The Situation

Okay, so there’s been a lot of stuff going on recently.  This is half so you guys know what’s going on, half so that I can figure out myself what’s going on.

First of all, trivial stuff.  I’ve done a review on “A New Blog That’s Not Mine” for “The Slendy Review.”  You can read the review here.  Sol (the blogmaster/whatever you’d call it), in return, reviewed this very blog.  You can read that review here.  It got the [A] rating (recommended), but I’ve gotta admit before you read it that I almost didn’t—largely due, probably, to my crappy vlog.  Yeah, I’ll admit, it’s bad.  But hey, I’ve got a camera phone and a low-quality laptop webcam/microphone.  I suck at video editing.  I don’t have much to work with here, folks.  The other thing I think I get docked for is a lack of characterization/my character being defined by what’s happening.  I personally think that my writing has voice, but he’s probably talking about the fact that all you guys know about me is that I’m writing a blog about the Slender Man.  Yeah, admittedly that’s not much to go off of, and that’s probably not too much to go off of.  Hopefully you can make out my personality some, though.  I’m not trying to defend myself, incidentally.  I know my blog probably deserved way more ripping into it than Sol gave it.

Next matter of business: my status.  Don’t worry, guys.  I’m back.  I’m all here again.  I had a Slendy Overdose.  Read way too many blogs way too quickly.  Like I mentioned a post or two ago, I’m kind of into immersion.  I’ve loved fantasy for as long as I can remember.  I couldn’t tell why people thought “Star Wars Kid” was so funny because I would do much the same thing with branches/chasing sticks/old toys/whatever I could find on the farm.  Hell, I still do a lot of the time.  I still swing sticks around and make sound effects with my mouth.  But anyway, I got immersed into a bad thing, overdosed on it, got more than a little paranoid, started seeing things, and then snapped back to my senses.  I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna happen again.  I’d been keeping my webcam on and reviewing the footage, and didn’t see any sort of video or audio distortion (none that couldn’t be attributed to my crappy webcam at least).  That put me at ease.  Hell, when I thought I saw him in that camera phone video, it could have been a lucid dream.  I’m fine now.  Don’t worry about me.  It’s all just a game again.

And now, I’m sure you’re all wondering about this blog’s status.  Despite a post on the Unfiction list of Slenderblogs saying that my blog should be moved out of the informative category, I am going to try to continue and keep it as informative as possible.  I said not too long ago that I was going to quit because I’d said everything I’d need to say.  Ash (of Golom Tulpa Anima) convinced me otherwise.  I’m not going to be posting much more information on the Slender Man himself, as I’ve said about all I can about that (although I may edit old information if new info pops up).  Instead, I’m going to be focusing more on theories and blogs.  I’ll still be around.

And now for the big thing.  All this seeker stuff.  This is what’s got me worried now.  Let me explain who, exactly the seekers are.  First of all, there’s seeker (lowercase s), who found out what my college was.  Thinking back, there are probably a lot of ways he could have figured it out.  See, I’ve got a link to the blog in my signature on a forum I moderate.  I’ve made quite a few online friends there, and quite a few of them know quite a bit about me.  On top of that, while a Facebook search for “Andrew Koerner” turns up quite a few results, a search that includes my middle initial (which I usually include when writing), something someone on that forum would know, I’m the only real Facebook result.  From there, it’s not to hard to find out where I am.  If it’s someone from that forum/one of my online friends pranking me, that would also explain Broeckchen’s thoughts that I’ve “forgotten” someone or something.  Maybe seeker’s just trying to hint that he’s someone I know.  I’m leaning towards the fact that it’s a really elaborate prank—one that goes a bit too far.  I don’t really have any ill feelings towards him, since he’s never actually done anything to try to hurt me, but I’m still a bit peeved.

Then we’ve got Seeker (capital S), SeekerX, and seekdeathx.  These are all the same person, so let’s call him/her SeekerX.  They’ve got the same e-mail, same IP, and seekdeathx actually has “Seeker X” as his name on Twitter.  Yeah, he’s got Twitter now.  And he’s got a post directed at me, simply reading “warning.”  I’m pretty sure that seeker and SeekerX are different people because, while it’s possible to use different IPs or proxy accounts, they’ve got pretty different styles.  seeker likes cryptic comments and…well, actually seems fairly benevolent towards me.  SeekerX likes code and seems much more malevolent.  I mean, his Twitter says something like “imposters need to be crucified.”

