Entry #32 and #33

Yeah, yeah, it’s late.  Entry #33 has already come out, and I’m merging posts.  I know.  I’ve been busy, mmkay?

So, anyway, here’s the analysis.  Or at least the rundown.  These two are finally the payoff after the long, dragging drag of season 2’s setup (which is actually not nearly as dragging when they’re watched back-t0-back, as I discovered during a rewatch).  So let’s dive right in!

Entry #32:

Jay gets a knock at his door.  It’s Jessica, who calls him out for being a lying liar.  Which he is, considering that he’s given her three different cover stories already.  This is the perfect time to introduce the “Genre Blind Jay” from the series of macros I (and some other people) have been working on!

adjay cover

Anyway, there’s that buzzing audio distortion when she speaks, and damn does she have dark circles under her eyes.  She reveals that she’s dealing with a lot of the same stuff he is—memory loss, coughing fits, sleepwalking, waking up in the hotel with no memory of how she got there and seeing nobody other than the staff and Jay.  She also mentions that she has dreams that she’s a little kid, and that someone is watching her.  That last one is notable, because that’s the first time in their series that the Slender Man—er, sorry, it’s technically The Operator—has any connection to children.

Jay tells her that he’ll explain everything (finally), and tells her to start packing, because they’re going to take off.  He uploads the video because he might not have time afterwards, but stupidly lets Jessica out of his sight.  *sigh*

adjay stalk vid

You just make it too easy, Jay.  But I digress.  He also gives up on the safe, incidentally.  But now we’re on to Entry #33, which takes place almost immediately afterwards.

He opens the door separating their rooms (why he closed it is anyone’s guess) and heads into her room, looking for her.  Naturally, she’s not there.  However, there’s a piece of paper with four digits written on it: 1102 (the zero being an operator symbol).  He uses it on the safe in the room, to no avail.  He then tries it on his own safe, and it opens, revealing a bunch of tapes and a removable hard drive.  He sets the camera so it faces him as he starts packing them, and a hand appears at the door behind him.  The audio starts to buzz.  As he grabs the camera, there’s a brief video tear, and he turns to see…Masky!  Yes, our masked friend has returned.  Masky lunges at him, and this would probably be the best place to put the newest Slender Nation meme.  Last macro, I promise.

maskro tackle

So yeah, he lunges at Jay, who smacks him with the Maglight.  Jay flees the room, and Masky follows.  He appears to be limping.  he also seems to be a bit stockier.  However, the sideburns indicate that he’s still probably Tim.

And now we’re caught up.  Masky’s back, Jessica’s missing, and Jay is in a new location, looking through his tapes.  Again, my theory that season 2 is going to focus on Jay trying to figure out what happened by reviewing his own footage is reinforced.

Well, the Glossary should be coming soon.  I’ll get that up in the near future.  Be sure to check out Broeckchen’s latest theory post, too, in case you miss it.



About Li'l Andy K

Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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14 Responses to Entry #32 and #33

  1. Broeckchen says:

    That sounds a bit more like a summary than like an analysis…

    Also, there actually is an earlier connection between the Operator and children. Some of Alex’ footage show him with the Operator on a playground, which even set a stereotype of sorts.

    • Li'l Andy K says:

      Of course it does, because my brain can’t think as abstractly as yours. And there’s really not much to take from this other than the obvious, unless I missed something major.

      • Broeckchen says:

        How about the connection between Jessica and the safe? She had the combination in her room, which points to her either having been there when the safe was closed or someone (who has) giving the combination to her. Also, the lack of coughing fits maybe would have been worth mentioning. And that Masky couldn’t walk without problems.

  2. Comrade says:

    The last macro reminds me of a discussion about another vlog series and if it were a slendervlog or if it wasn’t. It went sort of like this:

    Guy 1: Well, there is someone with a mask similar to masky’s and he’s fighting style is reminiscent.
    Guy 2: Running towards a guy and then having an epilepsy attack? That’s a fucking fighting style?

    I’m with Broeckgirl on the strangeness of the numbers being there. A little too deus ex machina for my tastes, even more if you consider that MH so far hasn’t explained anything (building up Lost style, or x-file style if you wish, is prone to ending in a cop out Lost style, or x-file style if you wish). And that in the safe there where tapes (Alex used mini-dv tapes while Jay used a hard disc cam), so we are going to get new and never seen before footage that somehow Jay had with him before and took with him on the six month hiatus; that could mean showing a fragment that explains posterior things (I’m guessing Tim becoming masky, but it seems too easy), or more packages sent by Alex (there could had been posterior tapes that Jay saved while in black out mode).

    Excuse my train of though that could make this impossible to read and understand, but maybe the combination was left by Jay there in a moment that both he and Jessica have forgotten, don’t you think?

    Sorry, weird, unchecked for spelling, and with sentences long enough to enreage Warren Ellis…

    • Smoking says:

      Also, I have a quick question: Did I imagine people believing that MH invented the proxy part or do some people actually think that way?

      Because we already had proxies in the second picture of SM ever…

  3. Omega says:

    Fuck yeah Masky tackle!

  4. Slice says:

    I think its also important to note how halfassed Masky was in his attack. It was more like, to me, Masky was trying to get Jay out of the hotel. In this case, we have backing this up:

    1) the mess in Jessicas room, (sign of a struggle?)
    2) The note with the operator symbol (dropped by an impatient Masky after getting rid of/scaring away Jessica)
    3) he bum rushes Jay, SLAPS HIM. Not punch, not a full on tackle attempt. A bitchslap.
    4) Runs out of the room so Jay follows him out with the Maglite, and as soon as Jay starts getting the hell out, he runs back into the room, thus making Jay want to not go back there.
    Also, I shat a castle when Masky appeared at the doorway.

  5. Comrade says:

    A quick comment from lurking unfiction:
    Jeff from EMH is the goddamn Batman. (admitted in a twit)
    Noah is a pirate ( http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/1028/itsnoah.jpg ) [from an accidental cameo in a trial]
    J is a raccoon. ( http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q309/Stiny69/returnjimage.png )

    Just though you people would consider this interesting material in case you are working in furry slash fics.

  6. Paraskeptic says:

    “Masky” (I thought it was pretty much a community consensus that he’s ToTheArk?) scared the shit out of me in this video. It was like that entry from the first season where he lunges down the hallway all over again.

    Entry 32 just cements Jessica’s status as the best character in the story. I hope she appears again soon.

  7. Lon Sarver says:

    I strongly suspect that everyone involved with the Marble Hornets film project except Alex is a member of the Masky club. What was Jay doing during the missing seven months? Which started immediately after Alex’s girlfriend let Slendy in the back door? He was running around, writing in code, and scaring the living shit out of Alex.

    I suspect Jessica is similar.

    Masky is always entreating Jay to “wake up.” He means, “Wake up from the dream that you still have a normal life. Wake up to the danger you’re in.”

    I don’t think that Tim/totheARK/Masky and friends are servants of the Operator. I think they’re the ones that almost, but not quite, got away. And the main question of the series is, “Will Jay get away, like it seemed Alex did? Or will he paint himself a mask and scare folks into running from the Operator?”

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