A New Generation of Slenderblogs

Well, it appears that what’s been dubbed the “3rd Generation” of Slenderstories has come to an end.  First, a brief explanation of the first two, at least how I’d sort them.

First gen was pretty much just Marble Hornets and Just Another Fool.  It worked on expansion and definition of the mythos and were largely associated with a feeling of not knowing what was going on.  These two projects were scary.  Marble Hornets drove me to mild paranoia for about half a week (largely because my roommate was away for the weekend and I spent most of it alone), and I literally couldn’t sleep after reading Just Another Fool.

Second gen was more focused on telling a story.  What Marble Hornets and Just Another Fool had done couldn’t really be done again, so the creators became characters instead of just extensions of the camera (hell, Troy Wagner even admits that, in the first season of Marble Hornets, that’s how he portrayed Jay).  Five of the most famous of these were Seeking Truth, The Tutorial, Dreams in Darkness, EverymanHYBRID, and TribeTwelve.  TribeTwelve, admittedly, feels much more first-gen in style, but it fits here time-wise.  Anyway, second gen worked a bit more on involvement with the viewers.  M and Zeke, from The Tutorial and Seeking Truth respectively, interacted some and took some shots at each other.  EverymanHYBRID is now pretty much a full-blown ARG.

Third gen, though…that’s where things changed quite a bit.  The third generation was a tangled web of blogs.  It was essentially a giant massive multiplayer crossover.  I’ll get into it shortly, but there’s one blog that I have to bring up first, just because it’s so important for understanding the third gen.

The transition was due primarily to the blog White Elephants (which, sadly, has been lost to time).  Robert’s titling of people resulted in collaboration between blogs.  Whether this was or better or for worse, it resulted in all of these blogs officially being in the same “universe.”  I wouldn’t call White Elephants the start of the third generation, though.  More of the transition that led to the third generation, or the blog that set it up.  The entire blog itself is more or less generation 2.5.  Essentially, the concept was that the Slender Man came into being because we thought him into being (mentioned in The Tutorial as The Phillip Phenomenon, and referenced more commonly as the Tulpa Effect), so we could technically think him out of it.  That didn’t mean simply not thinking about him…no, that’s impossible.  After all, White Elephant’s namesake is a story demonstrating that you can’t simply stop thinking about something.  No, what Robert was trying to do was less making us forget, and more altering out perceptions of him to make him vulnerable.  He set about doing this by creating a sort of “story,” where different people took on the roles of different characters in order to beat Slendy.  This theory became known as the “Core Theory.”

The third generation’s actual beginning point seems to be when Robert passes on the title of (Sage) to zero, Amelia, and Maduin.  When the old (Sages) step out of their roles, the generation really becomes it’s own thing.  That may be a good or bad thing.  While the interaction between multiple bloggers is a really great thing, it caused massive confusion and made all the blogs hard to follow.  On top of that, Sturgeon’s Law was in full effect.  For every good blog, there were two horrible ones.  The whole “title” thing resulted in people acting like their titles gave them special powers, and many just gave themselves titles.  The generation also focused more on proxies (I refuse to use the term “hallowed”) and less on the Slender Man himself.  It really dumbed down the fear, which was quite frankly the only reason I love the mythos in the first place.  It’s fun to be scared.  And brainwashed people just aren’t as scary as things you can’t quite explain.  Frankly, I didn’t really enjoy the third gen.  I’m actually going to address its problems more in-depth in a later post—which is a huge risk, considering that I’ll be using examples from blogs that many of you who are reading actually write.

The third generation seems to have ended.  We have two of the three sages MIA, and while I may have to edit this out if asked, I can confirm that zero’s not returning to his blog.  Everything had been building up to the solstice…and now that that’s over, and only one of the sages is left, nobody really knows what to do.  As J said on my last post, everybody seems to have stopped posting.  I’m sort of hoping that most of the blogs will say “well, that’s another chapter finished.  Let’s just finish the blog and turn the page.”  In my opinion, any continuation of the third gen is just beating a dead horse.

So, now that the fourth gen is about to start, what would I like to see from it?  Well, for one thing, no more goddamn proxies.  They’re not scary.  They’re a threat, but that’s all they are…a threat.  They’re not mysterious or frightening.  What I’d like to see instead is a return to the original Slender Man.  Less of this “okay, minions, you go do things for me” and more of that “I’m going to passively-aggressively mess with your head” stuff that affected not only the character, but the reader.

