Marble Hornets Entry #28

This is a very important series to be looking at.  It’s the most famous, so if the Tulpa Effect is in place (which I strongly believe it is) it’s the one that most people draw from.  The most people see as “canon.”

Jay is still at the hotel room.  He only has two leads in the room.  One is his bag.  In it, he has clothes, a flashlight, what appears to be ibuprofen (but, due to the featuring of pills in earlier entries, I’m a bit suspicious of), and an unmarked key.  The key Jay has added to his key ring.

The other lead is an electronic safe with a four-digit combination that only allows four errors before locking for fifteen minutes.  The four codes he tries are as follows: 1234, 8416, 1985, and 4613.  I don’t know the reason for these numbers.  All I can guess at are 1234 (random) and 1985 (birth year? That would make Jay 25 years old, which seems about right).

The video isn’t over, though.  Jay leaves his room to investigate a bit.  When he does, the fish-eye lens is back.  What is the significance of this?  Outside the room, he gets what’s quite possibly his biggest lead yet.  He talks to a girl named Jessica, who seems to recognize his name.  She asks if he’s been “In something [she’s] seen.”  Not if they’ve met before.  If she recognizes him from something she’s seen.  She knows, at least subconsciously, that he’s from Marble Hornets.  She has to.  The name Jessica…where have I heard it before?  The name sounds very familiar, and if she’s not hiding the truth, I’m in the exact same situation as her.  I know I’ve heard the name, and it’s somehow related to the mythos.  Help, guys?  I can’t seem to remember.  EverymanHYBRID, possibly?  No…that’s either Jessie or Jessa (really, two people with such similar names?).  Same person?  Don’t think so.  Have to check again, but it…doesn’t seem right.

I’ve heard this name before, guys.  Help me out.

Anyway, the last part.  Jessica is evidently the only other person, apart from staff, that he’s seen in the hotel.  Small hotel, possibly.  But doubtful.  Something is up with this place.  Also, every night, quite possibly from her room, thumping noises are heard.  During these noises, the video lags and becomes pixelated.  Is…is Jessica another Mask, perhaps?  I don’t know.  I feel like I’m missing something that’s right there.

Help, guys.  It’s right there.  I can’t quite reach it.  Help me.



About Li'l Andy K

Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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6 Responses to Marble Hornets Entry #28

  1. Broeckchen says:

    Why don’t you look through the Slenderblogs you know and sum up which ones feature a Jessica? Reading the latest entries of those could narrow down the possibilities at least.
    Another thing: There was at least one girl part from the staff of “Marble Hornets”. Also, there’s the girlfriend of Alex, who could also have the name Jessica.
    There’s one entry where Alex lists the staff of MH. There are two main possibilities: 1) Jessica was part of the staff but forgot about meeting Jay (Alex mentioned the girl(s) was/were “gone”), so she just recalls him faintly like someone seen somewhere. Or 2) They never met because Jay didn’t work together with the others very much (you mostly only see him together with Alex and Tim), but she saw him on the footage of MH.
    There are some other possibilities like her knowing him from the internet and so on, but those are the ones you can test best by skimming through the earlier entries and/or through the Blogs you know.

    • Li'l Andy K says:

      The girl working on Marble Hornets was Sarah. And it’s not Alex’s girlfriend, either; she’s blonde, and this girl is (I believe) brunette. She hasn’t shown up in Marble Hornets before (well, technically she did in Entry #27), so she can’t be from there. I’m looking through the blogs I’ve read again now. Nothing’s shown up, so I’m still looking. Thankfully, I know she’s not from White Elephants. Thankfully because, you know, the blog’s been deleted and I can’t go back and look through it.

      And @ your comment below…it’s really not necessary to elaborate on your theory. I got the basics of it, and while I’m sure there are more in-depth reasons, that’s all I really need. I’m also choosing to write off the theory that he has control over Ygdrassil (other trees I have no problem having control over), just because it’s my biggest hope at this point. If I’m an idiot, just let me remain a hopefully idiot.


      • Broeckchen says:

        “The girl working on Marble Hornets was Sarah..”

        I know, but I thought Alex mentioned yet another girl in the footage of entry… 25 or 26? (The one that shows him in this factory-like building) But I can be totally wrong.

        “She hasn’t shown up in Marble Hornets before (well, technically she did in Entry #27), so she can’t be from there.”

        But it’s possible that she knows Jay from the footage Alex made. Or from any footage Alex made, for that matter. Alex’ hobby obviously was filming, so if they know each other she might have seen Jay on something he made. Other than knowing Jay from Youtube, that would explain her recognizing Jays last name.
        So if she’s not from a blog, maybe there are some hints to her identity in the entries that have Alex, Tim and Brian talk about their friends.

  2. Broeckchen says:

    A little PS:
    The fish-eye has no meaning in itself. Jay wears a chest camera right now, and it records with a fish-eye lens. Thus the fish-eye footage is from that camera, nothing more.

    And something I forgot to write in our last commentversation: I’ve got valid arguments for most of my theories. If you want to read them, just say it. ;3

  3. Derek says:

    I remember seeing a Slender Man “Documentary” on youtube where a dude being interviewed by an officer says that Slendy took his little girl, Jessica….After which 2 shots ring out and both dissapear…

  4. Ananymous says:

    I while ago I was watching a slender man documentary. It had an audio recording of a police officer interviewing a man named Thomas who is Jessica’s father. To sum it up thomas was explaining what happened that night. Jessica was over At a friends house and Thomas went to go look for her in the woods. The slender man had Jessica’s clothes in one hand and in the interviewing room Thomas was explaining what he looked like. Then he started screaming that he was right behind the police officer. 2 shots were fired and there were unknown footsteps then the Audio was ended. Check it out it’s a very good vidio

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