SeekerX’s Puzzles

So, just another quick clarification on the seeker situation.  We’ve got seeker, and we’ve got SeekerX.  seeker and seeker0x are the same person.  He’s the stalked one with a blog and a YouTube account.  SeekerX and seekdeathx are the same person.  He’s the stalker one with a Twitter account.  It’s the latter we’re talking about today.

He’s left quite a few cryptic messages on my blog, on his Twitter (aimed at me), and on seeker’s blog.  If you find any other messages he leaves, let me know and post them here.  However, I’m gonna be compiling what I know he’s posted and putting it here so we can hopefully figure this out.  Because trust me, I’m as in-the-dark as you guys on this.  Hopefully you guys can help me out.  The most puzzle-solving most slenderbloggers seem to be able to do is recognizing which letters shouldn’t be capitalized and running text through a binary translator.

The posts will be chronological (as much as possible, at least) and will include the date, time, and location (in the case of blogs, the blog name and then the post name) of any of his posts.  His posts will be in red, because red is the color of anger/aggression/getting things wrong on tests.  Also, because his little design thingie by his name shows up maroon.

12/10/10, 12:47 PM, The Slenderblog, “No point in keeping secrets”:

is after you.

Notes: He’s “Seeker” here.  I think he’s just mocking seeker and/or me with this.

12/10/10, 2:14 PM, The Slenderblog, “No point in keeping secrets”:

I am

You will
see this


Notes: He’s switched to SeekerX now and changed his email from “” to “”.

12/11/10, Seeker X twitter:

Impostors must be crucified one ndnith gis

Notes: Because Twitter doesn’t include timestamps, I don’t know the exact times that he tweets.  The last part looks like an anagram.  I tried a few things before I realized that the “one” was part of the anagram as well,  From there, it was actually fairly easy, since the letters are all in relative order.  The full thing reads “Impostors must be crucified no end in sight.”

12/12/10, 12:00 AM, The Slenderblog, “More seeker stuff”:

secrets everlasting

12/12/10, 12:02 AM, The Slenderblog, “seeker/Struwwelpeter”:


Notes: This isn’t code, but I still have no clue what he’s talking about here or if it’s even important.

12/12/10, 5:49 AM, seeker0x, “impendingdestruction”:

no sight
no end

12/12/10, 5: 52 AM, seeker0x, “need a solution”:


Notes: another obvious anagram.  This one is probably either “demon torment” or some similar phrase, or a misspelling of “no end torment” or similar phrase.  Either that or “rodent moment,” which is unlikely.

12/12/10, 6:22 AM, seeker0x, “is this the end”:


Notes: a lot of possibilities for this anagram, but it’s probably “never ending.”  And it’s probably not “nerd evening,” although that would be pretty awesome.

12/12/10, 6:39 AM, seeker0x, “is this the end”:

it is not the end

Notes: since seeker was talking about suicide, I’m guessing that this was a prediction that it wouldn’t work.

12/12/10, Seeker X Twitter:

@Slendertweets warning

12/12/10, Seeker X Twitter:

preparations beginning

12/12/10, Seeker X Twitter:

@Slendertweets 1221 14 118

Notes: I don’t know when exactly these go, since 12/12 was such a big day.  Huh…repeating numbers.  I just noticed that.  Anyway, it was a big day here, and I got about twice as much traffic as I have any other day, so things are a bit confusing.  I’m putting these tweets here because this seems like a good guess.  The tweets are all fairly straightforward, save the last one.  1221 is obviously the solstice (12/21), but what about the other two?  Broeckchen thinks they might be dates, but nothing happened on 11/8.  Unless, of course, that’s 1/18, in which case things make a bit more sense.  SeekerX is saying that something’s going to happen on January 4th and/or 18th, but what?  Jeez, if only they had been 4 8 15 16 23 42.  I maybe would have understood them a bit better then.

12/12/10, 1:16 PM, The Slenderblog, “Contact”:

slld rnd
fcn smd
tsj stb gnn ngl


Notes: This is the first case of his “consonants broken into blocks of three or four” code that I’ve found.  Broeckchen actually tried a partial translation, I believe, but there’s still a lot missing.  Since he signs off with the solstice date, this would probably be one to focus quite a bit of energy into.

12/12/10, 7:47 PM, seeker0x, “h ei sb ac k”:

Notes: This seems to imply that the aforementioned tweets were directed at least partially at seeker.

12/12/10, 7:47 PM, seeker0x, “About”


Notes: this post is fairly self-explanatory, but there are two questions raised.  Why leave it on seeker’s unformatted “About” page, and what’s up with the “7@1W” thing?

12/12/10, 3:40 PM, The Slenderblog, “The Situation”:

not harassment

Notes: seems to be in response to my comment that SeekerX is harassing seeker.

12/12/10, 11:40 PM, seeker0x, “intruders”:

do not worry
the noose is being prepared
you will be ready
to join the master soon

Notes:  So…yeah.  Pretty blatant, that.  This is also the last post from 12/12/10.  Like I said, most traffic I’ve gotten on my blog yet.

12/13/10, 1:07 AM, seeker0x, “again & again”:

preparations are beginning
take heart

Notes: this actually probably means that the nearly identical tweet SeekerX had probably falls between this last post and the one before that.  Also, he signs off with the solstice date again.

12/13/10, Seeker X Twitter:

@Broeckchen involvement unnecessary

Notes: this probably refers to Broeckchen’s attempts to figure out what’s up with seeker.  It’s still an unacceptable threat.

12/14/10, 4:32, seeker0x, “help me”:

1221 14 118

Notes: again, it’s those numbers (dates?).  This time they’ve got words with them, which might give an indication as to what he’s saying.  Of course, the last chunk seems like it contains “death.”

