The Slender Man: What Does He Do?

You know, that’s a very good question.  While we’re all a little scared of the Slender man, it’s hard to put your finger on why.  There are a lot of stories about what exactly it is he does.  For this special Halloween blogging, I’ll examine what exactly it is that he does.

Let’s go back to the original Something Awful thread.  In his first appearance, one of the photos appears with the line “We didn’t want to go, we didn’t want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time…”  The other photo’s description was quoted beneath the photo in the last entry, but I’ll post it again:  “One of two recovered photographs from the Stirling City Library blaze. Notable for being taken the day which fourteen children vanished and for what is referred to as “The Slender Man”. Deformities cited as film defects by officials. Fire at library occurred one week later. Actual photograph confiscated as evidence.  1986, photographer: Mary Thomas, missing since June 13th, 1986.”

Let’s look at what it’s implied he does.  He’s seen around children, and causes them to disappear (or maybe he abducts them).  Contrary to popular belief, however, it’s not just children.  Even in the earliest sources, the photographer disappears as well.  This are not necessarily deaths, though.  Disappearances play a large part in the Slender Man Mythos.  Most of the crew of Marble Hornets seems to disappear, Jeff’s girlfriend in EverymanHYBRID is missing, and Seeking Truth revolves around some missing teens.

Although the first quote is confusing and there’s really no context to go with it, he seems to have some sort of hypnotic power, suggesting to people to do things he tells them to.  This is enforced in a few other places: totheark in Marble Hornets seems to be under the control of Slendy, an EverymanHYBRID video not posted on the main account (and possibly not canon) shows that Evan may be under his control, and in Seeking Truth, Albert Copenhagen shows some signs of being controlled by him (although some speculate that he’s completely lucid and follows Slendy out of his own free will).

Other early myths about him had him disembowel people and impale them on trees, removing their internal organs and then stuffing them back in in plastic bags.  While this seems less likely and isn’t used as frequently (mostly because it’s hard to portray in YouTube videos), there are some works that use the concept.  EverymanHYBRID, for instance, has a video where the Slender Man appears, after which they find plastic bags containing blood tied to trees.

However, the most chilling aspect of him is psychological, and in many series, it seems like he is simply toying with his victims before ultimately abducting or killing them.  Many things hint at this—when his victims record themselves alone and asleep, the Slender Man will often appear but take no steps to kill or abduct them.  In Marble Hornets, there are many very close encounters with the Slender Man, in both Alex and Jay’s recordings, but they’re rarely attacked.  They just wake up the next morning, unable to remember anything other than what was in their tapes.  In fact, in one totheark video,  the Slender Man walks right past a vulnerable Jay to look at the camera.  His haunting is more psychological than physical.

Looking at these points, I think that I personally am going to come to the conclusion that the people he kills outright aren’t his primary victims.  There are a few stories like that, but in most stories, he toys with people beforehand.  His true victims are the ones he taunts.  The ones he teases.  The ones he psychologically assaults until they break, before gaining control over them and leading them off.  He does kill them eventually, but like a cat playing with a mouse, simply killing them isn’t enough.

While most of the blogs/web series I’m currently looking at are ongoing or unconcluded, I have finished Just Another Fool, which supports this theory pretty well.  In it, Matt is driven pretty much insane, possibly due to PSTD, but likely due more to encounters with the Slender Man.  He is implied to have been ultimately strangled to death by Slendy.  Logan, likewise, goes insane and runs off before eventually becoming another victim.

That’s the gist of what exactly it is that he does.  There are other things, of course, but those will be covered in other blog entries.



About Li'l Andy K

Hey, everyone. I'm a sophomore at [University name removed for my own privacy] who's taken a liking to the Slender Man myth. I have taken a strong liking to the Slender Man myth. The Slender Man myth has taken a strong liking to me.
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  1. trevor neuse says:

    hey slender man dont kill me i love this world please why do you kill people? just please stop people dont want to die please im begging you 😦 dont kill anybody

    • Nina Ramirez says:

      He only kills people for hungerness. And he lives near Germany

    • unknow says:

      my name is not dylan but i lived in germany me and my uncle went hunting out there and we saw this thing this thing it had no face and it grabed him. and he vanished into thin air i ran and never looked back my uncle is gone i miss him that thing had long arms and some more of them came out of his back that thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im going to kill it im going to kill it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Knowledge says:

        You can’t kill him with bullets. Since he is from the 4th dimension do it with sound waves over 760.

      • Why Slender man, Why? says:

        You can’t kill him. That’s what he does. There is a guy. He did his best to forget he ever saw Slender Man. He is alive.

