Terms for Humans in the Slenderverse

Preparing my first compilation blogpost for Slenderbloggins, I noticed that I would have to make some footnotes for readers who are new or unfamiliar with certain blogs, because I use certain terms for humans. So I thought I could as well post a little list of terms for humans in the Slenderverse first so we’re all an the same page.

Some of the terms are already established in the whole Slenderverse and you will need them to understand a lot of conversations there. Some are rather new, but I’ll list them because I find them fitting and they could become more popular in the near future. If I forget something or mention a wrong source, please correct me.

I’ll start out with inventing my own terms “White Pawns” and “Black Pawns”, White Pawns being everyone not (consciously) serving Slender Man and Black Pawns being everyone else. You don’t have to use those terms yourselves, but I didn’t know how to express myself better.

The White Pawns

Blind – People who have never heard or seen anything about the Slender Man. The closer definition is a bit blurry, since some would only use this for people who don’t even know the meme, while sometimes this term also includes people who have heard about Slender Man, but are not stalked by Him. First read on Walking the Hallowed Halls.

Fighters – Although they often have to escape Slender Man too, Fighters have a more active take on their problem. They try to find ways of defeating Slender Man, often activeley eliminating His human servants and allies on the way. Instead of outright killing, some Fighters try to find ways of rescuing the proxies and agents, and of gathering information about Slender Man they give to other Fighters. But they all struggle against Him. I’m not sure where this term first appeared, but It could be The Tutorial, White Elephants or Seeking Truth.

Runners – If not mentioned in another context, a Runner is a person who survived the first assaults of Slender Man or managed to flee in time. Runners are still haunted by Slender Man, but they learn how to escape Him properly to survive. Established by The Tutorial.

Stalked – I honestly do not quite know if this term is really an established one, but I heard it sometimes referring to people who have contact with Slender Man, but are not dead yet. Read: Runners and Fighters. I don’t know where I have it from.

Victims – Also a kind of blurry term. It refers to people who have had problems with the Slender Man, but is more commonly used for those who have already died or vanished. Some also use it as a term for Runners and Fighters. A common term with unknown source.

The Black Pawns

Agents – A term for people being on the side of Slender Man. It’s definition can range from people who do it out of free will to those whose minds already are deranged and manipulated by Him. Since other terms have been established too, it’s increasingly used for people who serve Him more or less out of their free will, be it due to fascination or blackmail. Those Agents are completely sane. First fully explained by Reach in a comment on White Elephants.

Berserkers – People who are under Slender Mans control, but do not depend on it to do something. They can still decide things on their own and if He gives them an order, they can do anything He does not forbid them to fulfill it. Thus while they’re already quite mad and fanatic, they’re still sane enough to be dangerous. Also first explained by Reach.

Hallowed/Hollowed – While the term Hallowed seems to be the first one to have popped up, due to it’s delicate implications Hollowed is more commonly used now between White Pawns, while Black Pawns tend to use Hallowed. The term refers to people who have been carved out by their contact with the Slender Man, which more or less erased all of their own personality to make way for an almost zombie-like obedient servant. If they don’t act like a much better disguised and quicker version of zombies, they show a fanatic obsession to Slender Man akin to religious fanaticism. They often communicate through codes and cryptic messages, sometimes having their personality post-Slender Man shining through. It’s worth noticing that they are said to be unable to do even the simplest things necessary to stay alive when they are not on a mission for Him. Again: First explanation by Reach, while the term was probably first featured at all in The Tutorial.

Proxies/Slenderproxies – Another term for Black Pawns, but more often than not referring to everything but Agents/Servants. Source unknown to me.

Revenants – A kind of Proxy mostly known about in rumours. They are said to have risen in the hierarchy enough to obtain own powers akin to that of Slender Man, albeit not as strong as His. There are very few of them and since they are less expendable than other Proxies it is rather unlikely for a White Pawn to come in conflict with one of them. Instead they seem to be used for organisation purposes. Their sanity seems to range between the status of an Agent and a Berserker, since they are clearly able to use their Free Time however they want, but also bend to the will of Slender Man. Mentioned by Reach, too – who stated that he was one of them.

Servants – A more recent term for Agents. First mentioned on Walking the Hallowed Halls.

Sleepers – People who are under control by Slender Man, but are not aware of that. They lead an usual life for most of the time and can never remember what they did under Slender Mans influence.While in Proxy mode, they act the closest to Hollowed, but can range to the sanity degree of Berserkers at least. Some White Pawns may actually (or also) be Sleepers. Also explained by Reach.

Taken – A more recent and neutral term for Hollowed and maybe Berserkers. While Hollowed may also refer to people being able to make very weak efforts on surviving, Taken rather describes Hollowed really unable to do anything not necessary not carry out an order by Slender Man. While Hollowed is used mostly by White Pawns who only see their behavior in mission mode, insider Andrew from Walking the Hallowed Halls raised this term in describing them from the point of view of an Agent/Servant. This is why I’ll mention separately here that they are described as being thoroughly mad, only using their codenames for each other, obsessed with masks and stalking people. Andrew also mentioned something like possibly telepathic communication [Andy Note: think “hivemind”] between them, since they have been seen interacting with each other without exchanging words while clearly showing signs of conversation. Servants obviously are not able to take part in the mental communication between them, possibly due to “too much” sanity.

Touched – Another term introduced by Walking the Hallowed Halls. It can be used as another word for Proxy, but most often it’s definition ranges from Sleepers over Revenants to Berserkers. Some Agents/Servants too have chosen to be what they are because they are – albeit in a weaker form – Touched. Basically the term refers to having had close contact with Slender Man, used by Him to transfer sensations to the human being which are not fit for the human mind or oppressing their will with His own for a while. Being mentally touched by Him this way sooner or later is said to lead into insanity, although Slender Man seems to have a certain amount of control over how long it takes to transform a person from a Touched into a Taken.

