everytime, especially among the young folks, and is almost sure to get lost in oblivion one day.

Well, that is one of the things I overlooked. The others being little details. For example, that the Fasching time starts at 11:11 – on the 11th of Novembre. It usually ends with Aschermittwoch in Mid-February, but this year we’re going to have Fastnacht on 3/8/2011.

Now the theory behind it. I will later on post a compilation of a lot of theories about Slender Man and there including my own (except this one because I list them sorted by topic), but let’s summarise one of them as Slender Man being an immigrant of the USA with His original heritage in Germany. Part of that theory was, contradicting something Andrew from Walking the Hallowed Halls mentioned, that Slender Man probably was rather powerless in Germany itself, or even not here at all. Well – but I didn’t see back then, that Fastnacht is going to be soon. And that Fastnacht, as a celebration to keep malevolent spirits and entities away – lost it’s power recently. Not entirely, but very much. So, as an extension of the “Slender Man is not in Germany right now”-theory – He might be soon again. Fastnacht is a night He could easily use to fuel His powers. And if you White Pawns are in really deep crap, it could even work all the way from Germany to wherever He happens to be then, seeing as He might be an originally German entity. If it is like that, His powers will increase during 3/8/2011, simply because there will be no one contradicting them then. Even most Germans that still celebrate Fastnacht will celebrate it during the day instead of the night (because they are either very old or very young) and thus not contradict the point where He will be actually fueled by the touch between the worlds the most.

Your luck however might be that the German dusk is about 6-7 hours earlier than yours. So either He has to use this strengthening effect in broad daylight too or restrict Himself to the few hours in which it’s night at both places at once. So the most dangerous hour might be between 5-7 PM, depending on where you live, because it’s midnight in Germany then – and actual midnight in the USA, for it will still be night/dark then over here.

I don’t know if special occurences are known of which took place in February of the last two years. But I know that the vanishing of Fasching is a gradually happening process and last year was a year a lot of the dedicated organisations and clubs thought about splitting up.  Additionally the rumors WoHH-Andrew heard and the foreshadowing from MyDarkJournals direction… Let’s say, I’ll be sure to spend this particular Fastnacht with a crowd for sure! But it could also be a great time to get influence on Germany back. *shivers*

A little disclaimer: I just realised that I never mentioned if I personally believe in Slender Man or not. Well, I kind of don’t outright believe in Him, but I also don’t believe in Him being nonexistant. I made some experiences in my life that made it clear to me that some things simply happen without us being able to comprehend them. But also I experienced things that seemed very believable to be utter BS. So I give anything the benefit of doubt.

I do, however, realise that most blogs, vlogs and so on are ARGs or creepypasta and not based on reality. I don’t judge them, I act on every one of them as I would if it was real and I don’t go around blaming people for bad writing style or so in the comments of their own work. And I’m more sensitive about the characters than I probably should be. D: So please feel neither let down nor being taken too seriously, as I don’t go down any of those paths.

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11 Responses to Intermission: Theory

  1. Maduin says:

    And every day I learn something new. Or relearn, perhaps. I’m quite sure I heard the word “Fastnacht”, but I haven’t paid the holiday much mind. Looks like I should have.
    Oh, and thanks for the Weihnachtslieder. Also, if you ever link me to a page in German – don’t worry, I’m a fluent speaker (and reader) of German.

    • Broeckchen says:

      Was zur Hölle – ernsthaft? Oh Maduin, ich denke damit hast du dir endgültig eines der weithin gefürchteten Groupie-Bröckchen eingefangen! ~<3 Wie kommt's?

      • Maduin says:

        Ja, ernsthaft, mein liebes Mädel 😉 Und ich habe Deutsch, rätzelhafte weise, in Hochschule gelernt (habe ich es ach aber ein zeitleng nicht benutzt, also bitte vergebe mir falls ich einen oder unheimlich viele Fehler mache).
        Und ich muss fragen: “weithin gefürchtet”?

      • Broeckchen says:

        “Weithin gefürchtet” bedeutet in diesem Falle: “Vollkommen unbekannt – aber nur weil niemand überlebte, um davon zu erzählen!” ;P
        Groupie-Bröckchen sind wilde, gefährliche Wesen, die hilflosen Maduins in deren Blogs folgen und diese dann lesen und kommentieren. Und dabei hin und wieder in sich hineinkichern wie geisteskranke Teenager.

        Also nein, keine großen Veränderungen kommen auf dich zu. XD

        Aber du erstaunst mich echt immer wieder. Dein Deutsch ist wirklich gut.

  2. Smoking says:

    Maybe u SHOULD complian that teh wirting suxorz! That will teach ’em! Every1 knows that complaining in teh comments improve teh work!
    Sorry, for some reason I found the idea of people believing that incredibly funny.

    There is also a new youtube series that I found myself really enjoying, MLAndersen0. It’s just five episodes long (with the four one being the first slender sighting and acceptably well done) but it’s pretty promising so far. And with enough little differences from other vlogs as to make it stand out. We had a thread about it on /x/ and the general opinion is that is going to become big if it keeps up. You should check it some time if you haven’t.

    Hey, Broekgirl. Do you think that it would be wise to offer my help to Andy with the vlog analysis? On one hand he might be offended by the idea of someone else doing something that he likes; while on the other I believe that having more, and specialized, people working here would help grow this blog from just a theory blog to some sort of multiperson publication, a bigger operation, sort of a newspaper or magazine in a sense…

    • Li'l Andy K says:

      I read these comments too, you know, and you can ask me directly through e-mail. No need to ask indirectly through Broeckchen.

      Y’know, now that I’ve got Broeckchen helping out, it’s possible that I could make this so it’s almost be sort of a “team.” Perhaps it would be nice to have some help. I’ll keep the question in mind, but if I do, there’d probably have to be some form of application (except of course, in cases where I ask the applicant myself). Anyone else considering helping out?

  3. Hm…I’d offer to help, don’t know how much good I’ll be though. My strengths lie in things like theoretical physics (like the whole “he’s from another universe” idea), so I can always attempt to link our faceless friend to aspects like that. I can already guess a few multiversal aspects about Him.

  4. you see so much little chosen rabbit and i see you as well. talk much and loudly about der Konig. talk much and know little.
    thrash about in dark water
    all your friends are dead
    all your friends are dead
    all your friends are now dead
    all your friends are dead and screaming rabbit
    wilde jaag older than you think.

  5. Headpiece Filled With Straw says:

    The Slender Man originates in germany?…But what about these guys?

  6. Headpiece Filled With Straw says:

    Granted they’re good guys but so was Jack Skellignton and if you people can ignore that then I can ignore the Mimi’s helpfulness.

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