      • Emo Slender says:

        yup that’s the slender man. Sorry for you 😥

      • Skylar says:

        There are ways too see him in your dreams so he could talk to you. I did it before and im doing it again. So far I have creared three signs of “HIM”. I created the circle with the x and the note that said he had no eyes. And that was on 12/3/12. I saw two versions of him and was to scared to engage conversation. So I took control of my dream and escaped. Today, 12/4/12 I created another note and hope to see him and talk to him. But before I did any of this I saw him inside my house in a realistic dream. He dragged me and said “Letme show you the real slender” and then the dream ended. I still dont believe what he said. So to end this post I will say, creating notes will make you see him. Maybe the more you create the more danger youre in. I will find out tongiht and give you my answer

      • Coyotiegirl1 says:

        Slendy is garanteed after ya.

      • Carly says:

        I dont think you understand this very well, i am sorry for your uncle but…..either your uncle was a proxy and you never knew…..or it’s you he is after, if anyone wants to know…what it’s really like, WHO he really is, kik me or skype me at Thatrandomperson123 and tell me the code word “rakeme” and ill respon to any and everything you want

      • Savannah says:

        All of this slender man crap is bull shit! Who beleives in it? if you do you are a messed up human being

    • Jayden says:


    • Bob says:

      If you don’t want slender to kill you I will give options away 2.give all your 20$ 3.answer his riddle

    • Blaize says:

      My name, is Blaize S. The Slender Man is following me everywhere I go… I can sense his precense, and I have seen him, but barely… I am sleeping with my lights on at night. and I will not go out into the dark. Am I going insane?

    • Nevierah says:

      Listen. Slender Man Is Just a myth. This Isn’t true. I did lots of research and I can PROVE 🙂

    • Poopoonunu says:

      STUPID!!!!! HeS NOT REAL YOU HAM CHOP> POOPOO NUNU XD gosh some people have stupid nerves….

  2. Jimmerson says:

    Obvoiusly he wants $20. Suits aint cheap, and his is custom made.

  3. Nina Ramirez says:

    I’m gonna do a science project about Slender Man. I repect him and wont want him to die. He only kills people because he’s hungry. Don’t blame him he’s just hungry.

  4. Nina Ramirez says:

    WHY DO PEOPLE SAY HE WANTS 20$!? Its stupid. Just saying.

  5. Josh says:

    Lmao! Sis you crack me up! He’s a FAKE! A FAKE!

  6. pelly says:

    wow i think its FAKE

  7. dakrais says:

    Honestly, yes there is proof that he is fake. And yes, most “images” of slenderman are a fake. But he is real. The legend and the myth. There is just as much proof to prove he is real as he is fake. People believe that seeing is believing. Others believe that something this outrageous is never real. But personally, Slenderman is real. I’ve seen him myself as a child. In my dreams. He scarred me and i have been looking for him ever since. but i see him every now and then. its more like hes following and watching me than i am him.

  8. Inca says:

    Just stop while you can.

  9. caleb says:

    it’s hard to beleive he’s real i founded a group dedicated to finding him we know where he was last seen in dandridge TN. if anyone wants more info find on facebook for more find the slenderhunters is on my page he is going down.

  10. andrea munoz says:

    slender man slender man!okkai ppl say that he is a kidnapper shit idk but if he is dammn iamnot gonna be able to seep until he DIES but thats if his fake or not fake ight1;/kus iam be all werid of my children bro

  11. Headpiece Filled With Straw says:

    I like the idea that the driving to hopeless insanity and all consuming terror is not just a game but a nessesity.

  12. Headpiece Filled With Straw says:

    Also just thought I’d point this out even though you don’t mention it here. Jack Skelligton is the anthropomorphic personification of Halloween he’s like Santa Claus only Halloweeny. Kindly stop trying to merge my recurring nightmare with a character I fangirl. You are punching my inner child in the face.

  13. Emarythomp says:


  14. Danimus says:

    Idk wether to beleive he’s real or fake but until then I’m keeping my shotgun next to my bed. O_o

  15. Slender Man says:

    This is pretty spot on about me. But yes all of the photos and videos of me are fake. Why does everyone happen to be recording or taking a picture when (no surprise) I show up. -.-
    I only appear when you seem good enough to eat or when I want to (not piss you off but to) make you piss yourselves. Happy hunting. Like you’ll ever find me.

  16. Tabby says:

    What if you’ve seen him before when you were younger and still survived and still sane

  17. Logan LeQueux says:

    i think hes just looking for a friend.

