Your Mind Makes it Real/Slendermemes

One of the most common beliefs about the Slender Man is that we essentially thought him into existence.  In “The Tutorial,” M refers to this as the “Philip Phenomenon.”  This is the “tulpa” part of “Golom Tulpa Anima’s” namesake theory.  And on TV Tropes, the whole trope “Clap Your Hands If You Believe” deals with this.  The theory is that, if enough people believe in something enough, it becomes real.  And if even more people believe in it, it becomes stronger.  The theory goes, essentially, that we believed the Slender Man into existence.  There is also a related theory: that thinking of him calls him to you.  He only exists for you when you think about him.  So he’s like The Game.  Which I just lost.

Anyway, the Tulpa Theory (that’s what I’m going to call it, since I like the sound of that best) can be extended beyond that.  The Slender Man is, in essence, a myth/legend.  However, he’s a new one, being interpreted by so many people.  All these people have their own theories on how he works (see: pretty much every post before this one, and pretty much every one after).  As a result, there are some major inconsistencies within the mythos.  What exactly does he do to victims?  Does he have tentacles, or just multiple arms, and how often?  Just how tall is he?  Does he go after children, or just about anybody?  And what the hell does the operator symbol mean?  However, these inconsistencies are gradually being weeded out.  There are some things that are nearly canonical now.  Mind control, for instance, is generally agreed upon.  An association with trees is pretty much canon.  What that association is isn’t exactly clear, but pretty much everyone agrees that you should stay out of the forest at all costs.  As much as I dislike it, Slendy’s creation of an army of trolls is nearly canon at this point.  And the fact that his attributes haven’t solidified yet, because of the reasons in these paragraphs, is very widely accepted.

Our belief, then, is our greatest weapon—and our biggest weakness.  If someone posts something pants-wettingly scary about him, it gets picked up on, and people adopt it.  That gives him more power.  However, Seeking Truth introduced the theory that he could be killed.  EverymanHYBRID implied that it was possible to survive attacking him directly.  And White Elephants developed a theory on how exactly, to kill him.

And now, on to some Slender Man memes.  The largest, most notably, is the “twenny dollaz” meme.  YouTube user brett824 posted a video entitled “MARBLE HORNETS ENTRY #6 MISSING AUDIO FOUND!”  The video remained the same as Entry #6, with one notable change: whenever the Slender Man appeared on the tape, Ron Browz’s “Gimmie 20 Dollars” started playing.  It provided a nice bit of levity at a time when people weren’t sure how real it was and didn’t have a seven-month period to calm down.  As a result, it really took off.  The joke is that Alex and Jay were “wifin in da club” and Slendy is demanding that they “gimmie twenny dollaz” in compensation.  The creators, Troy Wagner and Joseph DeLage (who play Jay and Alex respectively) reacted…unfavorably to it.  Another video, less of a meme and more of a parody, was created by Neil Cicierega, AKA Lemon Demon (the creator of the Potter Puppet Pals).  It features a creature called “Splendorman,” who appears to be what the Slender Man would look like if he were good instead of evil.  Like I said, more of a parody than a meme, but due to Cicieraga’s popularity on the web (“Mysterious Ticking Noise” is the most viewed video on YouTube, no easy feat), it’s gained quite a bit of popularity.  Both have given us much needed relief from this…thing.

The implications of the first part of this post, combined with the second part, are amusing.  If the first part is, to an extent, true, this means that giving the Slender Man “twenny dollaz” would actually get him to leave you alone.  Of course, most people are joking when they say it, but could it still work?  It’s possible.

I feel sorry for all you poor schmucks who don’t use USD.


Edit: I think I should also mention that I’ve updated my blog site a bit.  There are a few more fun little sidebar thingies.  Like a countdown to the Solstice.  Twenty-one days, guys.  Oh, shoot, I should have waited until tomorrow to post this.  Twenny dayz, twenny dollaz!  Heh…heh heh….  Anyway, I’ve got a few new things on the site.  Also, I’ve been adding tags recently, something I should have done from the start.  I’ll go back and sort the rest of the stuff soon.


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Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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3 Responses to Your Mind Makes it Real/Slendermemes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maduin’s done it. It confused Him, and He didn’t attack.

  2. Mystery120 says:

    You know how the operator symbol is a cross through a circle? Well, maybe it has something to do with slenderman not having a face.

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