I’d like to see more Struwwelpeters and Jack Skellingtons and the like.  Things that predated the Slender Man’s existence on Something Awful and hint that he’s been around for longer than we think.  I’d like to see an expansion on the mythos’s background that has some basis in reality.  Seriously, the Struwwelpeter stuff is freaking me out a bit.  It’s easy to find connections when you’re looking for them, but there were quite a few coincidences throughout that book.  And like I mentioned not too long ago (not in a recent blog post, but on Twitter and in a comment to an older blog post), there’s a reference to the Struwwelpeter on the TV Tropes Slender Man page that predated my blog.

I’d like (for selfish reasons) to see some of the stuff that I’ve started take off.  Namely, the whole “sword made from Yggdrassil” thing.  It’d be great to see an idea of mine catch on.  Or, you know, an idea of Broeckchen’s.

I’d like to see some collaboration/linked blogs, but I’d like to see a lot less of it.  The problem the third gen had was that two many cooks spoiled the broth.  Everyone wanted to add something, and it resulted in way too many blogs that were necessary to follow and way too many differing depictions of the Slender Man within the same universe.

On the other hand, I’d like to see more ARG elements.  Make us more than just commentators.  Get us involved.  But make sure it’s still scary.  Make us panic.  Have consequences if clues aren’t solved.  While I wasn’t too fond of A Lack of Lexicon, that’s one thing it did very well.

I’d like to see Zeke back in action.  He spent pretty much the entire third gen just hanging around commenting, but he’s got a blog again.  He’s returned, but he hasn’t really done anything other than talk at this point.  I’d like to see him fighting back like he did in Seeking Truth.

Finally, I’d like to see some more unique mediums.  So far, we’re limited to videos and blogs, with the occasional linked Twitter thrown in.  Someone on Unfiction mentioned making a Slender Man-based webcomic.  What she meant was a webcomic about the Slender Man, but it’d be interesting to see a webcomic that slowly reveals that the creator is being stalked by the Slender Man.  There’s so much that can be done, and so little that is being done.  Like I said…as of now, it’s just videos and blogs.

So what don’t I want to see?  I don’t want to see Mary Sues.  I don’t want to see too many blogs interconnecting with each other.  I don’t want to see nearly as many proxies.  I don’t want to see anything that’s not scary.  I don’t want to see any new variations of him (I’m loving Musical Occurances, but trying to tie him into Hindu religion?  Please don’t).  And most importantly, I don’t want to see any more informative blogs.  Between my blog, Encyclopedia Slenderia, Golom Tulpa Anima, The Slendereview, and compileTRUTH, I think we’ve got our bases covered.  And I don’t wanna be the one who gets put out of business.

Well, there’s a new Marble Hornets coming later tonight, so an analysis of Entry #31 should be up soon.  See you guys then.



About Li'l Andy K

Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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11 Responses to A New Generation of Slenderblogs

  1. Comrade says:

    Yep, a webcomic that slowly has more and more operator symbols, and gets sicker, with stranger subjects. Maybe changing from a joke-a-day funnies style to a darker and more dada story.
    If I could get a penciler I’d be more than happy to make that a reality…

  2. Slice says:

    I agree man. I want to see more blogs with interesting characters. (no more loner with a possible mental health problem/a girl that inexplicably loves him) Hiking Fiend is a good example of what I want.

    I want to see new takes on the Mythos. Now that Core theory is down, I want expansion in new and exciting directions.

    I honestly think Masky/Proxys should be removed from the equation entirely. They aren’t scary. Especially not in hordes.

    I want blogs that don’t drop you ass first into slender stalking. Its hard to get to know your character as anything but “Guy getting stalked” if you start with that.

    I have to disagree with you on the interconnectedness though. I like it that way. It adds to the immersion, you know? You read an entry, and a bunch of other people are in the same situation, right on the blog. And for a moment, you doubt its fake. This many people can’t be lying…could they?

    At least thats how I felt.

  3. Broeckchen says:

    Blogpost ❤

    Well, what's there to add?
    I regret coming into this just now. I wish I had been there earlier, early enough to be fed up by the same things already. ;P But for me, I went through the three generations in a quick rush, even too late to read through Roberts blog (sniff) and… yeah.

    I partly disagree on the thing with the proxies. In my opinion, there's a really creepy detail about them, highlighted better by “Walking the Hallowed Halls”: Most of them have been people like you and me. Nice people, people we could be friends with. But everything that is them gets caught in themselves, somewhere in a darker place, while they have to watch in horror how their bodies go around and hurt or murder people. Or even worse: Lure them into the grasp of the Slender Man.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever met a person who was caught in themself like that. But I know how my mother reacted, when my grandmother didn’t recognise her anymore while she was sick. My mother came back from the hospital and could not do anything for that evening but cry and stare at things. There is a deep horror, deeper than anything else for me, in the question: “This person is nothing like they were. So – where is the person they were?” Does every proxy have a little scared human being in them? An innocent person deep within, watching everything? Is the person the proxy formerly was lost, did they vanish forever? Or is there really the possibility of oneself being altered by Slender Man enough to become another person, while still being oneself?
    And last but not least: Could it be that the proxies follow Him because He is actually on the GOOD side, somehow, and all the “victims” are evil without understanding or knowing it?