  18. Blade says:

    Slender man, you know who this is. I am the one known as Blade by most of the universe and i will end your miserable life. You have feared me since the dawn of time. I almost killed you eons ago and now you will get what is coming to you. If you go to another dimesion or just stop killing people and especialy animals I will let you go. Oh and to all you people out there all you must do to defend yourself from the slender man is not fear him and not allow him to get in your head. Sincerely-blade

  19. Nottelling says:

    is the slenderman a person or a race of beings?

  20. Cairanmac1 says:

    I know he’s fake but reading this blog at 3:23 in the morning has got me SH!TING myself

  21. sophie says:

    i’ve never been afarid of slender man becuase there is not much proof that he is real so i belive he is real but i dont at the same time so im 50 50 with beliving in him 😛
    oh fyi im 9 years old suck it if your afraid of him

    • Slender Man says:

      9 huh. Well I’ll see you tonight. Or tomorrow. Depending on how far you are. Right now I’m at yellow stone forest or whatever and you seem American (tonight) somewhere else (tommorow) see you then.

    • I AM JASON VOORHEES so slenderman let’s team up and kill everybody so guys if u think u can kill me I’m unkillable

      • Slender Man says:

        well i don’t see why not… meet me in Los Angeles
        and we will start our rampage.

      • Classified says:

        If you are going to try to act like a movie character is real and impersonate him, please at least TRY to make it decent.

  22. Liam says:

    Please guys, get real, this is ridicules. Slender man….. SLENDER man, this is just…….. I’m baffled that a couple of grown adults actuly believe this crap…. Grow up. I’m 13

  23. Liam says:

    Haha…cute.. -_-

  24. Neon says:

    Come and get me MotherFucker. 🙂

  25. Cheyenne says:

    this scared me 😥 my friend told me about him n ive been having nightmares n im 15!! 😥 it scared me so bad

  26. TaraJ says:

    there a lot of images of the Slender and videos………so think hes really.There are so many things about the Slender Man if you dont believe why dont you people who dont believe in men piss him off and have him if you, cause thats the only to finger out if hes real or not.

  27. topmaster98 says:

    So, Slenderman, leave your marking on my bedroom wall. While I’m asleep. You know where I am.


    Your ally.

  28. Slendermanskid lool says:

    Most myths comes from legends and most legends comes from truth

  29. Someone who truly believes in you says:

    I believe in you. I’m only 12, but I want to join you Slender Man. The world has made me suffer, now the world must pay. Hope to see you soon.

  30. Betta says:

    I just found out aboiut the Slender Man…BITCH! I’M IN CALIFORNIA! SUCK IT! And I’m not even beilieving this fairytale myth, the SLENDER man, really? Grow up retards, he’s just a fucking stick with suit and a condom on his face! DUH! Seriously, I’m more mature and I’m 13.

  31. Betta says:


  32. matthew says:



    WERE I SAW SLENDERMAN DUREING A RAINSTORM ATACKING A GUY!!!!!!!!!¢^ ©•€√^¢^_^¶¶^\¶^©÷÷€^^¶_<{=[Π{¥~~¥£¢¶

    |`÷°¶¶©®€^©¶\¶\<_×__\√^^¶\ X_X the guy slndy killed

  33. EPIC EPIC ¶¶¶^ ¶¶¶



  35. PewDiePie says:

    Oh, I’m so tired of Slender Man, seriously.

  36. markgreen says:

    slenderman, im lonely as hell and i want a friend 😦 come to my backyard and we can feed of our eni ies >:D plus im 11

  37. Enderman says:

    hey cuz whats up!

  38. mikey says:

    i think either, 1) hes a demon, or 2)hes a physical form of the creation from the shop (what u create is real)

  39. Nothing says:

    I think I’m too fucked up to be afraid of slenderman that fucked up I would eat him my self >:D ppl thing its impossible it is possible heahragjejuthnjuwnqhguijwthruj

  40. Keely :DD says:

    I’m with slenderman. The guy is hungry…give him a break. Imagine if you had a ton of pizza’s walking around your yard, and you were starving? well, why not pick up a pizza to make you full a while? Gosh. Nothing is wrong with slenderman. Its my nickname at school to, even if im a girl. 😛 i’m like 5’9″
    :DD *highfives self*

  41. I just saw pewdiepie play Slender. woopwoop.

  42. Hailey says:

    Sir Slender, I don’t care if you stalk me. I’ll hug you, and then follow you. I’m kind-of a secret admirer…
    You know who I am, because you know everyone, so yeah…
    Byeeeee! o/////o

  43. Waverleigh says:

    some people think slender was scientifacilly made by the government and took dna from a dropped alien ship in area 51 and blended it with a human subject and went crazy and hungry and started killing people to get out to where he wanted.

