If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know who Broeckchen is.  I’ve mentioned her multiple times now because she’s always got the most awesomely insane theories.  She’s probably the person who’s been following my blog the most closely, and she’s provided a lot of insight.  Heck, pretty much everyone coming here from TV Tropes or Sandra’s blog came here for Broeckchen’s Santa theory.  In fact, after reading that theory, Sandra got a bit jealous that Santa got eight deer while Slendy got none, and decided to do something about it.  So if you ever see the Slender Man walking around with a reindeer plushie, you can indirectly thank Broeckchen.  She is, in short, really, really awesome.

And I’m really, really worried about her right now.  Things are getting…well, a bit too coincidental for comfort.  She identified the Struwwelpeter in that video that seeker sent me.  Okay, that’s not strange, that’s lucky.  But the fact that one of the stories involves Saint Nicholas…I find it hard to believe that’s just a coincidence.  Probably the only person related to the mythos who would have been able to recognize Struwwelpeter is Broeckchen.  And the tie to Saint Nicholas after she makes a post on how the Slender Man is Santa’s evil counterpart….

Okay, okay, it could still be just some crazy coincidence, right?  But seeker’s been talking about some sort of female, who he never mentions by name.  He said “you know her.”  I had assumed at first that he was talking about Jessica (I still can’t quite place why that name sounds so familiar), but I chatted with Broeckchen recently—she said that she’s worried that he was talking about her.  It’s possible, I’ll admit.  I mean, how many females are there commenting on my blog?

It could just be some crazy coincidences, but when she’s around, things seem to start falling into place.  She almost seems to be essential in this.  She said that she follows my blog more closely than she does others, she’s got all these links through that Struwwelpeter thing, and it’s possible that seeker is the one she’s talking about on his blog.  I didn’t want her involved in any of this.  She was just an awesome commenter on my blog.  She didn’t ask to be pulled into this.  I’ve been talking with her recently through Live Messenger, and she’s a really great person.  She’s been trying really hard to help me figure things out with seeker, and just trying to figure out what’s going on with seeker in general.  And all this has really started worrying her.  It’s scaring her.  And why wouldn’t it?  She was just a commenter until everything started pointing towards her.  I know a lot of you probably think this is all staged.  I wish it were.  You guys know Broeckchen.  She’s probably been commenting on blogs for longer than I have.  I barely knew her until she really started getting involved (hell, I thought she was a male until just a few days ago).  This isn’t some game.  She’s not supposed to be involved with this.  So before you start crying “fake” at her, just do me a favor.  Imagine yourself in her situation.  Imagine that all of a sudden, everything on a blog you had virtually no real involvement in started centering around you.  That’s what she has to put up with here.

On top of that, there are two things that have me really worried.  The first is that SeekerX seems to be after Broeckchen now.  He’s tweeted “involvement unnecessary” at her.  Yeah, thanks, asshole.  It’s not like she’s trying to get caught up in all of this.  He hasn’t done anything yet, but I’m pretty hesitant to assume that people who talk about crucifying imposters have good intentions.

The second is the whole Struwwelpeter thing in general.  This isn’t some “authentic woodcut” devised by someone on Something Awful.  This is a real book that’s been around for a long time.  A lot of people believe that Slendy originated in Germany but, due to the Tulpa Effect, he’s mostly associated with America now.  Well, this Struwwelpeter book is undeniably real.  I don’t know if there’s a real link to the Slender Man at all, but if people start thinking he is, he’s going to start becoming more heavily associated with Germany.  That’s where Broeckchen is.  If the Tulpa Effect is real, that means that we’re unleashing Him on her, and since I sort of pounced on this whole Struwwelpeter thing, it’d be on my hands.  That’s something I really don’t want.

See, I really like Broeckchen.  She’s helped out a lot with this blog already, has an amazingly creative mind and is able to back up some of the wildest claims she makes with really strong points.  Like I said, I’ve been talking to her on Live Messenger, and she’s a really great girl.  She’s easy to talk to, and funny (oh, the pairs we put you all in for a theoretical Slender Slashfic….).  She’s chatty, but she’s also got a really deep serious side.  And of course, the fact that she calls me cute and glomps me in the comments to my vlogs (although I think that proves she’s quite clearly insane) don’t exactly put her on my bad side.  Like I said, I really like her.  She’s amazing.  So I’m making an ultimatum right now.

Don’t mess with Broeckchen.

I’m serious about this.  You mess with her, you’re messing with me.  She doesn’t deserve any of what’s going on right now, and she certainly doesn’t deserve any more on top of that.  If any of you harass her or call her a fake or tell her that you know this is staged (Lord knows it’s not), then God help you.  Because I certainly won’t.  This applies to everyone.  Proxies/agents, runners, even any of you Sages that still believe in your titles.  Threaten her in any way, and I’m doing everything in my power to take you down.

And Broeckchen, if Slendy does start bothering you, I’m flying my ass down to Germany and stopping Him any way I can.  After all, if He comes after you, I know it’s my fault.  I’ve messed up.  I’m sorry.  The very least I can do for you is try to keep you safe from Him.