    I agree in that the proxies, on first glance, are but a physical threat. But they imply much more, and their existance is something full of latent horror, if you only wrap your mind around it for a moment.
    Just imagine that the person you loved most became one. Slowly, gradually changing from who you know and love to a person that hates you and feels right to do so. Or even forgot everything about you both. Imagine your family being taken over one by one. Imagine being alone, just because you are scared of a monster they all worship.

    Imagine yourself becoming loneley enough to question all the things you found wrong before. To ask yourself if there isn’t a possibility they could be right. Because how can everyone you love and trust be wrong at once?

    No matter how this question is answered – the answer is always horrible.

    • Li'l Andy K says:

      See, that’s how proxies should be handled. The problem is, that’s not how they’re handled. In the third generation in particular, they were little more than his minions. That’s part of the reason I enjoy Walking the Hallowed Halls so much. It deals with proxies, but in a very different way than they usually are.


  4. Erratic says:

    I haven’t finished reading all of the blogs yet, but I really hope the next generation delves more into the nature of belief. From what I’ve seen, it’s been touched on, but I’d like to see more writings that delve deeper into how Slendy came about, and the implications thereof. If this has already been done though, I’d love if something could kindly tell me to shove off in that direction.

  5. Nils says:

    Thank you for being so honest. I followed through the whole “first generation” of Slendy, and read/watched most of the second generation as well. But then, suddenly, there were like a hundred slenderblogs filled with Mary Sues with suspiciously similar names, loads of weird titles (and the powahs and new titles and almost-fantasy roleplaying that followed), “offline” happenings through instant messaging that never reached the actual blogs, characters going missing and going crazy and being kidnapped or running away from the Proxies, all without warning, explanation, build-up or substance.

    There was simply no way to make sense of it all or keep up to date with the various happenings, even with the help from sources and blogs like this one.

  6. jFan says:

    Hmmm… I’m thinking I’ll try to apply more of Broeckchen’s line of thinking into my (tetative) upcoming Proxy-perspective Slenderfic. Incidentally, why don’t you check out my version of the Solstice battle (which you should do an article on, just sayin’):

  7. jFan says:

    I have an idea, albeit a crazy one (wait, come back, I’m not done!) Stay with me, now… SlenderMusical. Yeah, I said it. Probably on a blog, done probably not in arcs but a revue style: songs about or from the characters, solos, group numbers, topical stuff, etc. Not sure who would do the music/lyrics (Me? Horosozuki?) So… yeah, there it is.

  8. Penguin_Factory says:

    I was a huge fan of the original MarbleHornets and (to a lesser extent) Just Another Fool. With the advent of MH season 2 I’ve come back into the Slender-fold (hello insomnia!) having totally missed the explosion of Slenderman blogs and projects that went on in the meantime.

    Honestly, it feels like Slenderman has become the new Friday the 13th or Halloween: a once-brilliant horror franchise that became derivative and then bloated and silly. All of this Core Theory stuff, while interesting as a stand-alone project, doesn’t fit the Slenderman mythos at all. We don’t need to know what he is, we don’t need to have a way to fight him.

    On the other hand, being too derivative is another problem. Way too many people seem to be under the impression that weird drawings or DIS0 jointed sen//tence frag
    ments full 0f num8ers like —-this—— are inherently scary. They’re not. It’s the context that makes them scary.

    I think we need Slenderblogs that go back to the basics and try to invent their own style. Also: the illusion of reality needs to be rebuilt. Way too many people are writing blogs that are obvious fronts for an ARG right from the start. To my mind you should be able to show a total neophyte the first few posts of a slenderblog and have them be totally convinced it’s real and (here’s the important part) be entertained by it. So no more “Hey I just decided to start up this blog and ramble about whatever”. Disguise your blog as a Harry Potter fan blog, or a science blog, or a political blog. That way you might attract an audience of people genuinely looking for that stuff who you can pull into the game.

    Wow that turned into a total rant. I’m going to shut up now 😛

    Great blog by the way, I’m enjoying your analysis.

  9. site says:

    Re: The person who produced the remark that this was a good website genuinely needs to possess their brain analyzed.

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