    • Dancing cockatoo says:

      Well I agree with you about with blending the DNA of an unexplained phenomena but here’s an idea what if he was here before the beginning of time?

      • Seranus says:

        Yes thats a good idea Slenderman was a immortal god and hes been here all along we just didnt see it he has been manipulating people throughout history to the things they have done

  44. Hey Slender Men I Saw You Haveing SEX With A Enderman!

  45. slendermans cousin says:

    My cous is in pensylvnia

  46. slendermans cousin says:

    So yeah

  47. slendermans cousin says:

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  48. slendermans cousin says:

    I wll gt u

  49. slendermans cousin says:


  50. slendermans cousin says:

    Anyone home

  51. slendermans cousin says:

    I read evrythng on ths pg and ill kill u all

  52. Chandler Downs says:

    Um when i was drunk at like 3 in the morning walking home from a party by the woods i threw $20 bucks into the woods to get whoever was following me to stop. at first i attributed it to drunken stupidity but now i’m reading about this. i swear dude this is the absolute truth and now i’m freaking out a little bit.

  53. xxslenderxx says:

    slender man is real he isint hunting me but i respect him a actual a nice gu no one very tries to say hello they just get scared and when slender man smells fear he cant help but kill and hes hungry i hope he abducts you because in some paintings there are word that are saying hes a pale angel maybe hes like a demon but hes an angel across bread maybe he abducts because hes lonely because kids are the best company and he kills because hes hungry so leave him alone.,

  54. lilflood313 says:

    slenderman is scary man i cant stand him im 8 i dont have nightmares but at night im freakin scared not anymore but at night i dont even wanna breath thats how freaking scared i am

  55. L'Brinklee says:

    I went camping and tried to call him but he never showed, then again I don’t know the place of his last sighting.

  56. This is what luke says
    Here’s the story:when jason/me was 9years old no one would help me I drown in the lake I grew up alone in the woods alone sittingin frount of my mothers beheaded head then tom javies had the power to kill me then on a stromy night lighting struck me AND I BECAME AN UNSTOPBLE ZOMBIE NOTHING CAN KILL ME THEN TOM HAD THE POWER TO KILL ME

  57. Star Wars:A new hope

    Leia:help me obi wan your my only hope
    Luke skywalker:troopers
    R2 d2:weeo woop
    That’s all for know
    Slenderman qiz
    A.stacks u
    C.kills U
    D.scares the hell out of u

  58. .... says:

    slenderman is pedobear

  59. Mystery120 says:

    Wow, slender AND ender on the same blog, interesting. Enderman is most obviously not real, he is based on slenderman, but he only exists in a game. Slenderman-I‘m under 16 yrs old, bring it. And don‘t say you know where I live unless you can actually name where.

  60. Mystery120 says:

    And jason-you‘re making yourself sound like a retard. Shut up and preserve whats left of your reputation. And mister impersonator-nobody likes a fake.

    • anderw says:

      you are da man dude that was said like a man brofist

      • Mystery120 says:

        The pen beats the sword, the mage defeats the warrior. It is all just words, for words are like daggers that peirce the skin and draw blood. And thanks for the brofist dude, keep it real.

      • Mystery120 says:

        And what if i said i wasn‘t a man? Just kidding. And next time you make a comment, make sure you‘re contributing to the conversation instead of needlessly complimenting someone, no offense.

  61. Q!-©-! Tie fightter. Star wars A new hope (finsh)
    Help me obi wan your my only hope
    Who is she
    Beo woop
    Not helping
    Your farther whated you to have his lightsaber
    Luke skywalker
    R2,obi-wan,han,chewie,3po,and darth vader/anican skywalker.

    €- •••••••√°¶€_®¶___©¢Π\£>©÷_\^_¶\¶_©©™ „„„„„„„„„®®™

  62. Bob says:

    He haunts me

  63. peeta mellark says:

    what the fuck is this thread.

  64. kayla says:

    so slender man has a custom made suit aaa, where did u get it cus I know no tailor would have made it for u but i still believe though, and btw my name is kayla see ya

  65. Angel says:

    I even have photo of slender man in my house outside and I can’t this anymore it been about 5 it more month he been following me wat should I do tht thing i can’t sleep with out dreaming about him I’m sick and tired help me😫

  66. Ed Moore says:


  67. jodeci55 says:

    the reason y u dont hear about him is because he’s been trying to keep himself hidden losers

    • Mystery120 says:

      He doesn‘t try to stay hidden, its just not in his nature to go out and expose himself to everyone.