There’s also Seeker ABCDEFG.  That’s Omega being a silly little troll.  You silly little troll, Omega.  You so silly.

But anyway, I’m…I’m sort of worried about seeker.  He’s talking about suicide on his blog.  I really, really hope this is part of a prank.  On top of that, it looks like SeekerX is harassing him.  Broeckchen, you’re suggesting that I stop all of this for a few days.  I really can’t at the moment, and here’s why.  I don’t really know what’s going on between those two, but it looks like it’s getting out of control.  Seriously, guys.  Tone it down a bit.  seeker hasn’t posted anything since those posts about suicide (not on his or my blog, at least), and I’m worried.  I don’t want people killing themselves over a game.  This is really starting to get out of control, and you need to calm it the fuck down.  I pray to God that seeker’s all right and that he’s just playing or has snapped out of whatever suicidal funk he was in.  seeker, if you’re all right, for the love of God, let us know.

I know that a lot of you probably think that at least one of these guys is me or someone I know.  They’re not (unless seeker is someone I know online who’s pranking me).  This is gamejacking taken to the next level, and unless this shit is real, it’s not funny anymore (well, it’s even less funny if it’s real, but then it’s at least justified).  Seriously, guys.  I don’t want anyone getting hurt over a game being taken too far.



About Li'l Andy K

Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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4 Responses to The Situation

  1. SeekerX says:

    not harassment

  2. Broeckchen says:

    The gender thing – no problem.

    The St. Nicholas thing – I’m simply right, and that’s why. XD After all what I said is crazy talk and crazy ideas are always the best working ones (like flying around on some artificial wings or making light that doesn’t need fire to shine).

    It’s good to see that you’ve calmed down. I think it’s best to look at seekers situation from that calm point of view.
    If seeker would really have been in trouble, why would he come to a little blog on the web and troll around there? IF he was in danger and IF it was soleley because of SM and IF he chose to shout it out to Slenderblogs, he wouldn’t have stopped at your one. There are at least two more other blogs who also are little encyclopedias on the Mythos. When I had my theory about the Mythos, I posted in two of them just to make sure about the word getting spread. He would do the same, right?
    Either he is someone really connected to *you* – in that case, he contacted you because only *you* could help him – or he just wants to totheark you. In that case “suicide” might be no more than part of the role – the end of the blog.

    I don’t really know about SeekerX, but unlike you seeker didn’t publish much information about himself. Also he talked about “suicide” not “murder”. SeekerX has no means to find out who and where he is and there is nothing in seekers statements that specifically hints to SeekerX menacing him.

    So even if SeekerX is serious about this, seeker might simply have gotten out of the line of fire before anything could happen to him.
    Most of the threads of thoughts lead to him being safe and sound. :3

    Of course he could also be a Hallowed or former victim of the Slender Man, now menaced by his boss and a fellow Hallowed. Or someone who suffers real hallucinations because of reading about the Mythos and being suicidal, too. But even taking the Mythos as reality into account, the odds for those options are not really high and the second one implies that nobody could have helped him but his closest people. If thy didn’t we couldn’t either.

    So don’t worry too much, okay? Just make a Calling-Friends-Roundhouse kick to make sure all of your beloved ones are doing well and relax about it if they are.

  3. seeker0x says:

    he is breaking into my life from afar.

  4. Broeckchen says:

    I watched it about two or three times in a row and didn’t realise up until now what seeker is holding in his first video! I commented on his blog and will now just copy and paste the comment here:

    “Now I just got it!
    The thing in your hand in the first video! It’s a pendant made from Ashe wood – the wood of the “source”, Yggdrasil! Via wearing it around your neck you keep it close to your heart, which frees you from the influence of Him! But not fully, you still have to fight your loyalty to Him, you still can’t go around and tell people what is right and that is wrong. You just can get yourself to drop hints and riddles. To tell us where we have found out truths and where we’re still wrong.
    But the pendant seems to become weaker with everyday.

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