Well, that was a lot of stuff to take in. But it will hopefully be useful to you. I probably will often use the terms established by Walking the Hallowed Halls, simply because they immediately got stuck in my mind.

Sources: Walking the Hallowed Halls (“So I should probably explain“), Encyclopaedia Slenderia (“Slenderproxies“), The Tutorial (scattered everywhere), Possibly Seeking Truth, The Game of Chess

[Andy Note: I’d just like to point out that many of these terms will be covered again when I compile my Glossary, though probably not all of them.  It’s also worth noting that many of Reach and Andrew’s terms are rarely used outside of their own blogs.  However, it’s worth noting that “Agent” has caught on, and Andrew’s quite possible will catch on, so it’s still a good idea to know these terms.  Finally, Broeckchen is worried that Purple is too hard to read.  I personally think it’s a bit easier on the eyes than black.  We’re not sure who’s right, so please let us know in the comments.]

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9 Responses to Terms for Humans in the Slenderverse

  1. Alice says:

    Oh, keep the purple, definitely.

    Thanks for making this glossary! I was unaware of most of the terms, save for Slenderproxy, Runners and Victims. Also, I had no idea the amount of depth on either side, Black or White. The idea of a Revenant is quite unsettling, not sure if I want see it explored more in Slendermedia or not. This was an awesome post, you two.

  2. Smoking Comrade says:

    I don’t want to be rude or anything, but couldn’t there be some way for you guys (informative slenderbloggers or whatever you kids call yourselves this days) to sort of divide areas? Because a lot of this is pretty similar to Omega’s post. And a lot of info from both of you comes from Walking the…, which seems to have a growing influence but no one makes an analysis or synopsis of.

    Again, I don’t want to be rude and I’m not experiencing pain from reading some stuff twice and I prefer this over a wiki a million times. But there are way more posts about context than about blogs/vlogs in all the informative blogs. Consider it from the stand of someone who comes here hoping to catch up quicker than reading 20 or 30 blogs at the same time, and that if he/she is going to read them then this info is going to eventually fall from there some way or another.

    • Broeckchen says:

      If I may give you some recommendation for that: The Slender Review and CompileTruth are dedicated to exactly that purpose. ^^

      Slenderbloggins and Encyclopaedia Slenderia instead rather are blogs which compile and collect information from the other ones. If they feature reviews or summaries at all, then of works which are exceptionally important.

      But maybe Andy can do some dark administrator magic or so…

    • Omega says:

      “…a lot of info from both of you comes from Walking the…”

      Falsch. I’ve yet to read Walking the Hallowed Halls; most of my info came from M and Reach.

      And I suppose it could be possible to divide areas, but then there’s all that work of figuring out who gets what, and that’s never any fun.
      Right now, both Slenderbloggins and Slenderia seem to be focusing more on the pure information and speculation aspect of Slender Man, instead of on individual blogs. I don’t believe that there are any story focused informative blogs out there at the moment, apart from the ones Broeckchen mentioned. Which is a shame, but honestly, with the number of blogs and vlogs out there right now, it is humanely impossible for a single person to keep up with all of them.

      • Smoking Comrade says:

        I’m answering Omega since his comment was lower and it would look nicer, I guess.

        Broeckgirl: I had sort of forgotten slender review, and never herad about TRUTH’S channel. But still those are pretty horrible sources for someone who wants to get up to date or who wants to see the full picture. The first one ignores chronological order and tries to analize as if it were an almost isolated piece (also, their last review dedicates more time to the format of the blog than to the conections with other blogs even though I’m pretty sure the author is talking about a third generation blog). I’m checking the youtube kiddo now.

        Omega: Sorry, I don’t know why I remembered you mentioning the blog. Acording tho Cracked your brain makes shit up all the time so that may explain everything. Everything.

        And when I started reading Slenderia I hoped that you would be taking that job to be honest.

        Well, just wanted to answer that, love you guys and all, please don’t be offended or anything.

      • Broeckchen says:

        ‘Same here with the answer thing.

        No offense taken, Smoking. ^^ CompileTRUTH might fulfill your wishes though, I found it very helpful and it updates often.

  3. Simon says:

    You don’t want to be Stalked…

  4. J says:

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  5. DragonSovereign says:

    Hm…I have to say I only knew about half of these beforehand. As Alice stated, the whole “Revenant” bit is worrisome, but it leaves some interesting places to poke at. For example, it gives an insight as to the difference between humanity and the Slender Man. If He was as different as is normally assumed, ergo something demonic, then it seems unlikely that his followers could become that similar to Him. If that’s the case, it suggests that either humanity has a special link to Him, or He was once a human. And then if that’s the case, it raises questions multiversally. For example, the Slender Man could easily exist in a Level One Multiverse, or even a Level Two (I’ll explain these in a second.), and, if you want to give Him a certain level of power, a Level Three. However, if he really is bound to humanity in some way, shape, or form, then he can’t exist in a Level Four Multiverse. So, maybe He’s not all that omnipotent after all, if he can’t extend to every world.

    Level One Multiverse: Universes that simply exist outside our universe, about 60-120 billion light years away.

    Level Two: Picture a bunch of Level Ones in a bubble, the whole bubble’s a Level Two.

    Level Three: Here’s where it gets confusing. Every time you make a choice, the idea is that a different universe is made where you made a different choice, exactly alike to yours except for that one little change.

    Level Four: This is a little easier to click. It’s a multiverse where there’s groups of Level Twos, each group is a Level Four. However, each Level Four has different multiversal laws than the others. For example, ours has three dimensions, another’s might have seven.

    Sorry if that was confusing, I tend to ramble. Hopefully some of that made sense. :/

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