      • Angel says:

        U think I done tht plus in getting more Peraniod because last night I saw him in my room stocking me till I shine the light on him I stare at him for momment then he left he didnt do anything to me is that good❔🙊

      • james says:

        what the fuck
        cool man,
        slenderman gives me night mares,

  68. So slendy
    What does the 4th dimension look like to prove that you r real

  69. cameron says:

    HI slenderman i am an ally not enemy i will kill enemies im 9 and i kick butt so leave a mark on my rooms door i salute you

  70. Slender Killer says:

    Pepole slendy is real i killed 5 of them and if you seen him tell me where and i will come and kill him

    • Angel says:

      I can’t stand his fucking face of his jus looking at me it has been 7 months since he been following me it happen when I though it was my mind going wild but I’m not crazy me & my friends seen him I’m only 13 I can’t bare him no longer I jus want dis to end help me😔

  71. Leon says:

    the slender man predates back into medieval mythology and no not from victor surges version or photo shopped pictures or fake audio or dockumentary.

  72. mako555 says:

    do you think there could be more than one slenderman?

    • Slenderman...Slenderman...Look behind u! says:

      I think that there are two slender men.but they look alike so while the original nice slender man is in some other state the second mean slender man is the shit out of pplz. 😮

  73. My daughter cassie is scared of slender man

  74. Stephano says:

    Oh Hallo Pewdie…

    Do you guys speak chopanese? I speak chopanese, chop chop chop

  75. topmaster8 says:

    Slender man, you beautiful bastard. Come hug me.

  76. Azra says:

    I’m not sure whether to be scared or giggle at the creepiness that is Slenderman. ・_・
    Holy s**** I am messed up. ._.
    Btw, Slenderman. I was wondering if you could leave you mark on my wall or something. To make sure you’re real and all. :I And then maybe we can go take over the world or something. Or just ‘play’ with something. Whatever you want. ._.
    D*** I’m messed up. >_>

  77. Jye says:

    FEED ME MORE ryback vs slender man ryback would eat slender for dinner

  78. Kay says:

    Slenderman… what does slender even mean?

  79. NoahPereira says:

    Hey Slender man I am a big fan and studying you for bout a year and I have learned a lot of facts one thing. Can you scare the crap out of my friend Christian Curisoso he has no emotion besides boredom and supposedly has no fears.

  80. Dr.Random says:

    You think that’s scary,look up “Jeff is back”.It has somthing to do with Jeff the killer.And if you think that’s scary,than you never had a furby as a kid.

  81. Dancing cockatoo says:

    Well that’s not exactly right he only comes out of hidding when his victim is alone,defenseless and weak and when no one else is around.

    • HEY YOU!!!!!! says:

      Not true because his victim could be strong, and if his victim has a dog or other “ferocious” animal, then he’ll leave you be. Just lock all your doors at night, because thats when he gets you.

  82. trai says:

    wher does the slender man lives cause the photos in gravity falls are fake all you see when you slow down is a sasqwatch and even though it is a illuminati show the photos are fack where is the real slender man

  83. trai says:

    but the slender man is real

  84. trai says:

    now who you gonna kill

  85. trai says:

    show me a picture of your face {NO HOMO)

  86. uh... yeah says:

    im just looking through here to see what slenderman says, he seems very clever.

  87. lbqlbujqsdbvuilqblqegdlbdqkuudbqsdlcbqwilqbijbnciqsbdibqskjbqiuwdgwiubcrandomshit says:


  88. Tanner says:

    Slenderman meet me at Humboldt Nebraska we will see if you are real ..

  89. awesomeface8 says:

    you guys are crazy and slender-man isn’t real.HE DOESN”T HAVE A CONDOM ON HIS HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. awesomeface8 says:

    plus slender-man didn’t pay 20$ for his suit and HE IS NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and I noticed something.
    i am the only one who hasn’t spelled anything wrong

  91. awesomeface8 says:

    plus last week i found a condom at the park.
    anyways,i’m 11

  92. jackojddded says:

    he is real some body help us

  93. Grace says:

    Slender Man you Fucker how can you read these shittily scary comments with no face? Lol i worked you out

  94. Slenderman says:

    Stay out of my forest and leave my pages alone

  95. james says:

    it is a f***** up person BIG WHOP

  96. Person says:

    Everyone dont worry. Some fool made this up and is makin millions of dollars from our cowardness. Remember that. Anyway when people “see” him or other ghosts, its normal, its just the brain giving images or sounds when frightened or threatened. Sleep everyone dont worry. Plug in a music player with soft gentle music, and pray. Hopefully youll fall asleep.

    • Nikki O'Neil says:

      I always do that cus it happened ta me well when I was younger my great grandma supposabky sat at the end of my bed like she use to do for my mom when she was younger, she also followed my aunt around the hospital that she died in cus my anunts a nurse and use ta work there. Plus, I helped my aunt get rid of one in her house. Its scary, seriously. Thats one if my greatest fears other than clowns and whats in the dark.

