Not real

Its not real. None of it sreal guys please stop acting like it is, its not real and you all need to grow up and move away from this.

Even you Omega, your acting like its real instead of denying it.  Stop acting in character on other blogs because its not funhy anymore.


About Li'l Andy K

Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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6 Responses to Not real

  1. Li'l Andy K says:

    I’m, um…looking over this now and realizing that people might get the wrong idea. I’ve been a bit too married to the research lately. It’s a lot to take in, and I was really stressed and paranoid when I wrote this. You guys know how it gets, right? Like I said earlier, Marble Hornets nearly drove me half-insane for a few days. Disregard the whole thing. I’ve pretty much finished research. I should be fine now.

  2. seeker says:

    f⊗und y⊗u.

  3. Broeckchen says:

    It’s starting, huh?
    Don’t worry, dude. Cause Santa Clause is coming to town, and he’s gonna give that guy his twenny dollaz. XD

    • Li'l Andy K says:

      It’s not starting. Nothing is fucking starting. I was tired and it was late at night and I had been doing a bit too much research ok? I’m fine. It was a spur of the moment thing.

      And shut the fuck up seeker you’re not funny. I know you. You’re just another random troll who likes gamejacking. You think I don’t know that you’re just some dude on the internet who thinks hes funny? Im not laughing. Your pathetic go get a life.


  4. Chip the 3rd says:

    Wow, dude… You’re bitter. You’re tired. I know you didn’t ask for it, but my advice is to get some sleep every so often…

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