Entry #30

Okay, okay, it’s late.  I know.  I’m sorry.  I’ve been busy.  The good kind of busy, though.  You know, Christmas busy.

Anyway, that last post gave a lot of you the impression that I’m going to be quitting the blog.  I’m not.  I was going to earlier, since I ran out of material and thought I’d just fake going crazy and disappearing after the solstice.  But I’ve decided to keep with it.  You have Ash (of Golom Tulpa Anima), Broeckchen, and seeker to thank for that.  They each partially convinced me to keep going…Ash just because he didn’t want to see me end it, Broeckchen because she likes reading it and because it gets her theories attention (well, okay, she’s not that vain), and seeker for giving me a fun little ARG arc to keep me updating until I had more to write about.  By the way, seeker/SeekerX, I’ll keep playing along, whoever you are.  Just because you gave me that filler that I needed to come up with more good ideas for blog posts

So anyway, I’m back.  Keeping the blog almost entirely informational/analytical again.  This is going to mean more emphasis on blog/vlog analyses and the like.  In the near future, I’m probably going to make a glossary of terms or something along those lines.

But naturally, you’re all here for the analysis of the new Marble Hornets video.  Nothing much to take from this one beyond the surface stuff.  There’s two parts to this video.  In the first part, Jay has a brief conversation with Jessica (oh, yeah, forgot to mention…Jessica’s name does somehow seem familiar, but the previous obsession over it was one of those “exaggerated” things).  As he’s talking to her, there’s a very faint audio distortion, almost like there are crickets or cicadas in the background.  Anyone theorizing that she was just a random person who had seen Marble Hornets, take note: audio distortion = bad.  Always.  Anyway, there’s something they say before they ask each other why they’ve been staying for so long that I can’t quite make out…it doesn’t seem to be too important, but if anyone could help, that’d be great.  Anyway, he’s using the chest cam in this first part.

Anyway, the second part is at night, when Jay hears strange thumping noises again.  He knocks on Jessica’s door, and coughing is heard from within.  The conversation that follows is fairly unremarkable: Jessica essentially asks why she woke him up and why there’s a camera in her face, implying that he’s crazy, paranoid, and (worst of all) inconsiderate.  The same audio distortion occurs.  Notable, since it’s the hand cam this time, proving that the chest cam wasn’t just randomly glitching out.  He ends the video by saying that Jessica seems to be hiding something from him (obviously), and that he’s going to talk to her to try to see if he can find anything else out.

Overall, the only thing that I really find worth taking from this is that Jessica is someone that we should definitely be keeping an eye on.  But most of us had already guessed that.  Anyway, see you next time.  Next post is probably going to be my special Christmas post!



About Li'l Andy K

Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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One Response to Entry #30

  1. Slice says:

    To be fair, Jay IS pretty creepy.

    Hey, I just noticed something. Notice how Slendy seems to go after creepy people more often?

    And Zeke, I guess, but that was kind of an indirect thing.

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