    • Bintang Amri says:

      Is that Slender guy terror until another country in different continent and island.

  97. Win-Win Pigman says:

    Hey Slenderman, I dont care if you scare the piss out of ppl and dont eat them, go eat animals and i will not care as long as you dont kill ppl only animals. But you can scare them all u want.

  98. ThatsAPrettyTree. says:

    Slender Man is so good looking♥

  99. Samm says:

    Im just looking into slenderman and also the rake, so does slenderman have any other motive besides hunger? also does anyone know anything about the slenderman like figure dating back later than the egyptians, i want confermation from people that no what they r talking about… also if anyone has any information at all on the rake, email me at

  100. Kevin Bell says:

    dude this is no joke he is real

  101. Pasha says:

    slender man is a fake you assholes should accept that

  102. Hayley says:

    Wow…people at school where right…u see I did not believe these boys at school that whee scaring me about slendaman and mind u these boys like me any who I will try to get to sleep tonight

  103. DexterPlain says:

    Slender man is brilliant.
    He endures so much fear into people
    Without even being real! Ha ha!!!
    Sheesh… Slender… You’re real only to
    People who wants you to be real.. Still
    Scary to people who don’t think you’re
    Real though.
    Played you’re game once, I have to say
    It’s pretty damn scary, I don’t think you’re
    Really but you scare the living shit out of
    Good job, Man

  104. what the fuck bro where are you slenderman i am at missouri in clarence killing people go to missouri in clarence town!

  105. slenderman when you go there youl see a bridge now try to stay hidden there are stuff around there to avoid. now go down the road youl see a house with a farm saying peter pan sucky isnt it ._. now youl pass another house now there is a straight pass and a side path well take the side pass and go down the road and follow the path and youl see a house way down now pass it when you go straight down go tuern the last turn and pass the last one with more than 1 houss youl passa mailbox down the way pass it youl see a log house im haunting it and i need help be there at december 17 2012 at 7:00 pm ok good luck

  106. slender killer im slenders brother and i am at clarenc missouri.btw you want me…..come and get me. i dare you i will litterally punch you,kick you and rip your heart out

  107. Lafayette says:

    The thing about slenderman is that he always targets the average Joe who will no doubt be afraid of him. However I dare him to stalk me or another sociopathic sadist. That’s right Slendy, I’m calling you out buddy. Even if your from the fourth dimension certain things will still harm you such as light and sound

  108. Slender says:

    The other guy is a fake and he will die tonight

  109. HEY YOU!!!!!! says:

    Don’t You all realize that slender “toys” with his victims?!?!?He RAPES them you idiots! He makes them disappear, then takes out their guts!!!!!! He is evil, and I heard from a friend that he was a butcher when he was young!

  110. Andrei says:

    what the fuck Slender hi I’m 8 do you actually leave signs anywhere in the forest or Yellowstone?

  111. jazz says:

    slender man tell me about you what to with the people you take,why do you take them,and how do you see and talk with no eyes mouth.

    ps im 12

  112. He is real because my friends and I our going looking 4 him

    • Slenderman...Slenderman...Look behind u! says:

      If u ar then I have som advice…go into the woods at 12:00 or 12:30.somewhere between that time.oh and bring a camera.Slender man loves the camera. :p

  113. Nikki O'Neil says:

    Why exactly does he take them? Also is the movie “The Tall Man” about him? If so then I kinda have an idea if what hes all about, your blog also really helped me… Thanks(:

    • Li'l Andy K says:

      “The Tall Man” has some similarities, but in my opinion, those are all just coincidences. There are too many differences in terms of story for it to be about the Slender Man.

  114. Beth says:

    i do NOT believe in Slenderman. i think he is an angry spirit. anyways i read a documentary of him at night, i was afraid but then i realized hes not real.

  115. alex says:

    im only 10 and i saw slender in my dream

  116. alex says:

    scared the crap out of me

  117. Greg Crocson says:

    Hi, I’m think Slender Man is in my house. I saw him at garden. In next day i’m heared footsteps. When i turned back i saw him… I’m quickly pick knife, but he, i mean it gone. At night i heard strange sounds. We have video, i upload this when i found camera.

  118. slenders baby guurl says:

    Niggah please! yall betta sthap taking bout’ my daddy he be killen ya’ll.