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Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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14 Responses to Broeckchen

  1. Broeckchen says:

    Well, I still don’t know if I should swoon in little stars or make a ridicoulus anime smiley to show you my reaction to that. I’m happy and shocked at the same time.

    You know, it’s really great and flattering and I’m happy about it but… er… I don’t think it’s such a good idea to mention all the things people endanger me by knowing here. If they do at all. Ugh, I’m a bit confused right now.

    I should add that while I will still post my theories and thoughts here, I won’t write anything into seekers blog anymore – I suppose that was what invoked SeekerXs reaction, since he’s basically the stalker of your stalker. Also I might cut back on all of this a little, go out more often and so on. I’m still going to be here often, but I don’t want to become all paranoid.

    I still think it’s more likely that seeker talks about Jessica or Sandra. Especially Jessica would happen to match two other things a lot: First your feeling of having heard her name somewhere slender-related and second seekers accusations of you lying about (not knowing) something. Maybe he meant that you know Jessica, even if you can’t remember when you met each other.
    And even if he means me he could still simply be a troll and/or have no idea whom he’s talking about. I simply sat in an empty appartement when I thought of this, in the middle of the night and reading a blog about the creepiest thing that ever roamed the horror genre. My overactive imagination did the rest. But I already told you, as much as my theories are well-supported, that’s mostly because I can draw connections between almost everything and everything else.
    I also thought of another possible “her”. The Midgard snake is also said to have been female, and wrapped around the world as well as being an important cause of Ragnarök, one could say quite well that “she killed Ragnarök”. Funny thought along with that: did it ever occur to you that Slender Man might as well be a woman? If he was, for instance, the personification of a snake (the blank face and the tentacle-likeness match that quite well) it would be only natural for him to not have breasts, since snakes are no mammals. Also, still the motive of the victims mind being poisoned by mere contact with him. The Midgard snake was also poisonous from skin to blood, that’s what killed Thor eventually upon slaying it/her. And another fact aboutthe Midgard snake: It/her was symbolising water. Which Slender Man is said to be connected with.
    I’d like to add that since this would make Slender Man a child and possibly servant of Loki, this would still support my Santa theory in that Odin and Santa were based on each other. We would need to find a new “Thor” then to slay the snake – an envoy of Odin/Santa. Oh, and he would die after being victorious.
    Also, this would possibly mean impending doom since the Midgard snake and her daddy ended the world together.
    Great, now I am guessing around again.

    Also: Do people really call me fake? Wow, I guess I’m really good, since I somehow faked a Deviantart account and a Youtube channel both way older than the first SA-post about Slender Man. I suppose I’m just that awesome. *laughs*
    And now excuse me please. I have to stage a Slender Attack so I get to see you in person. ;P

  2. Broeckchen says:

    I had a typo before: “she killed Ragnarök”. I actually wanted to quote what seeker said: “she killed Yggdrasil”. Sorry.

  3. Maduin says:

    “…even any of you Sages that still believe in your titles.”
    This would be probably only me now and I can assure you, I’m on your side here. I can probably help quicker than you, too, since Germany is next door to me in geographical terms.

    Also, as to needing a new “Thor” – and I wanted to liken “The Banhammer” to Mjolnir, Slenderbloggins, you win the relevance contest. This actually makes sense, even if I think that Slendy’s actually genderless.

  4. Broeckchen says:

    I like to think about the Banhammer too. *snickers*
    But I am not fully sure about this being necessary. Maybe any other item created and/or obtained under similar circumstances would also work. It’s important to remember that the scandinavic gods were mostly simply based on other things. Odin has got two ravens and an eight-legged horse for example. Vater Winter doesn’t. Santa Clause has eight reindeers-
    I just realised that the eight reindeers are probably kind of what happened to Sleipnir when the story warped. Eight-legged horse that can walk in the air as well as on water and into and out of other planes -> eight flying reindeers which are able to drag a sled around the world in only one night. Interesting.
    Anyway, the reindeers are actually a good example of what I wanted to say. Obviously, the most important attributes of his vehicle are the number eight and the ability to move wherever it wants to. The exact appearance and nature of the vehicle is determined of what works best with the audience. Thus since it’s common belief that a Blade would be the perfect weapon for this, it could be possible. But I wouldn’t swear that. >.<

  5. SeekerX says:

    no protection required

  6. seeker says:

    i’m sorry. he’s becoming too powerful. it’s hard to handle it again. it’s hard to keep his force back.

  7. SeekerX
    I think your first post says:”not will succeed 49″. 49 could mean “for now”. So the message could be:” He will not succeed for now.” So Slendy will not succeed in taking you over yet.
    Your second post is pretty much intangible gibberish. But let me guess. It says something along the lines:”sorry keeps saying no/now”. That could mean that Slendy still managed to take over, is now stopping you from typing what you want and you want to tell us that:” I’m sorry but he keeps saying no. He took over just now”. The last part being something you wanted but couldn’t say. All together that is unsettling!

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