Well – hi there!

Well – hiya!

Yes, it’s me, Broeckchen. Most of you probably know me from comments like “The Santa Theory”, “A Chat with the Proxy” and most recently “Slendy is an Immigrant”. And this is my witty written first post in Andy’s blog, because I hacked his password and will now only Talk in cREepy codES!

Nah, just kidding. Andy invited me to collaborate with him on the blog and I’ve gotten myself an WordPress account to do so. From now on, It might happen that I contribute my own thoughts on everything slender and manly within own blogposts instead of comments.

If you really know me from my early comments, you might ask yourself: “Didn’t you state that you were too genre-savvy for making an own blog?” Well – I kind of still am. I’ll contribute in the blog of another person, with an account which doesn’t bear any irl-information about me.  But this is not my blog, it’s still Andy’s. He’s the boss of me. I’ve got an own blog already, but it’s in German language and full of little-girl-growing-up-stuff. Also, it’s neither on WordPress nor Blogspot, so it will hopefully never be part of this community.

And if that sounded rude, please don’t think too much about that. I’m not used to the English language and it’s difficult for me to use it without sounding like Yoda or insulting everyone around me constantly. But I’ll try and improve, okay?

What else is there to say? Do you want to know what you can expect from me? Well… mostly theories. I might sometimes add compilations of things… like useful comments or facts we know about the Mythos. If Andy’s okay with it, I might even collect and compile information from other blogs (like Golom Tulpa Anima or Encyclopaedia Slenderia) here, crediting the original authors of course, just because I am a little completist at times.

Well. I think that’s everything. Cut. *pause* You still read me, don’t you? I said Cut, Bakura! Cut already!

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14 Responses to Well – hi there!

  1. Li'l Andy K says:

    Blogger-tested, Andy-approved!


  2. Smoking says:

    And now, someone will come and post a cool theory and in a couple of weeks Broeckgirl will be posting vlogs and then those will be fake but she will have strange foreigner feelings about that other guy and Andy will be jealous and he will fall in some lake and when he gets cold water he turns into a female slenderman and slenderman will have strange new feelings about Andy/female-slenderman that he though he would never have again and it will all be like the last time I followed a blog, fuck.

    Why do you guys do this all the time?

    • Broeckchen says:

      Well, that’s great, just really great. Now we have to think off another plan. Thank you very much, Smoking, for ruining our total original, great story! >:O

    • Li'l Andy K says:

      Buh…wha…the fu…wha buh duduwha…Why even this? I unaware have words. Ipswich. Why even this? Why even this?


      • Smoking says:

        So, it’s pretty obvious that Andy is a proxy now. Some hot water would help.

        Now that the subject is on the table. Maybe Slendy’s control comes from lack of hot water. Masky’s house had a really pour plumbing if you notices. And…

        Why does your blog make people start coming up with theories? Is some sort of arcane magic or something?

      • Li'l Andy K says:

        I’m not a proxy. I’m just left without the cognitive processes required to speak when someone theorizes that I’m going to become a female Slender Man and hook up with Slendy himself.


      • Broeckchen says:

        Witchcraft. Obviously.

        Naw. We caught a few muses and chained them to the blog, that’s all.

      • Broeckchen says:

        Heh. Andy in female Slender Man cosplay. *drool*

    • Camool says:

      Wait but I thought slenderman had no actual sex and that he was just called slenderMAN because it is easier. Have you even seen a lump in his pants?

      • Broeckchen says:

        Well, the lump of a man is less striking than the chest of a woman, so that wouldn’t even be strange if Slender Man had one. Thing is, He also *looks* like a man. So add some fake breasts and maybe a skirt instead of the trousers and you have *female Slender Man*.

      • Lon Sarver says:

        It’s a tentacle. Maybe more than one.

        Don’t ask how I know. I don’t like to talk about it.

  3. DragonSovereign says:

    Well, since I stumbled across this blog and just finished reading every post (I really need a life), I thought I’d just make a post and validate my existence, y’know?

    Well anyway, congratulations Broeckchen! ^^

    I’ll probably get to theory posting in a bit. Until then, arrivederci!

    (And just for the record, since I’ve seen some gender confusion in the past, I’m a guy.)

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