  119. Jonathan says:

    guys, its a scientific fact that the more you watch this stuff and read comics, THE MORE YOU FEEL THIS WAY. Slender is an abomination of the mind triggered by a part of your brain activated by stories and comics. if you do indeed feel SURE that someone must be out to get you or is after you, you ARE INDEED going insane. You should contact a physician and avoid reading too many comics, watching too many horror films, and STOP READING THESES BLOGS. It is influencing your brain too much. I urge you, contact a physician, NOW.

  120. d...d..d.ddd. says:

    well, i want to meet with slender man and talk to him to realize what he feels

  121. d...d..d.ddd. says:

    and also i have no chance to see him 😦 i live in turkey

  122. fusssss says:

    they rape people to dead dude

  123. DJ jaimz says:

    slendy is just a harmless creature who wants yo be treated nicely,too bad people are scared of him,that’s why he attacks them for not understanding his feelings

  124. Slenderkid says:

    OMFG slender man I love u but I may have shit myself over you a couple of times so don’t get a man to kidnapp me and then u devour my soul like on the movie D:

  125. JTC says:

    Slenderman lives in germany so he’s a Nazi

  126. alex says:

    i saw him before 5 years i wasnt know what it friend jim saw a dream the dream says you can kill him with fire.i dont belive you can kill him.i need help he is comming for me.before 1 mounth i hear the same noise you hear the end of the tape of thomas nealy this doop doop.before 3 weeks i saw him in the bathroom mirror after 2 seconds he desapear.i cant understant why he want me what did i do.

  127. lollipop says:

    this is retarded hes a fake!!!!!

  128. lollipop says:

    guys he is fake we got god on our side anywayz

  129. Slender mans friend says:

    Sorry guys but he’s here I know him were friends surprisingly he’s nice once you get to know him

  130. Lissa says:

    I have a crush on the slender man

  131. Annonymus says:

    hes real…… my freind saw him… then he wentt missing… slenders after me i have nosebleeds and migraines and i throw up 24/7 nononononononono on nonno no… am i crazy???

  132. Hayley says:

    Santa claus used to be real. He was saint nick and made wooden toys for children on december 25tha loooooong time ago. So there is a grain of truth to it 🙂
    I just recently found out about this story of slenderman it gives me chills but I’ve never seen him or heard of him till today 🙂

  133. SmoothCriminal says:

    I think slendy just drives people insane by giving them disturbing illutions, uses mindcontrol and makes people to commit suicide or kill their friends. propably makes them to strangle theirselves without using an muscle.. yeah :3

  134. Harry says:

    If you aren’t believing the slenderman don’t leave a comment here and get lost, Your wasting time here Niggas.

  135. AZC123 says:

    I don’t know what to think. Slender might not be all that bad. I would be his friend and watch out for him, like he watches out for us.

  136. bazil2002 says:


  137. pbht im allready dead because me and my friends summond him. the best i can do is stop him from getting my friend and girlfriend.

  138. Caitlin says:

    Slender man you are a faggot. I’m not scared of you! You’re a fake idiot lol. I’m 16 not a child so you can’t get me. Guess what?
    What’s the difference between you and voldemort?
    Nothing, neither of you have a nose.

  139. Slender Man Believer 15 says:

    Slender Man is real stupid beth

  140. Van3ssa♥ says:

    If all this time Slenderman wants to be treated with respect, Why can’t he try to make friends with us instead of killng? ik we’ll appreciate that and accept his kindness if he offers. It’s just that I truly Respect him But at the same time i’m kinda afraid to actually see him in person!. I’m the kind of girl who would make friends EVEN with ghosts and creatures like him if only they’re nice and looking4 someone to talk to.The only problem is that it’ll take some time to get used to before becoming officially friends with them.And YES I’m that crazy to do something like that!!!!!!
    I’m 15 and a girly-girl lol

  141. Dbuntain says:

    I know he’s out there but he’s not hunting me,I’m hunting him:rolling thunder falling rain coming down like a hurricane I’ve got the bell I’m gonna take you to hell your only slender but your gonna die!also tell me if I should do a slender server!:)

  142. Dbuntain says:

    Slender man o slender man where art thou come see me for tea and taste my smith and Wesson 66 magnum your a gumi so come bring it on I’m waiting for ya and you won’t catch me cuz I’m Irish so suck it!

