Entry #29

That’s right, Marble Hornets has updated again!  You can watch Entry #29 here.  There are quite obviously spoilers for the Entry in this post.

So this update was a short one.  It was only 1:06.  You know what’s important about that?  Well, you will by the end of this post.  However, despite being short, it was a very, very important one.  Jay has finally found a lead.

He’s found an unmarked video file on his hard drive.  The only data he had for it was the file name “noentry”

So, after he explains the situation through the trademark white on black default, the video begins at :25.  The recorder (presumably Jay—I’ll refer to him as the one recording) is running down a path surrounded by trees, with what’s quite probably audio distortion in the background.  There’s a jump cut, and at :32, he finds himself at the entrance to a culvert.  There is blood mixed with water on the ground.  At :33, there is an audio tear, but this one’s a bit more…unusual.  Instead of being a single split image, it looks like there’s two of them.  Both are obviously from the same area, but it’s a bit off.  I’ll get into that at the end of the post.  At :34, you can see that Jay is holding a hand camera.  There’s another, more traditional video tear at :43, and more blood.  Jay examines what seems to be a bloody cloth of some sort sitting beside a rock with blood on it.   Audio distortion kicks in again at :55, and Jay looks over to see the Slender Man (or more accurately, “The Operator”) standing at the other end of the culvert.  The camera focuses on him until the video ends.

Broeckchen and I watched this entry together and sort of discussed it afterwards.  She wondered if the blood could possibly be Alex’s.  The blood is certainly unsettling.  For an entire season, Slendy’s scared us by doing nothing and being ambiguous.  It kind of diluted the fear when you realized “wait, he’s not really seriously hurting Jay or Alex!  And he’s directly encountered them several times now!”  Now, it appears, He’s actually threatening again.  After all, the earliest records of him have him eviscerating people and hanging them in trees.  The blood suggests killing or severe damaging of some sort.

Also, he’s still wearing the chest camera.  The fisheye lens that the chest camera has is still there (only less noticeable in the open area).  Strangely, while he’s recording with the chest camera, he’s actually holding a hand camera.  Why, exactly, is Jay holding one camera and recording with another?  When you see the hand camera, the screen is blank and doesn’t seem to be recording.  It’s possible that it is, but it doesn’t seem to be.  Like Broeckchen said, “You know what I think?  Something’s fishy about that chest camera.” (note: the “fishy” pun was actually completely unintended)

And now, for that video tear.  What’s up with it?  Instead of tearing normally, it seems to be two separate pictures: one capturing the blood on the ground, and one capturing the top of the culvert.  The thing is, Jay never angles the chest camera up.  There’s no way the camera could have recorded that image that’s spliced into it.  The big question is “seriously, what’s up with that?”  Is his camera recording things outside of its range?  Is his hand camera recording that somehow (even though he seems to be angling it down) and magically splicing the images?  It makes absolutely no sense.

It’s also worth noting that the blood is fresh.  Fresh enough that, when Jay touches the blood on the rock, he gets it on his hands.  That’s unsettling, to say the least.

Now, the audio distortion that kicks in at :55 signals His arrival (thanks for catching that, Broeckchen!).  That’s fifty-five seconds.  Repeating numbers show up frequently in the mythos.  In Entry #26, for example, Slendy shows up in Alex’s house at 4:04 on the 4th of April (4:04, 4/4—four fours).  His appearance at :55 is probably not coincidental.  Remember how I said that the fact that the Entry was 1:06 long was important?  1:06 is 66 seconds.  Two instances of repeating numbers in the same video is probably not coincidental.

So, what exactly does this all mean?  Like most of the rest of the series, we can’t really be sure.  Only worried.  Anyway, I’m kind of pleased at this entry, because it looks like it’s confirming my theory that Season 2 would focus on Jay going through his tapes to try to figure out what happened to him in the past seven months.  This video definitely provided an answer to what happened: nothing good.

New post going up in a day or two: a deeper analysis of Struwwelpeter and the importance it might have to the mythos.  Broeckchen’s gonna provide a little help again, since she knows the book way better than me.  Look forward to that!



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Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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2 Responses to Entry #29

  1. Broeckchen says:

    I like to be called “Santa’s little Helper” for that. ;P
    I’m really looking forward to whatever the others have to add to that.
    Also something just occured to me: Maybe it’d be a good idea to compare the bloody cloths with the clothes of Alex and Tim. Tim always wears his coat and Alex had to escape, so maybe he hadn’t time to change his clothes.

  2. Slice says:

    I’m pretty sure Tim is a Hallowed so.

    And while that shirt may be Alex’s I doubt it.

    It seems to me, that this film has been edited/spliced over. That both cameras were placed over each other. But I don’t know anything about technology so I dunno.

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