12/14/10, 4:32, seeker0x, “help me”:


Notes: It’s starting to become clear that SeekerX thinks of seeker with some sort of affection.  Maybe they were both proxies of some sort before seeker broke free.  Hell, their names are similar.  Maybe they’re brothers, or twins, or have that whole “Damien/TheArsonist” relationship going on.

12/14/10, 12:10 PM, The Slenderblog, “Broeckchen”:

no protection required

Notes: this is probably only half innuendo.  He seems to be telling me not to protect Broeckchen for some reason, but I don’t know why.

12/14/10, Seeker X Twitter:

@slendertweets 49 42 35 28 21 14

Notes: unlike the last set of numbers, these have a definite pattern.  They’re six multiples of seven, counting down from 7×7.  The 14th was seven days from the solstice.  It appears to be a countdown.

12/14/10, 4:19 PM, The Slenderblog, “Broeckchen”:


Notes: He’s signing off with 49.  he does that in almost all his posts today.  Any ideas on the words, guys?

12/14/10, 9:19 PM, The Slenderblog, “Broeckchen”:


Notes: Yeah, I’ve got nothing.

12/14/10, 10:16 PM, seeker0x, “Warning to you, X”:


Notes: Again, there’s that whole 49 thing.

12/15/10, 2:08 AM, seeker0x, “Warning to you, X”:


Notes: Um…yeah.  Have fun with this one, guys.  I’m almost completely lost.  “wll” is quite possibly “will,” and “brc” looks like the first part of “Broeckchen,” although I have no clue where the last part might be.  Also, he signs off with 49, even though it should be 42.  This is probably because of a time zone thing.

12/16/10, 2:15 PM, seeker0x, “attack”:

not attacking

And then things fall silent for a bit.  but just now as I’m writing all this, things pick up again.  First of all, I catch this on his twitter shortly after it comes out:

12/19/10, 4:16 PM:

Visited J

And then I get a post from J from “SlenderMan” at 4:40 PM (12/19/10) telling me that SeekerX emailed him.  And…well, just read this.  I…I don’t even know where to start there.

So, a bit of help would be great.  If not for J, then for me, Broeckchen, and seeker.

Anyway, if you missed the in-depth analysis of Struwwelpeter that Broeckchen and I did, check that out.  It was the last post.  You can’t miss it.

And SeekerX, if you wanna go ahead and tell us just what you’re saying, that’d be great.  Cryptic comments really serve no purpose other than annoying us all.



About Li'l Andy K

Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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8 Responses to SeekerX’s Puzzles

  1. J says:

    Yeah.concerns me on how he got my email.

  2. SeekerX says:

    Master has tasked me with discovery. Revelations must be self-discovered, or forever left in darkness.

    Considered putting this in code, decided against. Message must be clear.

    Messages in code for reason.

    Must leave no time draining goodbye

  3. Broeckchen says:

    I gnawed on that stuff quite a bit.
    Seems to be a riddle like >>What do these have in common?<< Maybe he's referring to the atrribute of being passed on by interaction.

    "1221 14 118"
    Actually, my guess on that one was not that they were dates. Descrypted from ASCII-Code 14 118 would be "TV". Maybe it's referring to a show or movie that's on TV for the solstice. That's the only lead I've got, but I suppose it's wrong. It wouldn't hurt to look at it, though (I can't, for German google doesn't show me the same results as NA Google would have).

    I only think I found out the second line: scare.

    "49 42 35 28 21 14"
    Might have a connection to the other numbers he's posting. Like 14 appearing in two comments of his, 49 as well.

    Not will – succeed you? I'm not sure about the succeed you part.
    The 49 could be the first part of the countdown if the row of numbers is one.


    That's what I would think…

    That's all I got or think I got.

  4. Maduin says:

    I love “Nerd evening rodent moment”

    Okay, this actually looks fun to bend my head around, let’s get cracking.
    I’ll start with the ende of the end, that is, with the numbers in his email to J:
    Doesn’t look familiar? Kill the line breaks.
    Now let’s add some spaces.
    811 41 1221
    It’s your dates in reverse. Or maybe then they were in reverse, who knows, since 12/21 is unaffected. Maybe they’re coordinates, or time in increments of days and/or hours. If it’s coordinates it’s a bit of “there and then” scenario.

    Oh, and alt+ing these numbers gives us +)┼

    Let’s continue with J’s message, or rather, let’s use something we’ve found here to work with it as an example.
    Kill the line breakes. Or not.
    SKR (Seeker?)
    MST (Must? Mist? Most?)
    BCK (Back? Beckon? Buck?)
    NTT (Sounds like “Entity” to me, but I could be so totally wrong)
    MHS (Months?)
    TRS (Trust? Trace?)
    CLL (Call?)


    And by the grand logic of pattern repetition, let’s read it backwards!


    That last bit may be “marks” or “smirks”, but I’ve no idea here, really, I may be following the wrong path.

    I’ll try to give some more thought to this, since what I did now was just spur of the moment inspiration blurting out anything that came to mind.

    I’ll get back to you on this, hope I can help.

  5. J says:

    I’ve done it.
    seeker must call back marble hornets.

    just a guess though.

  6. Slice says:

    The second paragraph to me looks like “Seeker must break at masters call” or “Seeker must beck at masters call”

    but Im bad at puzzles

  7. Li'l Andy K says:


    …oh! Duh! “not will succeed you.”

    “You will not succeed!” Stuff’s mixed up a bit, but I’m 90% certain that it’s “you will not succeed.”

  8. What if all of your assumptions are true and the messages were just mixed together with the full intention of creating double meanings or to put two or more messages in one post?

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