  143. iv’e seen slender I know he’s coming for me once in a dream before I even knew who he was I saw a beat up guy with claw marks all over himself and he was gasping and appeard to be dieing then he told me “slenderman got to me and remember theres no escape” then he died and the dream ended if I could’ve then I would’ve ran for dear life but for some reason in my dreams I cant control what happens in them and then I woke up and could’ve sworn I saw a white facless head run across the window and then the next night I saw a huge arm slam onto the window and then melt into thin air I KNOW he’s real and coming for me if you see him don’t think its real the less you think its real the less fear for his hunger the less fear for his hunger the longer it will take for him to actualy attack you but you may be able to run from him for some time but remember this: there is no escaping slender

  144. SpagTard says:

    Slender is not real you bunch of flipping fags go and get a job and stop researching a bloody myth. if he was real he would of rapped your nan and mum about 50 bloody times cause he is a horny man with a 9ft penis

  145. Slender Man says:

    I am real you bunch of dicks all of the rapping is fake but my 9ft penis is real i had it stretched in my torture that i survived and SpagTard im going to rape your nan and mum 50 times because i am a horny man with a 9ft penis

  146. ? says:

    slender man shall die i will hunt till hes nothing but a bloody carcass

  147. ? says:

    he killed my little sister

  148. says:

    You really make it seem so easy along with your presentation but I to find this matter to be really something that I believe I would by no means understand.

    It seems too complex and very vast for me. I’m taking a look forward in your next post, I’ll
    try to get the hold of it!

  149. Slenderman says:

    The user that calls h ok myself Slender Man is a fake! I am Slenderman and I spell my name as one word not two!

  150. Slenderman says:

    Oops. I meant to say ‘himself’, not ‘h ok myself’. Sorry, I am using a virtual keyboard on a kindle fire and it acts wired sometimes.

  151. Maggie says:

    All slendy wants is a friend

  152. Evelyn says:

    Slender man…Slender man…Slender man…LOOK BEHIND U!!!

  153. Slenderman...Slenderman...Look behind u! says:

    I couldnt fall asleep last was creepy as hell!!!

  154. slender says:

    You can also lock all doors and windows

  155. Pro says:

    Actually, my name is Pro not slender. I am not slenderman

  156. patricia says:

    I think slender man is ugly mean I would like to see what he does in your sleep well I’m kinda mean for a girl my name patty I would love to see what he does in your sleep

  157. patricia says:

    Oh and also you are mean fagget slender man

  158. patricia says:

    Oh also you don,t scare me because l am mean ask anybody

  159. MDVader says:

    haven’t you heard dud and dudet’s, slender man have brothers, but not the same age though. like younger brother, so kid aren’t disapearing for no reason. maybe he want his brother have friends or kid to take care of, until they get hungry. but if slender man live in a different world maybe they ran out food to hunt in that world, and now slender man as an older brother trying protect and feed his three little brothers who are 16, 10, 5…

    but if slender man live in a differenr world and have the ability to apear anywhere and disappear anytime when are we safe…

    then again if you don’t believe in him you are just wasting your life here and if you don’t believe in him then why are you looking at this stuff.

  160. Dailianys says:

    Guys if you had killed the slenderman you can’t because he is immortal,and if you tried to kill him your just making more of those slendermans and that means more fears of slendy and more nightmares people are going to have of slenderman.

  161. Slendermans Little Stalker says:

    What is the usual aged child he takes? Does he only take children five and younger, or five and over as well? I’m just a little concerned because I’m twelve years old in real, and I’ve been trying to find out some information on him, about this question, yet I can’t seem to find any…but I’m gonna keep on searching….

  162. REBECCA says:

    How does slender man eat if he does’nt have a mouth?

  163. PIG says:


  164. aaron says:

    If anyone has done the research look up Ted Henderson

  165. He's coming says:

    He’s coming for me.
    He’s coming for me.
    He’s coming for me.
    He’s coming for me.
    He’s coming for me.
    He’s coming for me.
    He’s coming for me.
    He’s coming for me.
    He’s coming for me.
    He’s coming for me.
    He’s coming for me.
    He’s coming for me.

  166. Curious girl says:

    Can a slender man be friendly? If he can, I would love to be his friend

  167. He ain’t fake – Slender man is my uncle, no seriously!

  168. sashaandbrooke says:

    Me and my friend were curios if slender was real or not so we made 8 pages that had everything like the pics and stuff like that we read how Many pages you make the more your in danger

  169. Kevin says:

    bros slender man is a ghost aftrer peeps thats bad of of talking about him i know cause he was in my dream and he told me

  170. Katniss Everdeen says:

    Honestly guys I have to say, all of you are right. Yet, all of you are wrong at the same time. Slender man is real but he’s not real. Slender man is there but not there. See Slender man is all of these things. Then he also isn’t.

  171. nicole says:

    Slenderman is kool and awesome ppls dont be scared…i just want u to know slenderman…YOU ROCK!!! so ppls if u see him juss dont think about him…kk?

  172. cassieTheCreepyPastaLover says:


  173. oragon says:

    i could take slender man and if not least i tried

  174. cameron says:

    He does not kill people.Is that true.

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