Blog Recommendation: Seeking Truth

I just finished (or rather, caught up with) Seeking Truth, a blog about detective Zeke Strahm.  He works on a missing persons case that turns out to be related to the Slender Man.  It’s a very good read, and near the end, there’s a pretty big, shocking twist.  It’s maybe not the first Slender Story you should check out (those would be the two first famous ones, Marble Hornets and Just Another Fool), but it’s definitely one of the first ones to look at, just because, once Zeke finally admits that yes, this is the Slender Man that they’re dealing with, he asks for any blog that will help, and then provides a bunch of information about him.  I personally think that a lot of the information is off, but it’s a good starting point, and definitely worth reading.

On an unrelated note, my roommate has had a really bad cough for a long time now, and it’s making me feel just a little bit paranoid.  I jump every time he breaks into a coughing fit.  These things have a way of getting in your head, don’t they?


About Li'l Andy K

Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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